A List Of The Best Smoothie Powders You Can Buy

There are so many ways to make smoothies, however, getting a good smoothie often means making it yourself. Yet, making your smoothies is not possible for everyone! Some people do not have the time in their busy modern lives to make smoothies. 

This is why it is beneficial to many people for smoothie powders to exist. We cannot guarantee that smoothie powders will ever be as good as a freshly made smoothie, and generally, smoothie powders lack many of the significant health benefits you can get from a smoothie, but not all. 

Best Smoothie Powders

Let’s take a look at the best smoothie powders you can buy, so if you decide that you want to start using smoothie powders you know you are using the best ones you can.

Our Top Favorite Smoothie Powders You Can Buy:

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There are several options for smoothie powders, however, no one wants to be spending an arm and a leg on smoothie powders either. So, these are our favorites based on flavor, healthiness, and affordability. 

These are the options that we think are best, most are also very popular, so stocks go up and down, if your chosen option is not available straight away, check regularly as they are very popular!

As a side note, you can also add athletic greens to smoothies. If you don’t like its taste, add it to your morning smoothie for even more nutrients.

Are Smoothie Powders Good?

Now, the question is, are they good? Granted they are not the same as making a smoothie fresh, however, many of them can be full of vitamins, fiber, protein, minerals, and many other good nutrients.

This means that they are often a healthy snack, and can, in some cases, work as a meal replacement (although you need to ensure that you prep them with fresh ingredients and good nutritional balance. 

Each smoothie powder is different, however, and you should always check the nutritional information on the pack before you use it. Some may contain high levels of sugar, which is all too common in smoothies. Be cautious of smoothie powders that are too high in sugar and/or too caloric.

A List Of Healthy Smoothie Powders

smoothie powders

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The best healthy smoothie powders you should think about trying include the following: 

Best Breakfast Smoothie Powders

What time of day you eat your smoothies matters too, if you’re having a smoothie for breakfast it needs to be high in nutrition and energy to get you started for the day. 

This is why we have chosen the following smoothies to benefit you the most! 

We are not usually super interested in protein powders, however, when you are starting the day protein does help you get going. It gives you energy, and for vegans who may not have a sufficient enough amount of protein in their daily diet, starting the day with a smoothie full of protein is a great idea! 

Is There A Smoothie Powder Subscription

There are some smoothie powder subscriptions you can get, although they are not our favorite thing in the world, as we are all for homemade smoothies, some are good. 

Smoothie powder subscriptions include: 

  • Daily Harvest.
  • Blendtopia.
  • Smoothiebox.
  • Revive Superfoods.
  • Kencko.
  • Shake Please.
  • Splendid Spoon.
  • Live Pure. 

While these can be brilliant, if you can make your smoothies we do recommend this over using these subscriptions. Kencko is okay, and can be very useful, but can also be rather sugar-heavy. Similarly, Smoothiebox and Splendid Spoon have a similar problem. 

However, if you are not concerned about sugar levels, these can be fantastic, and Kencko can even make it easier for you to take your smoothies on the go with you! 

12 Smoothie Powder Facts Everyone Should Know

Smoothie Powder Facts Everyone Should Know

Now, you probably have a few questions about smoothie powders, so, let’s go over what we know so you can feel more in the know about this convenient way of drinking smoothies! 

1. Smoothie Powders Can Be Healthy

Smoothies are associated with a healthy lifestyle, and a good powder can give your body vital nutrients more conveniently. Berries are rich in antioxidants, vegetables can be high in protein, fiber, and vitamins we get in a few other places, and all in a convenient smoothie, it’s easier!

2. They Can Be A Meal!

While you should not have smoothies for meals all the time, they can help out people on a weight loss plan, however, you must make sure you do it right! Ask a nutritionist before you do this! 

3. Powdered Smoothies Can Aid In Digestion

Many smoothie blends include a lot of fiber which can help you to digest with more ease. Make sure that your smoothies have a high fiber content, but not too high!

4. Powdered Smoothies Help Weight Loss

weights and apple for weight loss training

Remember we mentioned fiber? Well, fiber also helps you to manage your weight. It helps you digest properly and has proteins that make you feel fuller for longer! 

5. However, You May Gain Unnecessarily Too!

Do not get carried away drinking too many smoothies, if you do you could gain weight. If a smoothie powder makes you hungrier you are likely to end up taking in more calories than you need! 

6. Some Smoothie Powders Are Calorific

Some powders contain ungodly amounts of sugar which increase the calorie intake, sugar is sugar and calories are calories, watch the sugar content before you buy! 

7. Monitor ingredients

Some smoothie powders use high-quality greens, which is good, others may use low-quality berries which will be more sugar-heavy. Also, watch out for good ingredients which are low quality. If a smoothie also has any artificial contents, it’s best to stay away! 

8. Use Them For Workouts

Smoothies can have a lot of essential nutrition in them, making them an ideal pre and post-workout beverage to gain energy at the gym!

9. They Can Be Customized

You needn’t have only the powder, you can add other contents into it to get the nutritional values you want, you can alter the contents to meet your needs!

10. They Can Interfere With Medications

Drinking a green smoothie when on blood thinners can work against medication. Banana smoothies can be bad for those on ACE Inhibitors. Check with your doctor before you enjoy a smoothie powder.

11. It Won’t Detox You

Smoothie detoxes and smoothie powders are different. Smoothies are not automatically good for a detox, speak to a nutritionist or doctor before you consider a ‘detox’ diet.

12. It Can Be Better Than Juices & Shakes

Juices are naturally high in sugar, and not all smoothies are. However, for some, making their smoothies can be great but they may not know the nutrition they need or the ingredients to include, smoothie powders can fill in the knowledge gap here!

5 Powders To Add To Smoothies For Weight Loss

matcha powders

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If you’re looking for powders to help in your weight loss journey, consider powders that contain the following ingredients: 

  • Green Tea Powder.
  • Blueberries.
  • Spinach.
  • Cinnamon.
  • Chia seeds.

Check out some powders on Amazon below! 

There are plenty of options you should consider adding to your smoothies but make sure that they won’t overdose you in sugar, and keep the calories low!

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