6 Best Nutribullet Alternatives

Looking for an alternative to NutriBullet? That is not a bad idea. While we admit that NutriBullet is one of the best there is for blending and juicing, they are still incredibly expensive and are not necessarily for everyone. 

If this sounds like you, then we have you covered. NutriBullet is a classic, personal bullet blender that so many of us adore. It is fairly affordable, compact and small, great on the go, fast, easy to clean, durable, powerful, and reliable. 

It has a powerful 600W motor and a convenient design that makes it one of the best options by far for those who love blending.

Best Nutribullet Alternatives

But, there are plenty of us out there who would love to have something cheaper, or perhaps even a bit smaller or bigger. Today, we will go through all the best alternatives, so that you pick the best alternative for you.

Let’s get into it! 

The Best Alternatives To NutriBullet 

Firstly, if you are seeking an alternative to the NutriBullet then this means you are likely seeking out a bullet blender that is similar in features or pricing but has something the NutriBullet doesn’t.

This is why our list of the 6 best alternatives is made up of single-serve bullet-type blenders that are similar. We have chosen them and ranked them based on capabilities and pricing. Some are as good as the NutriBullet and make amazing alternatives, as they have awesome features but a similar price tag. 

Others may have similar features but also have a lower price tag.

Let’s check them all out!

#1. Magic Bullet

Best Nutribullet Alternatives

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Our first alternative is the Magic Bullet. This is another classic but very popular bullet blender, its primary appeal is how affordable it is, easy to use, and how durable it is. 

As well as this, it has a stunningly simple design and is super compact. It does not take up much room in the kitchen. It has two cups, 12 oz and 18 oz, which you can take with you on the go. So many people revisit this option because of how awesome it is! There is also the Magic Bullet Mini, it has a lower price tag but a less powerful motor.

It is a brilliant alternative but does have a weaker motor at only  250 W, it is smaller and much cheaper too. 


  • Cheaper.
  • Easy to use, just push and twist! 
  • Travel cup.
  • 250W motor can blend most things well.


  • 250W motor cannot tackle tough or frozen foods.
  • Small cup sizes.
  • No speed options.
  • 1-year limited warranty.

#2. Nutri Ninja BL580


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This one is a bit more expensive, but most buyers love it. It has a much more powerful motor at 1100W, making it able to decimate any ingredient, this includes frozen foods, it can even work well for grinding up spices.

This blender also has awesome Auto-IQ technology, giving pre-programmed settings for blending, letting you press a button and just walk away while it does all the work. 

It also has a FreshVac component, which is a vacuum pump feature that extracts air from the smoothie cup, letting it reduce the amount of separation and foam, keeping your drink fresh all day long! 

It is great for blending to go, and with its 24 oz travel cups, it’s all the better.

We think this is the best alternative for anyone looking for an efficient, durable, and versatile blender. Its main considerations are it’s limited warranty and the cost, however, some do complain it’s not super easy to clean around its rubber vacuum seal and is a bit on the loud side.


  • Powerful 1100W motor.
  • Larger 24 oz cup.
  • FreshVac keeps your drinks fresh.
  • Auto-IQ makes it convenient and super easy.


  • Not super cheap ($100+).
  • 1-year limited warranty.
  • Not super easy to clean.
  • Loud.
  • The larger size is not super compact.
  • A large 24 oz cup is not always convenient for travel.

#3. Koios Pro 850W Personal Blender

Koios Pro 850W Personal Blender

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Here we have another option if you want a more powerful motor and more versatility. Its motor is 850 Waand can tackle nearly any ingredient you throw at it. It can be used for different blends thanks to its accessories and variety of cups. 

It has a 10 oz blending cup and also has an extra fat blade for grinding up nuts, seeds, coffee beans, spices, and so on. It is also quick and has an easy hold-down pulse operation option and 2 17 oz cups for on-the-go (with lids). 


  • Cheaper.
  • 850 Watt motor.
  • Different blades and cups for different things.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to use.


  • Limited cup sizes.
  • No speed settings.

