Are Scooter’s Smoothies Healthy

I always talk about the healthfulness of smoothie brands, but Scooter’s is a lesser-known seller of smoothies. 

They are better known for their coffee, but they sell other things too, including smoothies! 

However, it is wise to ask how healthy they are. Are they on par with Tropical Smoothie, or is it more like a McDonald’s sweet treat? 

Let’s find out! 

Are Scooter's Smoothies Healthy

Are Scooter’s Smoothies Healthy?

Scooter’s smoothies are not too bad. I can’t say they’re super healthy, as they are not health-minded, like some of Tropical Smoothie’s ranges, or Nektar Smoothies.

Typically, they are viewed as being rather healthy, but I would beg to differ. 

Scooter’s smoothies contain very high levels of sugar and a lot of added sugar.

Yet, not only this, these smoothies are also high in carbs but low in fiber and in protein too. 

Most of Scooter’s smoothies are also highly calorific, and dense in sugar without the dense nutritional benefit that should go along with them. 

It would also seem that their ‘real fruit’ smoothies may not be quite as ‘real’ as we all may have believed. 

Let’s find out a bit more…

Does Scooters Use Real Fruit For Their Smoothies?

Are Scooter's Smoothies Healthy

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Scooters do claim to use real fruit in their smoothies, listing the ingredients that go into their smoothies on their menu. 

However, this only applies to their ‘Real-Fruit’ smoothie line. The rest of their smoothies do not contain real fruit. 

For example, their ‘Vertigo Smoothie‘ contains concentrates that make up their smoothie mix. 

Such as mango concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, and lime puree. This means that these mixes are not made with real fruit! 

Many people state they use ‘real fruit’ due to the naming of their ‘real-fruit mix’ in their Fruit ‘N Ice smoothie, however, their fruit mix does not have ingredients listed. 

I took the liberty to thoroughly check out every smoothie they have, and none have ingredients listed anywhere apart from their Vertigo Smoothie, which uses a ‘fruit mix’ that contains no actual real fruit. 

For this reason, I would say that they do not actually use REAL fruit in their smoothies, but instead use concentrates and purees. 

How Much Sugar Is In Scooters Smoothies?

Many companies overdose on sugar in their products and Scooter’s is one of them. Some of their smoothies contain as much as 77 grams or 18 teaspoons of sugar.

The average American adult consumes this amount of sugar per day, which is already 103% more than the recommended 38 grams per day as the AHA states.

This means that one large Fruit and Ice, Mixed Berry Acai smoothie from Scooter’s contains more than 100% over the RDA.

This smoothie contains 85 grams of total sugars, 77 grams of which are added sugars. 

85 grams of sugar equals 20.5 teaspoons of sugar! 

20.5 teaspoons of sugar

I decided to see just how this looks when poured into a cup. The image above shows 85 grams of sugar. This is what is actually in the Scooter’s Fruit ‘N Ice Mixed Berry Acai smoothie

Let’s take a look at a few other Scooters smoothie’s sugar contents. 

Fruit ‘N Ice Peach (Large) 

Fruit 'N Ice Peach

This smoothie has 327 calories, most of which come from sugars at a shocking 76 total grams of sugar, with 65 of those grams being added sugars!

It also only contains 3 grams of dietary fiber and no protein. 

Fruit ‘N Ice Strawberry Banana (Large) 

Fruit 'N Ice Strawberry Banana

This smoothie is 297 calories, and shockingly it contains 70 grams of sugar, with 59 grams coming from added sugars!

This smoothie does contain 73 grams of carbohydrates and 3 grams of fiber, but with no protein, the nutrients don’t make up for the high sugar content.

Fruit ‘N Cream Mixed Berry Acai (Large) 

Berry Acai

This smoothie has 566 calories. This is to no surprise at all considering it contains 101 grams of total sugars. 86 grams of this is added sugar! 101 grams of sugar is equal to 24.14 teaspoons of sugar! 

This smoothie does have 74 grams of carbohydrates, and only 1 gram of fiber, but does make up a difference in protein with 7 grams of protein. 

However, with this much sugar, and so little fiber, the body is sure to get quite the shock. And this is nearly 200% over the RDA as advised by AHA.

Best Scooter’s Smoothies

The sugar aside, if you are at Scooter’s right now and want a smoothie, here are the top 5 best smoothies from Scooter’s!

#1. Matcha Green Tea Smoothie 

Matcha Green Tea Smoothie 

Scooter’s matcha green tea smoothie is delicious and relatively healthy! Matcha is packed with nutrition and is even considered a superfood. 

But do be aware, matcha green tea naturally contains caffeine in it, so it will have the same effect as your morning coffee!

Nutrient Amount
Calories 617
Total Fat 19g
Cholesterol 72mg
Total Carbohydrate 99g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Sugars 84g
Protein 14g

#2. Peanut Butter Power 

Scooter's Peanut Butter Power 

If you enjoy nutty flavors this is a delicious smoothie for you. It is a tasty, nutty treat that offers you an energy boost and a high dose of protein. 

It is a great gym-goer protein smoothie!

Nutrient Amount
Calories 780
Total Fat 29g
Cholesterol 81mg
Total Carbohydrate 91g
Dietary Fiber 2g
Sugars 80g
Protein 39g

#3. Vertigo Smoothie

Vertigo Smoothie

The Vertigo smoothie comes in a variety of flavors, each of which has different nutritional values. 

This smoothie is loved for its energy-boosting ability, and since you can choose your flavor, you can customize your energy boost too!

#4. Strawberry Smoothie

Scooters Strawberry Smoothie

Strawberry smoothies are a go-to smoothie choice. These are delicious and sweet, tasting like the delicious strawberry candies we all grew up loving! 

Nutrient Amount
Calories 516
Total Fat 10g
Cholesterol 39mg
Total Carbohydrate 99g
Dietary Fiber 2g
Sugars 90g
Protein 7g

#5. Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Who doesn’t love a strawberry banana smoothie? This smoothie is a delicious treat that is sure to give you a boost. 

It also contains a fair bit of protein, so will give you some extra energy to face the day,

Nutrient Amount
Calories 516
Total Fat 10g
Cholesterol 39mg
Total Carbohydrate 99g
Dietary Fiber 2g
Sugars 90g
Protein 7g

Scooter’s Smoothies FAQs:

Do Scooters Smoothies Have Caffeine?

A Majority of Scooters smoothies contain no caffeine. Their matcha green tea smoothies does contain caffeine though.

Do Scooters Smoothies Have Ice Cream In Them?

Scooters does not claim to use ice cream in their smoothies, however, they do use it in their blenders.

Is There Milk In Scooters Smoothies?

Most of Scooters beverages are dairy-free. Their Fruit 'N Ice smoothies are totally dairy-free. However, they do have Fruit 'N Cream smoothies which are not dairy free.

How Much Protein Is In A Scooter Smoothie?

The amount of protein in a Scooter Smoothie ranges from 0g to 39g depending on the smoothie.

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