Difference Between Smoothie And Juice

If you are wondering what is the difference between smoothie and juice you have come to the right place. It can be confusing to many, as they are both very similar, but are they the same?

Let’s find out!

Difference Between Smoothie And Juice

Difference Between Smoothie And Juice

Is a smoothie the same as juice? The difference is that the smoothies are made using the whole fruit, and juices are often made from a concentrate or just the juice of the fruit.
So, it all comes down to how it’s made. Smoothies are typically made using a blender, whilst juices are made by using a juicer, which extracts the juice from the fruit or veg.

What Is Better Smoothie Or Juice?

If you are wondering which is healthier blending or juicing, then it will depend on a few things. It all once again comes down to how either of them is made.
Smoothies can be made unhealthy, and so can juices. Juices for example can be made from a concentrate, or with added sugar to them, whilst smoothies can be made with too much sugar or fat (like too much peanut butter and/or maple syrup or honey.)

However, if smoothies are done well, they can be healthier than juices, because typically the whole fruit or vegetable is used in the making. The flesh of the fruit and veg typically contains the most amount of fiber and nutrients.
When you juice them, you only extract some of their benefits. So the answer is, that smoothies are better.

Are Green Juices Or Smoothies Better For You?

Difference Between Smoothie And Juice

It depends on how each one of these is prepared. If you buy green juice from the store, it’s likely it has added sugar or other nasty stuff you don’t want.
The same applies to smoothies.

However, if we are talking about homemade green juice and a homemade smoothie, things are different.
However, it still boils down to how each is prepared and with what ingredients.

If the smoothie is prepared with a lot of added sugar (primarily in the form of syrups, or sweetened yogurts and nut butters) And too much saturated fat, then yes, green juice will be better.
So, it all depends on how it’s prepared. However, if smoothies are done right, then smoothies are generally better than juicing, because the whole pulp is used from the fruit and veg, so you get the maximum benefits of the fresh fruit and veg.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Juicing?

As mentioned above, the biggest problem which juicing is that you only extract a part of the vegetable or fruit. The pulp and skin of the fruit and vegetables contain nutrients and vitamins.
Of course, freshly squeezed juice is good for you, but for best results, use whole fruit. That’s where smoothies come in handy.

Should You Juice Every Day?

If you do like juicing, there is nothing wrong with juicing every day. Drinking freshly squeezed juice is just like eating a slice of bread for breakfast with some butter every day.
We never question whether eating bread every day is fine, so it really isn’t an issue.
Juicing can provide you with many health benefits. So there is absolutely nothing wrong with juicing every day.

Summary: To Juice Or Not To Juice?

So, in a nutshell, the difference between smoothies and juice is how they are prepared; the juice is made by extracting the juice only from the fruit and veg, whilst smoothies use the whole fruit and veg.
Furthermore, you would need different equipment to make each of them; juices need a juicer, whilst smoothies require a blender.

Either way though, they are both good for you, especially if they are homemade!

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