#4. Oster My Blend

oster blender

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This is a personal favorite of ours, we have mentioned it before in other articles of ours, and for good reason. It is a great blender for on-the-go and user-friendliness.

It has a 20 oz blending jug which will double as a bottle for on-the-go. Just fill it up with your ingredients, press a button, and it’s ready! 

It is also easy to clean and doesn’t need much space, thanks to how simple it is. 

The biggest limitation that this blender has is that it only has a 250 Watt motor, it can still blend through most soft ingredients but harder or frozen ingredients may see it struggle. 

It is not the most durable due to this, and some customers report that the motor or blades ended up malfunctioning after being used a lot. It is not all that versatile either, but if you want convenience it is ideal! 


  • Cheaper.
  • 250 Watt motor blends through most smoothie-based ingredients.
  • Built-in travel bottle.
  • The travel bottle has a handle.
  • Easy use.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Portable/small.


  • 250 Watt motor cannot tackle tough/frozen ingredients.
  • Limited durability.
  • No speed options.
  • Limited 1-year warranty.

#5. Hamilton Beach 51131

Hamilton Beach 51131

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This is another affordable personal blender that is ideal for when you want to have smoothies on the go. It is a lot like our previous mention as its design is super simple, it is not fancy or loud, just ideal. 

It is super easy and quick to use and has awesome 1-touch blending with a 14 oz travel cup that you can blend in. 

It is really minimalistic when it comes to storage too, and it even comes with a wrap-around cord that will tuck away nice and neat for super easy storing. 

The only letdown here is that the blender’s motor is only 175 Watts, so it is a bit of a limitation on the types of blends you can do. It works awesome for dressings, shakes, and smoothies, but if you want to blend frozen or harder ingredients it won’t do so very well.

However, considering how cheap it is, you are still getting your money’s worth! 


  • Cheaper.
  • 175 Watt motor blends through most smoothie-based ingredients.
  • Travel cup built in for on-the-go smoothies.
  • Easy use.
  • Simple design with a single speed button.
  • Portable and small.


  • 175 Watt motor will struggle with harder or frozen ingredients.
  • No speed options.
  • 1-year warranty.

#6. Ninja Fit Blender

Ninja Fit Blender

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This is an option that falls somewhere in the middle of all the ones we have previously listed, but it is not so well known. It is a small and sturdy smoothie blender that comes with two 16 oz cups. 

It works a lot as the NutriBullet does, and it is just as easy to clean and is portable too. Its 700 Watt base is not as powerful as some of our previous mentions, but it is stronger than a lot at the bottom of our list. 

Its two 16 oz cups also come with spout lids for easy on-the-go smoothie enjoyment. 

We love this one as it also has pulse technology, and can blend frozen ingredients or even ice if you wanted to make a cocktail in this! 

It is simple and compact, just ideal for those who want something small, but versatile and durable, for an affordable price! 


  • Powerful blending.
  • 700 Watt motor.
  • Can blend ice.
  • Two-tone stylish design.
  • Guidebook with recipes! 
  • Easy use.
  • Easy cleaning + dishwasher safe!


  • Limited cup sizes.
  • Medium cost:  $50+.
  • No warranty is listed.

Which Is Best For You?

Before you buy a NutriBullet alternative make sure you pick the blender that has the most features that are important to you. 

Here are some tips: 


What Is Better Than NutriBullet?

The Ninja Professional Plus Blender is widely viewed as the biggest competition for NutriBullet as it is more durable and is better in terms of versatility too.

Is It Worth To Buy NutriBullet?

For many people, it is worth it to buy a NutriBullet due to its versatility and strength with easy cleaning it is seen as one of the best blenders there is.

Is NutriBullet Or Vitamix Better?

All we know is that the NutriBullet Blender Combo is better than the Vitamix ONE. However, both blender brands have a lot of products and both have equally awesome products.

Is Magic Bullet The Same As NutriBullet?

No. The NutriBullet is considered to be better, however, the Magic Bullet is more affordable. They are not the same, and they are separate brands as well!

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