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Can You Make a Smoothie Without Yogurt (+Recipe)

Smoothies are so versatile, you can put almost anything in them… almost. Yogurt is one of the most popular smoothie ingredients. However, you might wonder if you actually have to put yogurt in a smoothie. The honest answer is that you do not. 

While yogurt is a great ingredient for increasing your nutrient and protein intake, it is not 100% necessary. Milk, water, yogurt, and juice (much to our distaste) can all go into a smoothie! 

Can You Make a Smoothie Without Yogurt

Can You Make A Smoothie Without Yogurt?

Want to make a smoothie without yogurt, but still have it retain some of the classic properties of a smoothie that has yogurt? No problem. In this case, we would highly recommend that you add a banana to give your smoothie extra thickness and a dose of goodness. 

Frozen bananas work well in the summer, give your smoothie a frostier feel, and taste much more like a super healthy milkshake (even though it is most definitely not a milkshake).

Both bananas and mangos are creamy fruit that creates thick and near-fluffy textures similar to what you can get from yogurt. So, don’t like yogurt, no problem, seek out these tasty fruits! 

What Can I Use Instead Of Yogurt In A Smoothie?

What are the best substitutes for yogurt in smoothies? If you do not want to use bananas or mangos in a smoothie, but you also do not like yogurt, then you are not stuck, you can still create thick and nutritious smoothies! 

Of course, the most basic answer would be that you can use yogurt substitutes, however, you can use plenty of other things as well. Check out these options! 

Any of these can work as an awesome substitute for yogurt in smoothies both nutritionally and for extra yummy thickness!

Can You Make a Smoothie Without Yogurt

How Do You Make Smoothies Thicker Without Yogurt?

There are so many ways you can thicken up your smoothies without using yogurt. It is not the end all be all of the thick smoothies. 

If you are seeking a delicious, thick smoothie, try these techniques: 

  • Using Frozen Fruit/ Freeze Your Fresh Fruit Overnight

Using frozen fruit works awesome, it will add an extra thickness, perhaps not quite as thick as yogurt, but it gives you extra thickness, and you get to enjoy the nutrition and taste of fruit. Blueberries, pineapple, mango, and bananas are the best. 

  • Pre-blend Protein Powder Or Greens

Protein powder and spinach are both great healthy options, but if you choose to blend it first with a bit of liquid it can help to make your smoothie thick. Protein powder can also be an awesome thickening agent! 

  • Do Not Add Too Much Liquid

One typical mistake of some smoothie-making newbies is they add too much liquid! We were guilty of this first, and it always makes your smoothies too thin, so make sure you are not adding too much liquid that it waters it down and ends up as smoothie-flavored water.

How To Make A Smoothie Without Yogurt?

If you want a smoothie without yogurt, choose one of the methods we have mentioned above. Then do the following: 

  • Blend your thickening ingredient first. This helps to create a base for your smoothies. Then add your liquid – this is also called layering your smoothies.
  • Add in fruits or other ingredients.
  • Finally, add any toppings/ seeds. 

This is a surefire way to make sure it’s thick, by blending your bananas, mango, frozen fruit, protein powder, or whatever you will add to thicken it first, you make sure it is thick. Never add it last!

Smoothie Recipe Without Yogurt

Blueberry Chocolate Smoothie

Thick Blueberry Chocolate Smoothie

The smoothie is thick without the need for any dairy like yogurt, which makes this smoothie totally dairy-free and suitable for vegans.
Prep Time 3 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Smoothie
Cuisine American
Servings 1
Calories 355 kcal



  • 1/2 cup75g of frozen blueberries
  • 1 tbsp of cacao or cocoa powder
  • 1 handful of spinach washed
  • 1 medium sized banana peeled
  • 200 ml of almond milk or dairy free milk of choice




Best consumed straight away.


Serving: 1servingSugar: 28.6gFiber: 7.7gCalories: 355kcalFat: 4.3gProtein: 4.4gCarbohydrates: 47.6g
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Do You Have To Use Yogurt In A Smoothie?

You absolutely do not have to use yogurt in smoothies, there are plenty of other ways to thicken it.

Can I Use Milk Instead Of Yogurt In A Smoothie?

You can use milk instead of yogurt in your smoothies, however, milk will not thicken a smoothie as yogurt does.

Are Smoothies Better With Milk Or Yogurt?

It depends on your preference. Plant-based milk can taste delicious, but yogurts add thickness and nutrients.

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