5 Best Mini Ovens For Baking

Today, we are recommending to you our 5 Best Mini Ovens For Baking!

Here’s the deal, you want an oven, you love baking, but your home oven is not always ideal, it might break, you might be away from home, or maybe it is just too big and consumes too much power. 

Whatever the case, you start looking at mini ovens for baking cakes. Maybe you need a mini oven portable for camping trips, or just something more compact for you to still be able to bake delicious treats but without the holdback of a traditional oven. 

5 Best Mini Ovens For Baking

Mini ovens are a genius invention, and we all love them, they are small but get the job done. For many, a mini oven may be all they need, which certainly cuts down on a lot of costs! 

So, today, we will look over the 5 best mini ovens for baking. We will also give you information on what to look for, what you need from your mini-oven and more. 

What Is The Best Mini Oven For Baking? 

What are those small ovens called? Mini ovens are a genius idea. Baking is a hobby for many, and it is one that is here to stay, and having a mini oven just for baking really enhances the experience. 

However, not every mini oven will be ideal for everyone. Some mini ovens are best for certain things, you can get a mini oven for baking cookies, and cupcakes, or maybe a different one will be better with meat. 

The mini ovens we list might not be ideal for you however if you are here to ask can you use a mini oven to bake, the answer is a straight-up yes, and quite frankly, it is probably one of their more common uses! 

What Is The Best Mini Oven For Baking Cakes?

mini oven for baking cakes

Before we start listing the best mini ovens, we want to tell you what you need to look for. A mini oven will be ideal depending on what you need it for. 

Different mini ovens will be useful in different ways, and you should always consider size, features, aesthetics, and more. 


Size matters, you should be sizing your mini oven to the space available in your home. Consider how much space you want and how much you have. You will need an oven with the capacity to hold in it what you intend to cook most. However, it’s too big, and it might overtake space. 


These ovens come with many features. Some models may have toasting, baking, and warming functions, however, some may have other features, some mini ovens even come with a hob now, although it is not very common these are a thing. 

Some high-end models can even air fry, and others will have smart functions. The features that you need will depend entirely on how you intend to use this mini-oven, and what you want to get from it. If it is solely for baking and traditional, a minimalist one will probably be fine. 

However, if you want it for cooking more intricate dishes, perhaps for meats, or veg as well as baking, then maybe you’d benefit from a higher-end model.


Obviously, you want your mini oven to match your kitchen. While a majority of mini ovens will have a similar style, you want it to match. If your kitchen is sleek and modern, then you want a mini oven that has this aesthetic too. 

If your kitchen has a more rustic vintage vibe, your mini oven should too! 

What Is The Best Mini Baking Oven For Meat?

What Is The Best Mini Baking Oven For Meat?

What is the best mini oven for meat? Well, for this purpose we will assume you might want a steak and fries dinner, or maybe a small roast chicken. 

Cuisinart 1800 W 6-Slice Brushed Silver Toaster Oven & Air Fryer.

So, we are going to say that this mini oven is the best for meat. It is quite large and so you can book a good 3lbs of food at once, which is what you want for cooking meat, especially if you want a roast chicken in there. 

It also has an air frying function too, so you can cook up some veg in here, or experiment with other cooking styles. Basically, it’s just a miniature oven that can fit on your countertop. An ideal option for single people living alone who can’t be bothered with the costs of a full-sized oven! 

But, there’s a catch, you can only set the timer for an hour maximum. So if you have a chicken in there that will take 3 hours, you will have to set the timer 3 times successively. 

Why is this better than other similar models?

Space! This mini oven and air fryer are really ditsy. It is so small, that it will cook you what you need while taking up minimal kitchen space. It’s air frying ability is awesome too, because while most air fryers do not offer much space, this one offers 3lbs worth of space! 

Even though it’s a mini oven-air fryer, it is epic, and it is 100% suitable for meat, you can cook meat and veggies at the same time depending on what you’re cooking! It has our vote! 

What Is The Best Mini Oven For Baking Bread?

What Is The Best Mini Oven For Baking Bread?

If you are an avid baker, you probably want something high-tech for your loaves. This is where our next favorite comes in. 

Breville Smart Oven BOV800XL 

This little oven is ideal for making neat little loaves of bread. It has a near-perfect temperature calibration, and it also has a center rack that pulls out, so you could get a small baking tray for a mini oven in there too! 

However, why bother? It already comes with a baking pan, as well as a broiling rack and a pizza pan. What’s more, it can handle a 12” pizza, so it’ll definitely do your loaves’ justice! 

Here’s the deal, it does only have one wire cooling rack, and it will need circulation space on its sides. 

Why is it better than similar models?

This mini oven takes the cake because its LCD display can help you select your cooking functions, so while you can use it for your loaves, you can also use it for many other things and change up the settings as you want to. It is a bit big, but they do have a mini version of this mini oven. 

