Are Dunkin Donuts Smoothies Still Available? 2023 Guide

You’re Dunkin’, we’re Dunkin’, everyone’s Dunkin’! Why? Because when it is hot and uncomfortable in the heat of summer, there is nothing better than a Dunkin’ Donuts smoothie to make you feel better. They are fruity, low-fat, iced, and very refreshing. 

Dunkin’ has so many frozen drink flavors and a secret menu. However, are their delicious smoothies still available, and what can we tell you about them? 

If you are a Dunkin’ fan, stick around and let us tell you everything you want to know about their smoothies. But, the truth is, in spite of their ever-changing menu, there are not any smoothies obviously on there.

Are Dunkin Donuts Smoothies Still Available

Does Dunkin’ Donuts Still Have Smoothies?

Some Dunkin’ stores do still offer smoothies, specifically the Strawberry Banana and Tropical Mango smoothies. 

Sadly, we cannot tell you exactly which of the stores offer smoothies, so, chances are you will probably have to head to one of your local stores and ask them whether or not they serve any of these. Dunkin’ smoothies are very unlike their coolattas, which are like slushies.

Their smoothies are made with real fruit and are made with low-fat yogurts (yum!).

The stores which do sell smoothies offer them in 16 oz, 24 oz, and 32 oz cups.

When you are navigating their official site, you may wonder if Dunkin’ Donuts sells smoothies since there is no smoothie selection on their site menu, but Dunkin’ Donuts is known to be a little secretive. 

There are other beverages such as iced coffee which is low in calories, as well as their strawberry coolatta and their passionfruit coolatta lite, but smoothies are not easily found on their site. 

Dunkin’ Donuts is known to change up its menu quite a lot, they take off and add items constantly, and some wonderful coffees and coolatta varieties come and go.

Smoothies were one of these, they entered the Dunkin’ Donuts menu back in 2006, and you can still find them in some stores. That being said, as for official drinks, Dunkin’ Donuts does not actually serve smoothies. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get them in some stores.


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What Is In Dunkin’ Donuts Smoothies?

The smoothies you can find at some Dunkin stores include: 

  • Tropical fruit.
  • Wildberry.
  • Mango passion fruit.
  • Strawberry banana.

These smoothies are all made with natural fruit and low-fat yogurt. They contain real fruit which makes them so much better than other Dunkin’ beverages.

Sadly not all stores can afford to keep fresh fruit available, which is part of the reason that not every Dunkin’ sells smoothies. They are constantly working on innovative new treats but most are only available for limited periods. 

However, while things are always changing at Dunkin’ Donuts, their dark roast coffee with flavor shots is divine and worth a try if you fancy a treat and can’t grab a smoothie!

Does Dunkin’ Donuts Have Fruit Smoothies?

All of Dunkin’s smoothies have real, genuine, fresh fruit if their store can store it. If the store cannot keep fresh fruit then they simply will not serve smoothies. 

In comparison to a hot dunkaccino and other flavors of their coffees, their smoothies always provide the newest beverage offerings. One of their smoothies that often makes an appearance is their Wildberry smoothie.

Are Dunkin’ Donuts Smoothies Good For You?

Most of us are a bit guilty of thinking that coolattas, smoothies, and other drinks from fast food joints are healthier than eating their meals. However, smoothies from Dunkin’ Donuts are not very healthy at all! 

Sure, they might use real fruit and low-fat yogurts, but do not let this deceive you into thinking that they are healthy. Research would state that the Dunkin’ Donut smoothies are not all that much healthier than the donuts they sell. Dunkin’ smoothies are jam-packed with sugar which makes them rather high in calories. 

Hell, Dunkin’ Donuts smoothies have enough sugar they may as well be donuts!

Were you to grab a 16 oz drink, you will probably be taking around 80 grams of sodium and 54 grams of sugar into your diet. This certainly is not something that will help you to lose weight.

How Many Calories Are In A Strawberry Banana Smoothie At Dunkin’ Donuts?

If you were to buy a 16 oz Strawberry Banana Smoothie this would contain a whopping 290 calories, this is more calories than a vast majority of the frozen drinks at Dunkin’ unless you mixed multiple ingredients that is. It is much more than you would find in a coffee, even worth considering as a mini meal! 

However, the best part of this is that the smoothie does use real strawberries, so at least it is popping with flavor!

How Much Sugar Is In Strawberry Banana Smoothie?

A small Strawberry Banana smoothie, the 16 oz one, has 54 grams of sugar. You should try not to take any more than 100 to 150 calories of sugar each day, which is around 25-37 grams. 

So, this smoothie is already overdosing on sugar!

What’s The Difference Between A Coolatta And A Smoothie?


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So, what is the difference between a coolatta and a smoothie? Well, coolatas are made with mixed ice and fruit juice, sometimes puree, and so on. But smoothies are made with real fruits which makes them very different, they are also made with yogurt. 

Smoothies are fresh fruit-based beverages, whereas a coolatta is closer to being a slushie than anything else.

Coolattas might feel smoother than a smoothie, which is a weird kind of irony. However, this is likely because smoothies are mainly used with real fruit, but coolattas are made using puree at best. 

Dunkin’ also makes a frozen coffee coolatta, which can be mixed with other non-coffee flavors like the vanilla bean coolatta, minute maid orange coolatta, and so on. All these wild new choices are constantly on a rollout. Coolattas just have so many more options in comparison to smoothies, as smoothies are only sold in particular markets.

However, both of these products are always making product innovations.


Did Dunkin’ Discontinue Smoothies?

Dunkin’ Donuts did not discontinue smoothies, instead, they only serve smoothies at select locations which are capable of storing fresh fruits. Not all locations are capable of doing this, which means that only select locations will be able to sell them. It is always a good idea to double-check that your nearest location sells smoothies since not all do.

Best Dunkin’ Donuts Drinks

Some of the best drinks at Dunkin’ Donuts include their Dunkin’ Bottled Iced Coffee, the Dunkin’ Hazelnut Swirl, the Rocky Road Swirl, and the Dunkin’ Caramel Swirl Macchiato. These are all popular options, however, it is up to you to decide which drinks you prefer.

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