Are Innocent Smoothies Healthy: Truth Revealed

Innocent Smoothies are the UK’s most popular leading brand of commercial smoothies. They are trendy and can be found in a majority of stores, shops, and supermarkets across the United Kingdom.  

However, while we tend to view smoothies as very healthy, are Innocent Smoothies healthy? If you have taken a look at their ingredients list, you may have questions.

So, we are here to answer those questions and ensure you know all there is to know about Innocent Smoothies. 

Are Innocent Smoothies Healthy

Are Innocent Smoothies Healthy?

Innocent smoothies could be considered healthy, but most who know their smoothies think otherwise.

Why is this? Well, while innocent smoothies are generally made from vegetables and fruit with a majority of the sugar that is therein coming from the natural wholesome foods, they do have a lot of sugar in them. 

Sure, they do offer a lot of nutrition, vitamins, and minerals, but the sugar is problematic. Since the government decided to introduce a sugar tax, it makes Innocent smoothies look like they do not contain any sugar. 

However, the sugar in innocent smoothies is not an added sugar, so they did not get the whopping tax that Coke, Pepsi, Tango, and others received.

The sugar in these smoothies is natural sugar. 

For many people, the word ‘natural’ usually means healthy, and sure, natural sugar is a bit better than added sugar, but it is still sugar. 

As far as the human body is concerned and as states, natural sugar is a sugar and can still raise blood sugar levels.

It is much easier to manage our sugar intake when we make smoothies ourselves at home, or you could simply eat your fruit! (Although, it is not always as convenient or delicious.) 

Why Do Innocent Smoothies Have So Much Sugar?


Innocent Smoothies have so much sugar because of the amount of fruit they put in their drinks. While you do not have to worry about added sugars, the amount of natural sugars in the drinks is very high. 

Innocent Drinks claim: 

“We have never added sugar to our drinks and never will. The only sugar in our juices and smoothies is natural sugar that comes in fruit and vegetables. People are not getting enough fruit and veg in their diets, so we pack loads of it into every one of the smoothies.” 

This is a clear answer as to why Innocent smoothies contain so much sugar, they are putting an incredible amount of fruit and vegetables into their smoothies.

While this does increase the nutrition, vitamins, and minerals you receive, it also increases the amount of sugar you get. 

But, how many teaspoons of sugar are in an innocent smoothie? Well, their Strawberry and Banana Smoothie at 750 ml contains 31 grams per 250 ml, this equals 93 grams in the whole bottle. 

For a true scale of how much this is, a can of Coke will have around 10.6 grams of sugar per 100 ml, which means Coke has 79.5 grams of sugar in it per 750 ml.

This means that Innocent Smoothies have more sugar than a can of Coke! 

Are Innocent Smoothies Good For Weight Loss?

To put it simply, no. states that sugar is one of the primary contributors to weight gain. With how much sugar is in Innocent smoothies, they can make it very difficult to lose weight.

Ideally, if you want to use smoothies to lose weight, make your own. 

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Are Innocent Smoothies Good For Toddlers?

Be aware that smoothies and fruit juice, especially from, Innocent Drinks are very high in sugar and therefore you should avoid giving any child under 12 months these.

After 12 months, you could give your toddler an Innocent Smoothie, however, it should only be as a treat, or not at all as the NHS states. 

Too much sugar in young children can lead to health conditions and weight gain.

What Are the Health Benefits Of Innocent Smoothies?

There are different health benefits of Innocent Smoothies depending on the smoothie. However, these smoothies do tend to be high in vitamins. 

Some of their smoothies, such as the ‘Super Smoothies’ are high in vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, and B6. The NHS states that these B vitamins help to contribute to normal energy and metabolism, while vitamin C reduces fatigue and tiredness. 

Innocent Smoothies also have different smoothies for different things, you can get a ‘Recharge’ smoothie which will help you get recharged first thing in the morning or after a workout.

It does this through essential nutrients. 

‘Energize’ is another smoothie of theirs that can help boost your energy levels. ‘Invigorate’  to boost you and help you feel refreshed. 

Each of their ‘Super Smoothies’ has unique benefits, but do watch out for the sugar. While these smoothies do have plenty of benefits, the sugar is a bit of a counter to how healthful these smoothies can be. 

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What Is An Alternative To Innocent Smoothies?

Innocent Drinks does have a fair few competitors, including.

However, none of these is quite as popular, and none of them makes smoothies as Innocent does. That being said, the options from these competitors are much more healthful. 

The best alternative to Innocent smoothies is simply to make your own. 


Are Innocent Super Smoothies Healthy?

Yes and No. While they contain a lot of essential nutrients and vitamins, they are also high in sugar.

Does Innocent Smoothies Have Sweeteners

No, Innocent Smoothie does not use sweeteners. However, they are high in natural sugars, which are just as dangerous to health as added sugars when consumed in excess.

How Ethical Is Innocent Smoothies

Innocent Smoothie ensures minimum standards for workers and re working to improve their environmental creditials. They are somewhat ethical, but have misled in their advertising after a complaint was filed by anti-plastic campaigners.

Are Innocent Smoothies Vegetarian

Yes. Innocent Smoothies are also Vegan.

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