Its stainless steel exterior is also very stylish and will match nearly any kitchen out there! 

Our Top 5 Mini Ovens

top mini oven

However, if you are just looking for a mini oven that does the job and does it well, we have 5 top picks for you to choose from based on what you want and need from your mini oven. 

Here are our 5 favorites! 

Our favorite, and hardly surprising choice, is the Instant Pot Plus. It’s called the 10-in-1 because it has 10 smart programs. It is a multi-cooker and pressure cooker. It is not the only type of mini cooker like this, though. 

  • Capacity 18L 
  • 1800W Power

However, its size is what really makes it a winner. You could easily cook a whole 8” cake, a small loaf of bread, or two trays of cupcakes in this mini oven. It’s also fitted with a silver stainless steel exterior and is BPA-free. 

But, what we love and what makes it win over others like it (such as Ninja’s ovens) is its lack of LCD and instead incorporating a temperature and time dial that lets you control it as you feel. 

It is a mid-priced oven too, so it is already beating most of its competition in cost, although we fancy that is due to the lack of LCD but is that really needed? 

The Instant Pot Plus takes the cake with its mid-affordability, easy use, internal space, and 10 functions! 

Next up is the most affordable option. Well, it’s the best for your money. This mini oven is superb. It is great for those with bare wallets who do not mind having to sacrifice some functions for a mini oven. What’s it got to boast about, then? Well…

  • 4 functions.
  • 60-min timer.
  • 3 panels.
  • Wide.
  • 3-rack positions.
  • 1500W power.
  • 0.9ft (14,5 x 22 x 11.5)

The truth of this oven is that it gives you what you need, you do not need extra functions for your waffles or sandwiches. It is a simple fan-assisted stainless steel mini oven that gets the job done. No more, no less. 

Why is this better than others in a similar market? Well, it’s the size, of course, it is a budget mini oven but is still extra-wide, and you have plenty of baking space in here.  With 3 rack positions, you could bake a pretty solid full-sized loaf in here. It definitely wins over Breville mini ovens.

The mini oven sacrifices function for space, and when you’re baking this is really what matters. 

This is the oven you NEED right now. It uses 50% less energy than a normal oven, and it can accommodate a whole 2 pizzas! Its digital settings are laid out conveniently, and it is super easy to clean. 

At this point you may as well throw away your physical oven and live with just this little beauty, it’ll save you on energy bills, and you can cook your whole dinner here! 

On the downside, it does get hot externally, and its door is delicate, but as long as you are not planning on touching an oven in action or slamming the door, it is a pretty solid purchase.

Why does this matter? Well, since the pandemic, energy prices are skyrocketing everywhere. If you get this toaster oven, your cakes, bakes, and meals would cost you half what they used to in energy bills. 

Sure, many other electric mini ovens will do your wallet justice in the long run, but this little beauty will cut cooking bills in half for you. Not to mention how big it is! It can actually cook a whole meatloaf in 45 minutes!  This is definitely something you don’t see Electrolux or Hotpoint doing! 

Not only will it cut your energy bills down, but it will also save you on cooking time too! Why are you still standing here? Go get one!

Now for something a little different. Gas will always cost you more. Sorry, but it’s just facts. However, gas mini ovens are pretty great for camping. If you do not fancy building a whole fire just to make yourself a cake in the woods, this will do the trick. 

It is small and portable and comes with its own safety device too. Furthermore, it has 11000 BTU butane cylinders and is ideal for use in RVs. It also comes with a baking pan, a rack for roasting, and a baking rack too! 

This is just better than others because it is small, portable, and useful for outdoor excursions as well as home use, it’s multi-talented and tiny. You can bake or make a steak, It’s got it all!  Camp chef may be a bigger brand, but this oven is cheaper and more versatile than their camp oven! 

  • Best Countertop Oven For Baking: Brava Countertop Oven.

If you want something a bit more fancy that makes you feel really hot to trot, this one is for you. It also comes with a recipe program that will tell you how to make a wide range of fish, and it has a fancy keypad at the top. 

This is a countertop mini oven from the future, and while it is expensive, it is worth the splurge.

It is worth it, and better than others in this category thanks to the recipes given to you by chefs, for you to try out. You select these by using the keypad on the machine, and once you make your selection, it cooks the dish to absolute perfection. 

While Cuisinart may be more affordable, are they giving you all this? We think not! 

It is also powered by 6 halogen lamps that hit 500 degrees in under 1 second! Damn! That’s some hot cooker! 

So, yes, it might cost, but it certainly is worth it!  

What Is The Best Mini Oven To Buy?

It may sound strange, but even after all this, we cannot tell you which is the best mini oven to buy. You have to decide that for yourself. 

It all depends on you, how much space you have, what you want to use it for, and your budget. 

We hope our list of mini ovens has helped you on your way to finding your new mini cooker friend, but we have to let you make this decision on your own. Feel free to tell us which one you ended up buying! 

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