Best Liquid For Smoothies According To Smoothie Experts

You can be as inventive with smoothies as you want, there are so many different types of smoothies you can enjoy, and plenty of different ways to make smoothies, but plenty of us have wondered what liquids we can actually use with a smoothie. 

It is not hard to know you cannot use things such as carbonated beverages, or half a glass of sauvignon blanc in a smoothie, but can you use juice, milk types, water, and so on? 

What works best? 

Best Liquid For Smoothies

Well, since we are the pros of smoothies, we will give you the lowdown on what you can be using in your smoothies! 

First, however, we need to highlight that there are 3 particular things you need to consider. It depends on the goals you see. If you are drinking smoothies for weight loss, or training at the gym, you will want to use some specific liquid types. 

However, if you are all about the flavor, you may have more options.

So, let’s narrow it down to your goals.

Smoothie Liquids For Losing Weight

When you are looking to lose weight, you do not want to put any liquids in your smoothies that carry excess sugars and fats. So, what should you use?


It’s not really a surprise that water is the ideal option. It is the only calorie-free, money-free, sugar-free, and fat-free liquid out there. 

When drinking smoothies for weight loss, water is always a go-to, of course, the fact that it will also make you stay hydrated as well will help you burn calories as well. 

Research has shown that those who drink an extra liter of water each day actually manage to burn an impressive 46 more calories than those who do not. It might seem small but that actually equals an extra burn of 5 lbs of fat per year… just from one more liter of water each day! 

Almond Milk

almond milk

If you want to burn fat but you want a creamier smoothie than what water will give you, almond milk is a good second choice. It has a similar consistency to milk and only half the calories. Oh, it is vegan, lactose-free, free of saturated fats, and free of cholesterol as well! 

It is slim pickings in protein and calcium, but it is high in vitamins D and A. 

It has a much more satisfying texture, with great nutrition. To avoid extra calories and sugar, always pick up unsweetened almond milk.

Smoothie Liquids For Training

If you are hitting up the gym in hopes of boosting your body you will want a liquid in your smoothie that will help you do so. Here are the two best options for training:

Coconut Water

Coconut water is considered to be a natural energy drink. It is very potent in potassium, sodium, electrolytes, and fiber. It actually has 15 times more potassium than is found in most sports drinks. 

You need these nutrients in your body for your post-workout recovery, you sweat all of these out when you work out, and your body needs you to replace these. A refuel on electrolytes will also keep you hydrated and prevent fatigue and cramps. 

Let’s not forget that it adds a delicious texture and a tad of sweetness, however, always pick up the unflavored and unsweetened versions.

Coconut Milk

Best Liquid For Smoothies

The way coconut milk is made is when the coconut meat is blended and the liquid is drained out. Coconut water is what you get when you open a coconut. 

Coconut milk is high in saturated fatty acids and calories, however, the fat in coconut milk is quickly burned away in the body as fuel, so it is an ideal option for athletes who need a boost after their workout. 

This is an ideal option for someone who wants to have a thick and creamy smoothie with a bit of extra-natural sweetness and flavor. It is ideal to cut half and half with water so it is lighter in calories and texture. 

Always make sure the ingredients are 100% coconut based when you buy it and get the unsweetened version to keep it healthy! 

Smoothie Liquids For Taste

You may not be seeking out a liquid for any particular health-related reason, and instead, you just want something that will boost the taste! If this is the case, we have 2 obvious options for you! 


Best Liquid For Smoothies

If you want something that tastes incredible but still packs you full of nutrition in the form of veggies then juice works well. Juice adds to that fruity punch while you still get all the fiber you need from your veg and fruit. 

The only thing you need to be careful of here is the calories and sugars, a single orange juice serving can have 5 teaspoons of sugar in it! (21 grams). Be cautious with this. 

Dairy Milk

Dairy milk is another obvious go-to. And it is great for those of us who need to get a bit more calcium in our bodies, as well as some vitamin D and protein.

It boosts your teeth, and bones, and works great for thickening up a delicious smoothie! 

Its taste is weirdly strong and does challenge the taste of greens, so if you want to fool your taste buds, blending the ingredients the right way could have you thinking you’re drinking a milkshake and not a smoothie! 

Adventurous Liquid Options

Maybe you’re a veteran of the smoothie world looking to try something new if this is the case. Check out these options. 

Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk actually has a lot of protein in it and can help to boost your muscular repair and carb-based energy stores. Let’s not forget about flavor! 


Love your morning coffee more than life itself? (Same!) Try creating a coffee-smoothie blend. Just make sure you make the coffee the night before and refrigerate it to keep your smoothie refreshing and cool! 


Kombucha is a black/green tea that boosts your digestive system and helps your liver. It is a bit vinegary so you should add some honey to sweeten it.


Are Smoothies Best With Milk Or Water?

Water is the only calorie-free option, so it is the best for health, however, milk is often the best for taste and consistency.

What Is The Best Base For A Smoothie?

Banana is an amazing base flavor for smoothies, it adds a creamy texture. However mango, plum, berries, and apple are all great options.

What Is Better Almond Or Oat Milk For Smoothies?

Almond milk is the healthiest to use in a smoothie, however, oat milk may give it a nutty savory taste that goes better with some ingredients.

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