Best Smoothie At Tropical Smoothie: According To Experts

Tropical Smoothie is one of the most popular smoothie brands in the United States, they have so many smoothies, use so many different flavors, and have something to meet everyone’s tastes.

However, trying to pick out the best smoothies they sell is no easy feat. 

Best Smoothie At Tropical Smoothie

We are going to break it down and tell you which exactly are the best smoothies sold by Tropical Smoothie. Let’s get into it! 

Best Smoothies At Tropical Smoothie

Which smoothie at Tropical Smoothie is best depends on your tastes. They have some decedent, delicious smoothies that are far from good for you and are almost a drinkable dessert. Alternatively, they have some which are incredibly good for you, healthy, and can even aid in weight loss. 

Your definition of what is best depends entirely on what you want from your smoothie, for that reason we will look at the best smoothies in different categories to start with. 

#1. Mango Magic Smoothie

mango magic - Best Smoothie At Tropical Smoothie

The first smoothie is the Mango Magic Tropical Smoothie. This is fruity and full of flavor.

It has enough sweetness and acidity, but also has plenty of smoothness and is filling, thanks to the nonfat yogurt they add to it. 

All of the ingredients mixed offer you some nutritional benefits, while also being one of the most refreshing smoothies at Tropical Smoothie.

The most prominent flavors in this smoothie are Mango and Pineapple.

#2. Mocha Madness Smoothie

mocha madness

If you have a sweet tooth and want something chocolaty and energizing, the Mocha Madness Smoothie is the best. This smoothie is made with chocolate, cappuccino, and coffee, with some nonfat yogurt.

It provides you with a delectable, rich taste that is like a mixture of coffee and dessert. 

The addition of the yogurt makes it extra creamy which makes it so addictive. But, note, the primary flavor you will get is that of the coffee, with a touch of chocolate, hence the name ‘Mocha Maddness’. 

#3. Avocolada Smoothie


If you have never enjoyed avocado in smoothies you are missing out. Avocado is a great option and it is healthy. Avocado naturally makes smoothies creamy and smooth. It is also a healthy option.

Now, we say that the avocado is so significant, but the whole makeup of the smoothie makes it healthy. 

It also contains pineapple, coconut, lime, kale, and spinach, which provides plenty of protein, fiber, and nutrition.

The lime is in there to add a gentle zing that makes it an exciting beverage to enjoy and prevents it from being too bland.

What Is The Most Healthy Smoothie At Tropical Smoothie?

What’s healthy at Tropical Smoothie? The healthiest smoothie, if you are considering calorific value versus nutritional value, is the Detox Island Green Smoothie.

This smoothie is loaded with kale, pineapple, ginger, mango, banana, and spinach. It also comes with fresh lime juice and contains no added sugars! 

This makes the smoothie low calorie, and low in sugar, but still offers plenty of nutrition, being a green smoothie filled with leafy greens.

It is also high in fiber, which is great for your digestive health. However, be aware of how much fiber you take, too much fiber can ‘clog the pipes’, so be sure to stay hydrated if you have these smoothies regularly. 

Best Smoothie At Tropical Smoothie For Weight Loss 

While the Detox Island Green Smoothie is considered the most healthy smoothie from Tropical Smoothie, it is also the best for weight loss as well. This is because it is not very calorific, and offers you so many nutrients as well. 

However, with this smoothie, the fiber and protein you gain from it play important roles in weight loss assistance. Fiber and protein both help you to feel full, and feel fuller for longer.

This can stop any cravings, and help you to stop snacking. 

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What Goes In Tropical Smoothie Smoothies?

The ingredients that go into each smoothie at Tropical Smoothie will vary depending on the smoothie. Let’s take a look at the 4 smoothies we have mentioned today and their ingredients.

However, please be aware that the ingredients for these smoothies are only as stated by Tropical Smoothie themselves. 

Some smoothies may contain added sugars, or juices. Tropical Smoothie sells countless smoothies, so before you buy always double-check what ingredients are in the smoothies on their menu.

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#1. Ingredients And Calories In Mango Magic Smoothie

mango magic 

Mango Magic is quite low in calories in comparison to a lot of smoothies sold by Tropical Smoothie. It only contains 3 ingredients, the calories primarily come from the yogurt and the sugar from the natural fruit. 

#2. Ingredients And Calories In Mocha Madness Smoothie

mocha maddness

This smoothie contains fewer calories than we originally would have thought. However, coffee doesn’t add a lot of calories. A majority of the calories in this smoothie likely come from the yogurt and the chocolate.

#3. Ingredients And Calories In Avocolada Smoothie


You may be surprised that of all the smoothies the avocolada smoothie has the most calories.

However, avocado does contain quite a bit of fat. The fats it contains are healthy, but this does add to the calories. Aside from the Detox Island Green Smoothie, this has the most ingredients in it, which will contribute to the calories. 

That being said, the nutritional value of this smoothie is high and it is a healthy option.

#4. Ingredients And Calories In Detox Island Green Smoothie

detox island green

The Detox Island Green Smoothie has the most ingredients but the fewest calories thanks to its natural sweetening and its healthy ingredients. Notice that it explicitly notes that it is sweetened naturally, this would give the presumption that smoothies without this noted are not.


Does Tropical Smoothie Use A Lot Of Sugar In Their Smoothies?

The average amount of sugar in Tropical Smoothies smoothies is 90 grams, which is nearly a half cup of sugar. So the answer is yes, however, on some occasions, this would be mostly fruit sugar.

Are Smoothies From Tropical Smoothie Cafe Healthy?

Tropical Smoothie does have some healthy smoothies, such as the Detox Island Green Smoothie, however, some of their smoothies are very unhealthy.

Are Tropical Smoothie Cafe Smoothies Vegan?

Not all of Tropical Smoothies’ beverages are vegan. Their green smoothies are vegan, such as the Detox Island Green Smoothie. However, many of them contain yogurt. Keep an eye on their ingredients to ensure the smoothie you order is vegan-friendly.

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