9 Best Vegetables That Give You Energy

When you need a boost of energy halfway through the day, sometimes coffee just is not the answer.

Caffeine too late in the day can keep you up all night and ruin your circadian rhythm, completely.

Energy bars and energy drinks are not always a good idea either, many of them bump you up and then crash you right back down a couple of hours afterward! 

So, what can you do instead? Enjoying whole foods as a snack instead can work really well.

Best Vegetables That Give You Energy

Missing out on the excessive calories that come with energy bars and energy drinks is also better for your health, and whole foods only give your body what it needs.

Energy drinks and energy bars are also packed full of sugar, which can make you anxious, irritable, and can even make you tired as a part of withdrawal.

Healthier vegetables and fruits will give you energy, and nutrition, without any of the side effects others have! 

Energy Boosting Vegetables And Legumes

So, which veggies should you be eyeing up in the superstore to replace your energy bars? Here are 9 top choices! 

#1. Spinach 


Spinach is an awesome sauce of iron, you can get iron from food to help fight anemia and other iron-deficient illnesses.

Of every vegetable, spinach has the highest iron content, having 3.2 grams of iron on average. These 3.2 grams actually make up a good 20% of your body’s need for iron daily. 

Having enough iron in your body keeps your body healthy, and prevents anemia, which if not fought off can cause fatigue and lethargy.

#2. Kale


Kale is a lot like spinach is, it has a lot of B vitamins, as well as vitamins C and A. It is also full of potassium, magnesium calcium, and copper. It is also exceptionally low in calories too, so it is a great option for people who are diabetic, or weight conscious. 

The easiest way to bring kale into your diet is via salads, or of course… Smoothies, just try to blend it up before you add ingredients, as the leaves are very tough.

#3. Sweet Potato

Best Vegetables That Give You Energy

Sweet potatoes are a complex carb, which are long sugar molecule chains that will typically break down in your body, very slowly.

Some of these, including sweet potatoes, can provide extra energy, while also keeping you energized and reducing those hunger pangs. 

So this will happily give you energy, and can uniquely help you on weight loss journeys too. 

Vitamin C is also believed to be present in sweet potatoes, so it has extra energizing properties as well as essential vitamins.

#4. Green Peas


Green peas are very starchy, they have carbs, fiber, protein, calories, and vitamins C and K. Note that carbs and calories are key in getting energy, while vitamin C will help your body transport the fat cells you need to produce that energy. 

Peas are not super fancy, but you can enter them into your diet in an easy way, in salads, as a side, or even in delicious green smoothies

#5. Corn

corn on the cob

Corn is also starch-heavy and full of complex carbs and plenty of calories to give you oodles of energy. It does have a smaller impact on your blood sugar than many other foods, so your energy does not come from a blood sugar spike. 

We always recommend eating corn on the cob with some butter melted on it, however, cornbread is great, corn in soup is delicious and sweet, but corn can go in smoothies too! 

#6. Beets


Beets may be able to provide your body with nutrients and antioxidants to improve your energy levels and improve your blood flow.

Beetroot juice is a delicious way to enjoy beets, however, you could enjoy them cooked, and even blend beetroot in a smoothie and enjoy the energy and its funky color!

#7. Chilli Peppers

Chilli Peppers

Spicy peppers such as jalapenos and habaneros contain capsaicin, this is a miracle compound, it can help your sinuses, give your immune system a boost, increase your circulation, and can even increase your metabolism, all while increasing the levels of your feel-good chemicals.

They give your whole body a boost, along with an increase in energy, and keep you happy.

Just… Don’t overdo it! 

#8.  Asparagus 

Asparagus a vegetable for energy

We have a weakness for Asparagus, it’s delicious, and if you sear them with garlic it is heaven on earth!

They are also packed with B vitamins, helping you change your food into glucose which gives you extra energy, but less of the side effects of eating high-sugar food types. 

They also have a lot of fiber in them, stabilizing your blood sugar levels and making digestion slow down, it’s good for you and good for your energy!

#9. Sea Vegetables


You may not usually consider this one, but sea vegetables are awesome for boosting your metabolism, they can also give your energy levels a kick in the right direction.

Some of these veggies will make food release energy slower, by slowing down your digestion. 

Things such as spirulina are also known to improve mental and physical energy while giving you incredible amounts of nutrition.

However, Nori and Kombu are very nutrient rich which a helping of natural sodium, and more fiber than almost anything else! 

You can enjoy Nori in the form of sushi, but if you’d rather have the insane benefits of spirulina, why not pop it into a smoothie, it tastes awful on its own, but with some fruit in a smoothie, it is delicious and mind-blowingly good for you! 


What Is The Best Vegetable For Fatigue?

The best vegetable there is for fatigue is kale. Kale is rich in iron, vitamins, and antioxidants. Its iron content is essential in helping your body carry oxygen for cells to use as energy. So, kale is ideal for fighting off fatigue.

Vegetables That Give You The Most Energy

Spinach, cabbage, watercress, and spring greens are all amazing energy vegetables. They all have vitamins K, C, and A in them, they also contain potassium, and magnesium as well which can help you.

Green Vegetables That Give You Energy

Green vegetables such as spinach, spring greens, watercress, and cabbage are all foods that are fantastic for energy. Kale is also ideal for getting extra energy, as are green peas. They all have essential energy-boosting nutrition, vitamins, and minerals to help you gain energy and fight off fatigue.

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