Bolthouse Smoothies Reviewed By Smoothie Experts

Bolthouse Farms was founded back in 1915 in Grant, Michigan. It is a vertically integrated farming company that specializes in making refrigerated beverages. As you would expect they sell smoothies, and we won’t lie, they taste so good! 

However, many do question just how good these smoothies are for you. Most of us are aware that most of the time unless you make something yourself, things like smoothies are often not that healthy for you. 

Companies that make smoothies tend to add too much sugar, and too much fat, and something that should be good becomes bad really easily. 

However, we have to ask if this is the case with Bolthouse Smoothies as well, or might they be the healthy exception we have all been hoping for?!

Bolthouse Smoothies Reviewed

Bolthouse Smoothies Flavors

Bolthouse lists their smoothies under different categories. Let’s have a look at their flavor ranges. 


  • Berry Boost.
  • Carrot Ginger Turmeric.
  • Daily Greens.


  • Green Goodness.
  • Red Goodness.

Functional Fixes

  • Berry Superfood Boost.
  • Mango cherry C-Boost.
  • Pineapple Kale Ginger Boost.

Better Breaks

  • Peach Parfait.
  • Strawberry Parfait.
  • Mixed Berry Parfait.
  • Mocha Cappuccino.
  • Vanilla Chai

Protein Plus 

  • Protein Plus Banana Honey Almond Butter
  • Protein Plus Chocolate.
  • Protein Plus Coffee.
  • Protein Plus Dutch Chocolate Banana.
  • Protein Plus Strawberry.
  • Protein Plus Vanilla Bean.

Bolthouse Smoothies Nutrition Information

One of the healthiest options from Bolthouse is ‘Green Goodness, which is also one of the most popular options. This beverage has no sugar, 3 g protein, 3 g dietary fiber, and a lot of essential minerals and vitamins. 

Take a look at the nutritional information for this beverage here: 

The 0g of sugar is great here, and it has so many essential nutrients, with 15% of the daily value for magnesium, and 8% of iron. 20% of vitamin C is also really good for your health. You could label this as a very healthy beverage.

However, then you look at other smoothies, such as the Strawberry Banana, which is a popular favorite. In comparison to the ‘Green Goodness’ and its 0 grams of sugar, the Strawberry Banana smoothie is quite shocking! 

This smoothie has a whopping 50 grams of sugar in it, but it also contains a lot of sodium, vitamin C, and 20% of your daily potassium intake. 

Is Bolthouse Farms Smoothies Healthy?


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Bolthouse smoothies are semi-healthy. They are healthier than some other options, however, you are still better off making your own smoothies at home

Bolthouse Farms makes their smoothies with a juice concentrate, which contributes to a lot of the sugar content that is in them. 

While the Green Goodness smoothie does not have any sugar in it, this is about the only one that does. Most of their smoothies contain a lot of sugar and most of this comes from juice concentrate. 

The best way to enjoy Bolthouse Farms smoothies is in moderation. They are healthier than a burger, or a bar of chocolate, however, they are not a healthier option than making smoothies yourself or with fresh ingredients instead of a juice concentrate. 

We hope this answered your question on is Bolthouse farms healthy.

Do Bolthouse Smoothies Have Added Sugar?

Many Bolthouse Smoothies contain no added sugars, instead, they are naturally sweetened with fruits and vegetables in them. 

They do have some beverages which contain some added sugar, these are as follows; 

  • Breakfast smoothies.
  • Blueberry banana almond milk.
  • Watermelon mint lemonade.
  • Proteins.
  • Cafes. 

Some of the Bolthouse Farms’ other products also contain juice from concentrates, such as acid pineapple juice from concentrate, apple juice from concentrate, or even cane sugar. 

If you are worried that sugars may be added, it is very clearly noted on the list of ingredients on the bottle. 


How Much Sugar Is In Bolthouse Smoothies? Why Do Bolthouse Farms Have So Much Sugar?

Bolthouse Farms smoothies use a juice concentrate for their ingredients, which contributed to the massive 42 grams of sugar that are usually found in a single 15.2-ounce serving. 

Their Strawberry Banana smoothie bottle also boasts that there is no “No high fructose corn syrup” however, it says absolutely nothing about any added sugars. When this is the case, it is often because there are added sugars in there. 

However, using Strawberry Bananas as an example, a single bottle has 247 calories. It also has 100% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin C, which is great, but no Vitamin A. 

The amount of sugar in Bolthouse smoothies varies depending on the smoothie, however, most of them have quite a high sugar content and there are also many which have added sugars as well. 

That being said, Green Goodness has a 0% sugar content. It’s one of the best store bought smoothies you can get.

Why is there so much sugar in these smoothies then? This is just because of the juice concentrate which is used as a primary ingredient in all of their smoothies. This means that juice is used as the liquid/ flavoring.

Fruit naturally has a very high sugar content anyway in smoothies, but when you add juice concentrate on top of that, it increases the sugar content even further, making these smoothies one of the most sugar-heavy we have ever come across. 

Therefore, if you do not mind a high sugar content, feel free to indulge, however, if you are watching your sugar intake, stay away. Diabetics should also avoid Bolthouse Farms beverages like the plague. While not all of their beverages are high in sugar, most are, and many do not always note this. 


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Do Bolthouse Smoothies Have Probiotics?

Bolthouse Farms Bolts is a powerhouse smoothie of probiotics that helps to keep your digestive system in balance. It is a super blend. However, these probiotics are specifically tailored to this one beverage.

Is Bolthouse Farms Healthy For Diabetics?

While Bolthouse Farms has some healthy options, for the most part, their drinks contain a lot of sugar. However, they do have sugar-free options for diabetics. Just make sure you double-check before you buy!

Is Bolthouse Strawberry Banana Healthy?

The Strawberry Banana smoothie is healthy, it is fruit juice with no artificial flavors, however, it is also very high in sugar!

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