Are Danimals Smoothies Healthy: The Truth Unveiled

There are many smoothie brands out there, each with its recipes, ingredients, and nutritional benefits.

As I am sure you know, the best bet is usually to make your smoothies at home for your kids or yourself for health and nutrition.

But, sometimes you don’t have the time to make your own smoothies, and that’s when picking up a pre-made smoothie comes to mind.

Are Danimals Smoothies Healthy

Sometimes picking up a ready-made smoothie or buying some from the grocery store is easier.

Danimals is a brand for yogurts and smoothies for kids. Since we are all trying to be more conscious of what our kids are eating and drinking, ensuring these smoothies are healthy is super important.

So, are they? Keep reading and find out! 

Are Danimals Smoothies Healthy?

Although Danimals smoothies are marketed as being healthy, they are not as healthy as they are believed to be. 

Danimals smoothies and yogurts are low-fat dairy products, making them a part of the USDA’s guidelines for Americans.

They do have a good course of vitamin D and calcium too. However, they are made with juice concentrates, making them very high in sugar.

Not only this but artificial colors and sugars are also present, meaning they are not exactly ‘healthy’.

They do contain low-fat milk, water, vitamin D3, and juice.

They also contain cane sugar as well. Danimals contain a lot of vitamin D and calcium which can be very useful in your child’s development.

That being said, due to the sugar content, it is best to monitor the amount of these smoothies your child is consuming. 

How Much Sugar Is In A Danimals Smoothie?

Are Danimals Smoothies Healthy

Photo Credit @the_official_danimals

The amount of sugar in Danimals smoothies can range depending on flavor although it is usually between 12g to 19g grams per serving. Here are some examples of the sugar content variations per flavor: 

  • Strawberry explosion: 17 grams.
  • Tropical Explosion: 16 grams.
  • Wildberry Blast: 12 grams. 

Some places online state that they have 9 grams or 12 grams. Be aware that nutritional ingredient lists do not always note added sugars or the sugars that are contained in the juice content.

For kids, this is close to the RDA as suggested by

Even though this is still a relatively high sugar count it is better than giving your child a carbonated beverage. It is still best to be careful with the sugar intake though. 

Although Danimals can be drunk by adults or children, they are targeted at children for the most part.

For this reason, it is also key to consider the effects of sugar on kids. While Danimals is better than a can of Coke, looking at sugar-free options is generally better.

Overloading your kid with sugar can impact their health negatively. 

Too much sugar in a kid’s diet can increase the addiction to sugary items in later years, which can increase the chance of obesity, hyperactivity, or even cognitive impairment as studies claim by

Are Danimals Good For Weight Loss?

danimals pouches

Photo Credit @the_official_danimals

Sadly, as delicious as they may be, Danimals are not good for weight loss. This is thanks to their high sugar content.

This means that Danimals, consumed in excess, could lead to weight gain rather than weight loss. 

Sugar is not naturally converted into fat, however, if you consume too much, it eventually can become stored as fat as stated by

This makes it hard to maintain a healthy weight. It may not cause weight gain, but it could undo any efforts to lose weight. 

Do Danimals Smoothies Have Probiotics?

fruit smoothie

Danimals smoothies don’t contain any probiotics, which are bacteria that are good for your body, especially your digestive system.

Probiotics help to keep your gut healthy and can naturally be found in some foods, yogurt is one of these according to

However, Danimals does not include yogurt or probiotics. 

While they do not contain any probiotics, Danimals smoothies do have active yogurt cultures, but it is worth noting that not all live cultures are probiotics even though all probiotics are live cultures.

Both are live microorganisms, and some have benefits but others are just harmless bacteria that enhance the texture and taste of your food.

This means that while Danimals states they have active yogurt cultures in their products, this does not mean these cultures have a positive effect on your digestive system at all. 

How Many Danimals Can You Drink A Day? 

I would recommend sticking to drinking only one Danimals per day. This is often the case for most smoothies unless you use them for meal replacement.

Danimals cannot be used for meal replacement as they do not contain enough micro and macro nutrients to be sufficient enough.

For this reason, it is best to stick to only one Danimals smoothie per day. 

Since they are quite high in sugar it is also recommended that you are careful with the sugar intake in other foods and beverages as well. 

Are Danimals Smoothies Healthy: Frequently Asked Questions:

Do Danimals Smoothies Have Yogurt In Them?

Danimals smoothies do not contain any yogurt. They have milk in them, but this is not the same as yogurt itself, as it does not contain the same nutrients. The liquid base for these smoothies is juice concentrates and milk.

Does Danimals Have Real Fruit?

Danimals smoothies do not contain real fruit. They are made with fruit juice concentrates. This is much higher in sugar than real fruit and should not be consumed in excess.

Is Danimals Good For Constipation?

Danimals are not necessarily good for constipation. They have released a probiotic-specific yogurt which may ease constipation, however, most of their smoothies do NOT contain probiotics.

What Is Danimals Smoothie Made Of?

Danimals smoothies are generally made with low-fat milk, cane sugar, water, food starches, natural and artificial flavorings, juice concentrates, and vegetable and fruit juices. The ingredients vary slightly per product.

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