Can I Juice Frozen Fruit And Vegetables: Here’s How

Juicing is becoming more popular these days, with more and more people realizing the health benefits of juicing at home. 

While store-bought juices are great, they’re very sugar-heavy, so juicing at home can decrease the amount of sugar you consume. 

When juicing at home, frozen goods allow you to keep fruit and vegetables longer, and prevent waste. But, can you juice frozen fruit and vegetables? It is time to find out. 

Can I Juice Frozen Fruit And Vegetables

Can Frozen Fruit And Vegetables Be Juiced?

Realistically you cannot juice frozen vegetables and fruits. They will add a tasty and slushy texture to a smoothie, but when you put them in a juicer they do not do very well.

Juicers are not used to dealing with frozen vegetables and fruits. Frozen goods may even break the machine. 

That being said, you can juice frozen vegetables and fruits once they have been thawed. 

You need to allow the produce to thaw, or they won’t juice properly. Yet, once thawed, juicing should be no problem. 

How To Juice Frozen Fruit And Vegetables?

frozen fruit and vegetables in containers

There is a critical stage to juicing frozen fruits and vegetables. And that step is to allow your frozen fruit and veg to thaw first before juicing.

By thawing your frozen produce you will also get more juice. 


  1. Choose which frozen fruit and vegetables you wish to juice. 
  2. Put them in the freezer until use.
  3. The night before you need them, take them out of the freezer to thaw. Most frozen fruit and vegetables can be thawed under running water, or in the fridge. Per pound of fruit/vegetables, allow 8 hours to thaw. 
  4. Once thawed, prepare your produce as normal and put it into your juicer. 
  5. Let your juicer do its job.
  6. Drink and enjoy. 

In theory, thawed produce could even be juiced with your hands, this does produce a more concentrated flavor of liquid as the food won’t oxidize in the machine, but this can be messy.

How Do You Juice Frozen Fruit Without A Juicer?

a juicing machine juicing a carrot

Not everyone can afford a juicer, but you can juice using a blender or even by hand. 

Juicing by hand is messy, so, let’s look at the blender method, as blenders can be much more affordable than the average juicer. 

All you need is the following: 

  • A blender.
  • Thawed produce.
  • Cheesecloth.
  • A fine mesh strainer.
  • Funnel.
  • Container.

Here is how you do it: 

    1. Add your thawed produce to your blender, adding some water if necessary. 
    2. Once you have blended your fruit, place a funnel into a jar for storage and place your mesh strainer on the funnel’s top, and then the cheesecloth on top of this. 
    3. Pour the blended mixture over the cheesecloth and through the strainer and funnel. The cheesecloth will catch any pulp. 
    4. This process may take a while, so be patient. 
    5. Once all the mixture has passed through the funnel, strainer, and cheesecloth, serve up your juice and enjoy.

Best Juicer For Frozen Fruit

omega juicer

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I have used the Omega Juicer for years. To me personally, the Omega Juicer. is simply the best. 

Frozen fruit is so nutritious because it is frozen as soon as it is picked, for the most part, therefore, you want a juicer that gets all of the juice out. 

While the Omega Juicer is a pricy option, it is known for squeezing every last drop out of the produce. 

You will be left with pulp that is as dry as a bone, so you know that all the juice is in your glass, with none left behind. 

The Pros Of The Omega Juicer

  • Quick to assemble or disassemble.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Attractive design.
  • Fitted with a self-feeding hopper- no need to trim your produce.
  • Easy operation.
  • Processes harder produce like kale and celery. 


  • Expensive.
  • All pieces need to be correctly assembled for operation.

You could also consider other options, such as the Ninja Never Cold Cold Press Juicer, or the Breville Juice Fountain Plus, both of which are brands that are well-known for blenders as well and are cheaper! 

Why Juice Frozen Fruit And Veggies Instead Of Fresh?

containers of frozen fruit and vegetables

The main reason most people choose frozen fruit over fresh is because it is cheaper. You can also access frozen fruit and vegetables when the produce is out of season. 

Other reasons include:

#1. No Chemicals!

Fresh produce is typically treated with chemicals to avoid it spoiling, as it can spend a lot of time in transit. 

Frozen produce, on the other hand, is not treated with chemicals. They can be treated with a form of vitamin C or sugar to prevent spoiling, but the use of chemicals is rare. 

This means frozen produce is as natural as you can get from a store. 

#2. More Nutritious 

While some studies would say fresh produce is more nutritious, these studies tend to focus on fresh fruit minus the effects of storage and transport time. 

However, generally freezing tends to preserve the general nutritional content of fresh and frozen produce 

Does The Nutritional Value Change Of Frozen Fruit And Vegetables?

Some people worry that freezing fruits and vegetables may change their nutritional values, however, this is not the case. 

Freezing does not affect the nutrient content. Vegetables and fruits are usually picked at their prime for peak ripeness, so you already have a short time frame when you get them. 

Most groceries do not last very long and spoil quickly. So, if you freeze them, they usually end up having a better chance of maintaining peak nutrition.

Most pre-frozen foods are frozen immediately as soon as they are picked. The only downside is that they may not taste as good as fresh ingredients as freezing can dull the taste. 

Using Frozen Fruit And Vegetables In Juices And Smoothies: FAQs

Can You Juice Frozen Apples

Yes, you can juice frozen apples, just ensure that you allow them to thaw first. Juicers do not have the capacity to juice frozen ingredients while still frozen. All fruit can be juiced as long as it is thawed first.

Can I Use Frozen Fruit To Make Smoothies?

Yes! Frozen fruit can be delicious in smoothies, it can help to thicken smoothies and make them even fresher on a hot summers day. You may need to add a bit more base liquid though.

Can You Put Frozen Fruit In A Blender?

You can put frozen fruit in a blender. However, some blenders may struggle. Make sure that your blender is capable of blending frozen fruits.

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