Best Cocoa Powder Substitute

Best Cocoa Powder Substitute

Let’s talk about the best cocoa powder substitute today!

Cocoa powder is actually used for many different things but especially is used in baking cakes, cookies, and other tasty treats. But if you run out, what can you do? You don’t want to be left hanging and cakeless?

Luckily for you, and for us, there are plenty of things you can substitute for cocoa powder, and we are here today to tell you about all of them! 

What Can I Substitute For Cocoa Powder?

What Can I Substitute For Cocoa Powder?

So what is a substitute for cocoa powder? Well, there are many things you can use, but the absolute best is to use unsweetened chocolate. This is the ideal solution, using just 1 oz of unsweetened chocolate per 3 tbsp of cocoa powder. 

You can also use dutch-process cocoa, but you do need to add lemon juice, or white vinegar to boost the acidity if you do so.

How To Substitute Cacao Powder for Cocoa Powder

Cacao powder and cocoa powder are very similar. They are almost interchangeable, although cacao powder does have a stronger flavor, they do both have a similar bitterness. 

You may want to use less of it than you would with cocoa powder due to its stronger flavor. They are basically the same though, the difference is that cocoa is processed at high heat, cacao is not, so it is more nutritious. 

So, can you substitute cacao powder for cocoa powder? Absolutely, just be cautious of the strength! 

Can You Substitute Hot Cocoa Mix For Cocoa Powder?

What can you substitute cocoa powder with? Well, it might sound strange, but in your favorite chocolate desserts, you could actually substitute cocoa powder with hot cocoa mix instead. 

This is ideal for cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and so on. It won’t taste exactly the same, and it will taste a bit more like hot cocoa, but who doesn’t love that anyway! 

How To Substitute Cocoa Powder For Baking Chocolate

You can use cocoa powder as a substitute for baking chocolate as well, and vice versa. Use 3 tbsp of cocoa powder (sweetened) to substitute 1 oz of baking chocolate. And vice versa. 

It might not taste exactly the same, and it is best to omit a tbsp of oil or butter to keep the fat content as it should be. Having cocoa powder substitute for baking chocolate can work, especially in baking.

Can You Substitute Hot Chocolate Mix For Cocoa Powder?

Can You Substitute Hot Chocolate Mix For Cocoa Powder?

The hot chocolate mix also makes for a good substitute for cocoa powder. It is basically the same as hot cocoa mix, though, so this makes sense. It is still delicious and still gives you exactly what you wanted! 

Can I substitute Cocoa Powder For Espresso Powder?

You can also use cocoa powder as a substitute for espresso powder, they have a very similar bitterness, and they do still use cocoa beans. Use adjustments to the quantities to get the perfect level of flavor in your recipes. 

While these two may seem very different, they are not.

Can You Substitute Nesquik For Cocoa Powder?

You can theoretically use Nesquik in the place of cocoa powder, however, it does depend on what you are making. If you are using it for cake this will work, but with brownies and frostings, it will not. 

Cocoa powder provides a better rise to cake, whereas Nesquik won’t. It offers the same flavorings and taste, but the results of the overall bake will not be exactly the same, so remember this before you use it! 

Can You Substitute Hot Chocolate Powder For Cocoa Powder?

Like with many things, the hot chocolate powder can work as a substitute for cocoa powder. This is especially true if you are baking cookies or cakes. It actually gives your recipe a more potent chocolaty flavor as well. 

However, once again, it may not be amazing for frosting or brownies. 

In Cooking

So, what if you have a particular recipe? If you are baking something specific and need a substitute that will give your recipe, everything that cocoa powder usually does. 

Well, depending on what you want to make, there are options. So, is there a substitute for cocoa powder in cooking, yes, here are some; 

Substitute For Cocoa Powder In Brownies

Here’s the deal, 

There are few options for cocoa powder substitutes in brownies. They are as follows; 

If you want to know how to substitute baking chocolate for cocoa powder, just use 1oz per 3 tbsp of cocoa powder. It’s really easy and the best alternative for Brownies!

Substitute For Cocoa Powder In Cake

The best thing to use for cake is unsweetened chocolate. It will give you the rise that other options such as hot chocolate will not. It is absolutely delicious and delivers every time! 

However, you could also use chocolate bars, chocolate chips, carob powder, and hot cocoa or hot chocolate mix! 

Cocoa Powder Substitute For Frosting

The frosting is more tricky, and hot chocolate or hot cocoa mix will not work very well, instead, you ideally want to use unsweetened baking chocolate in its stead. 

Both unsweetened baking chocolate and cocoa powder come from the cocoa bean, so their flavor is nearly identical. However, it can be tricky because it does have more cocoa butter in it, so it does have more fat. 

Thus, when making your frosting, reduce any alternative butters you have to even out the fat content.

Dark Cocoa Powder Substitute

If you like dark cocoa powder, but you do not have any, another great substitute is to use unsweetened chocolate, it also has a bitter taste and will give you a very similar flavor. 

You should measure it as for every 3 tbsp of cocoa powder in your recipe, you should use 1 oz of unsweetened chocolate. 

When you do, however, be sure that you melt the chocolate before you use it in your recipe. 

Why is this important?

Well, obviously it helps its bid. However, you should also reduce the amount of sugar/ fats when you use this substitute to avoid going over the typical fat content of whatever dish you are making. 

Non-Chocolate Substitute For Cocoa Powder

Non-Chocolate Substitute For Cocoa Powder

It may sound strange, but there are occasions when you do not want a chocolate substitute for cocoa powder, and you need something else. 

If this is the case, there is one legendary thing you can use! 

Carob is the absolute king of this area, sure the flavor is not exactly the same, but it is pretty close still and this makes it work as an alternative option. 

Thankfully, it also appears to be visually a lot like chocolate. When you use this, you can also use carob powder at an exact measurement that you would for cocoa powder. 

This makes the whole substitution much less complicated and easier to do! 

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