Can You Eat Pear Skin: Explained

We have to admit, pears are not exactly the most popular fruit on the planet. We have never met someone who said that pears are their favorite fruit, and who can blame anyone? When tasty berries and potassium-filled bananas exist, who is going crazy over pears? 

However, people still eat pears, and they are still very good to eat… Like any fruit. 

They also go well in a smoothie. When they are ripe enough they can be super juicy and tasty and pack a good bit of body into your smoothies, giving them that extra thickness that you just want from your smoothie. 

However, we have noticed that quite a few people will remove the skin before they pop a pear into a smoothie, or even before they eat it. This begs the question, can you eat pear skin? 

Today, we will answer that question in full depth! 

Can You Eat Pear Skin

Can You Eat Pear Skin?

So, can you eat the skin of a pear? Well, of course, you can! Pears are powerhouse fruits! They are jam-packed with vitamins, fibers, and plenty of good-for-you plant compounds. 

Some of the nutrition inside of the fruits are believed to fight inflammation and help to promote heart and gut health while also fighting off many diseases. They may even be able to help with losing weight! 

However, it is actually recommended that you eat the peel of pears, as this is exactly where most of the fruit’s nutrition is housed! 

So, not only CAN you eat the skin, it is actually recommended that you DO eat the skin! 

What Part Of Pear Do You Not Eat?

When eating a pear, you should eat it like most of us eat apples. Eat the flesh, skin, and all. The only part you don’t want to eat is the core and seeds. Nothing bad will happen if you do eat these parts, they just do not taste very nice… Again, much like apples. 

So, basically, you can eat the entire fruit of a pear, but the seeds and core are usually avoided, simply because of taste!  

Is Pear Skin Good For You?


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With most fruits, the general rule is that the best way to eat them is just to eat the entire fruit. However, pears share a trait with potatoes

This trait is in the fact that the skin is where the majority of the nutrition is. However, that being said, you should always wash the skin thoroughly before you ingest it. 

Not everyone likes the taste of pear skins, and you can peel it off if you want to, but the skin is the most nutrient-rich part of the fruit and it is very good for you to eat if you do enjoy the taste! 

Is Pear Skin Poisonous?

Some people may worry that a pear’s skin is poisonous. However, this is not at all the case, pear skins are not poisonous. 

That being said, this worry does not come without any background to it at all. 

It is always better to choose organic pears, as you can eat the skin totally worry-free. It is even better if you grow them yourself. You see, there is a concern with conventionally grown, mass-market fruits. 

Mass-market fruits can often have chemicals left on their skins from pesticides and so on. These chemicals are not actually safe for ingestion, and while they are not poisonous, or at least will not kill you with a single bite, you should avoid ingesting them. 

Can You Eat Pear Skin When Pregnant?

Can you eat a pear if you are pregnant? Of course, you can! These fruits are far from being on the list of foods that pregnant women should avoid. In fact, you should be eating them! 

Pregnant women need many nutrients and minerals to help them through the pregnancy, and pears are great, containing folate, fiber, vitamin C, and potassium, all of which are essential for having a healthy pregnancy! 

So, if anything, you should be hunting the fresh fruit aisles at your local grocery store for pears when pregnant, as these fruits are most definitely exactly what you want to be getting your teeth into! 

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