A List Of The Best Detox Fruits And Vegetables

There is so much buzz about cleanse detox diets, however, these are typically based on restricting foods and calories in order to cleanse the body. 

Rather than just taking up a stricter diet, a much better way for you to detox your body would simply be to increase how much you are consuming whole foods that will naturally cleanse your body.

Fruit also has a decent amount of protein. So, they not only cleanse your body but provide you with essential nutrients.

By cleansing your body of potential toxins you can get rid of any chronic ails such as inflammation, weight gain, tiredness, skin problems, and so on. So, to help you eat right for your body, here is a list of foods that will naturally cleanse you.

Note: These foods also work well in detox smoothies as well! 

Best Detox Fruits And Vegetables

The Best Detox Fruit & Veg

We have collected 18 fruits and vegetables which work well to detox your body and also work great in smoothies!

#1. Apples

 Best Detox Fruits And Vegetables apples

Apples are very high in pectin, which is a type of fiber that will attach to heavy metals and cholesterol in your body. This helps your body to clean out the intestines. 

Apples are a well-known popular food in detox diets as their high fiber content and high water content is known to support weight loss really well.

There are other health benefits that come from eating apples as well. They promote good gut health via healthy gut bacteria and enhance your lung function through antioxidants as well, which helps those who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes.

Additionally, they can also lower your risk of heart disease.

#2. Avocados


Avocados are an awesome source of healthy heart monounsaturated fats, however, they also contain a nutrient that is known as glutathione, which can block some particular unhealthy fats in the body. It is also known to help block dozens of possible carcinogens.

It can also help to detoxify your liver too! 

Guacamole, using avocado and cilantro, is actually known to be more beneficial to health than 22 types of fruit when it comes to fighting damage to the liver.

#3. Beets


Beets are known to be a great liver cleanser, and they are also awesome at purifying the body. These bright red beauties actually have a cause behind their color. This is thanks to the critical plant compound known as betalains which contain anti-inflammatory properties as well as fungicidal properties.

#4. Blueberries


Aren’t blueberries just the best? Yes! They are also super high in antioxidants. So high in fact that they may well have the high levels of antioxidants in all standard fruit and veg. 

They also have a very beneficial antibiotic property that can help assist in blocking off bacteria in the urinary tract (great for those who suffer from UTIs a lot!).

Blueberries can also help to fight against heart disease and are rich in vitamins such as Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and potassium as well. So many people do not realize just how much fiber they contain, which actually helps them to lower cholesterol as well1 

These tasty fruits are also very low in calories as well, and high in nutrients so are perfect for a healthy diet! 

#5. Broccoli

 Best Detox Fruits And Vegetables - broccoli

Broccoli is well known for being great in terms of antioxidants. Scientists discovered that those who have a diet high in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli often see a risk reduction in some cancers. 

Broccoli is also high in protein (more than other vegetables – take note vegans!) and it is also a rich way to ingest many vitamins such as Vitamins K and C, B9 Folate, Potassium, Manganese, and Iron! 

#6. Cabbage (All Types)


Cabbage is not the most exciting veg, but it is an easy blending food for green smoothies, and since it is rich in Vitamins C, K, and B6, it is a must-have! 

It is also full of anticancer compounds and antioxidants. It does help you clean out your digestive tract too (hence that awful gas you get), and it will naturally detox your liver for you! 

#7. Celery


Celery is very rich in Vitamin K and also contains a lot of other very critical vitamins. Most of us do not know just how many anti-inflammatory substances celery contains to lower inflammation.

What is even better is how it can support healthy digestion and liver function too! 

Celery has so many benefits and it is a popular food option in detox diets and weight loss recipes thanks to its properties in cleansing the body.

#8. Cranberries


Most of us know how good cranberry juice is, or at least most women do, there are certain situations whereby women swear by it. 


Well, cranberries contain antibiotic and immune-boosting abilities that enable them to fight off bad bacteria (and can help if you have a UTI!). They also are considered a superfood which is high in fiber, and Vitamin C. At only 45 calories per cup, they are also great for weight loss too! 

They actually have more disease-fighting antioxidants than every fruit and vegetable… except blueberries of course!

#9. Cucumber

 Best Detox Fruits And Vegetables - cucumber

You probably would not have considered cucumber, because like celery it is seen as a bit of a… watery food. But cucumbers are often used due to them being a natural diuretic, this means they can naturally help the body flush out any water and toxins.

Cucumbers also naturally help to fight against inflammation and also contain important vitamins such as B vitamins and C vitamins to help with stress and antioxidants. 

Cucumbers are also extremely low in calories but have a filling fiber content so are awesome for weight loss and detoxing.

#10. Goji 

goji berry

Goji berries are known as being a superfood, typically as they have over 500 times the amount of Vitamin C per ounce than oranges do, and even more beta-carotene than carrots do.

Vitamin C is known to help remove waste in the body, whereas beta carotene supports having a healthy liver. 

#11. Grapefruit

Grapefruits are known to be rich in pectin fibers to remove cholesterol and heavy metals from your body. Grapefruit is also awesome for detoxing the liver and cleansing your intestinal tract.

#12. Kale

Kale is a cruciferous vegetable, and it has been studied to help with disease prevention, such as colorectal cancer. It is also high in fibers to help clean out the intestinal tract too. 

With antioxidant properties, it has also been found to help combat toxins from secondhand smoke as well! 

#13. Lemons

Lemons are often used well in detox recipes, juicing especially. They aid digestion, reduce inflammation, and clean out your system.

They’re packed full of Vitamin C, helping your body clean out harmful chemicals, and in fact, just drinking lemon water can be massively beneficial.

#14. Onions & Garlic (All Types)

onions and garlic

So many people know that garlic and onions can fight off the flu, this is due to the content of flavonoids in them that helps the liver produce glutathione, a powerful antioxidant. 

There are many other benefits too, such as the reduction of blood pressure, and improving cholesterol levels, not to mention the detoxification of heavy metals too. 

Garlic and onions work together to combat bacteria, detoxify the body and boost your immune system.

#15. Pineapple


Pineapple is very high in Vitamin C, as well as a protein-digesting enzyme known as bromelain, which works as a natural anti-inflammatory, often used by those who suffer joint pains.

#16. Pomegranate

Pomegranates are packed with antioxidants to boost your immune system, containing Punicic Acid and Punicalagins to give it brilliant health properties. 

They also have epic anti-inflammatory properties, reducing GI tract and colon inflammation, reducing prostate cancer, lowering blood pressure, fighting arthritis, and lowering bad cholesterol. 

#17. Strawberries


Strawberries have a lot of Vitamin C, clearing the body of toxins, they are also rich in nutrients and antioxidants.

#18. Watermelon

Watermelons are full of 92% water but are loaded with Vitamin A, and B6, amino acids, and antioxidants. 

They are also rich in lycopene which gives them a red color and can help bone, heart, and prostate health. There is also citrulline which helps the kidneys and liver get rid of ammonia. 

The Best Way To Get These In Your Diet

One of the best overall ways you can get these fruits and veg into your diet is by enjoying a smoothie or two! 


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