Do Blueberries Make You Poop Or Cause Diarrhea

Blueberries are one of the more unique berries, they are like the blue cousin of cranberries but gorgeously sweet and with a taste so fresh it’s addictive. I don’t know about you, but I love blueberries. 

I have researched all blueberry varieties and the sweetest blueberries, and everything in between. So yes, I am obsessed with these little berries.

But… Have you ever noticed that blueberries seem to make your colon a little more active? Do they just make you poop, or do they give you diarrhea? 

Do Blueberries Make You Poop


If you happen to be reading this as you sit in the restroom after a sumptuous amount of blueberries, perhaps it’s time I told you why blueberries have you sitting there. What are blueberries doing inside your digestive system?

Do Blueberries Make You Poop More? 

Truth is, it’s not just blueberries that do this. A majority of fruit is high in both fiber and water, and these are things that help get things going, softening your stool and helping you ‘go’ more regularly. 

So, for those with chronic constipation, a look at your diet might tell you why, perhaps a bit more fruit should be on the menu.

Do Blueberries Have A Laxative Effect?

No, blueberries don’t necessarily have a laxative effect.

We aren’t going to call them a laxative, no doctor ever prescribed blueberries to someone with constipation. However, since they are high in fiber and water, they can help you get moving. 

Extremely backed up? Have a cup of coffee and a helping of blueberries, and I’m sure together they’ll flush you out, squeaky clean. 

Do Blueberries Make You Poop And Fart?

blueberries on a plate

Like many foods that are high in fiber, blueberries have the potential to make you fart and make you have more regular bowel movements too. 

Foods that are rich in fiber always do this. Beans are another good example of a food that will traditionally have this effect on your digestive system. 

However, you shouldn’t worry, as this is normal. If it is giving you diarrhea, or making you uncomfortable, consider a food intolerance, or perhaps that you are simply eating too many high-fiber foods. 

Do Blueberries Make Your Poop Smell?

Thankfully, while blueberries will make you gassy and take more trips to the restroom than you may be used to, they will not make either smell any different than usual. 

That being said if you are ingesting more fiber than you probably should (the same goes for fructose and sugar) then your poop will probably turn to diarrhea, which typically will smell worse than your usual poops. 

Why Do Blueberries Cause Diarrhea?

Blueberries have the potential to cause diarrhea, they do not strictly do so, it depends on your personal diet and how your body handles fructose and fiber. 

Both fiber and fructose can cause diarrhea, however, correct amounts should not. If you are getting diarrhea a lot, it is time to review your diet and check yourself. You might be taking in too many fibrous foods. 

Do note that blueberries can also help in controlling diarrhea as well! 

Why Do I Get Diarrhea After Eating Blueberries?

If you always get diarrhea after eating blueberries, but your diet doesn’t indicate that you are taking in too much fiber, it might be something to do with your body. 

That’s right, your body might actually not have the ability to digest blueberries properly. Your body may also simply be rejecting these delicious berries as a source of nutrition. 

This means you might have an intolerance to blueberries, or even an allergy if you find yourself feeling unwell at both ends… If you get my meaning.

Why Do Fresh Blueberries Cause Diarrhea?

woman eating blueberries

While blueberries do not have a massive amount of fructose, not as much as they have fiber, if you have an intolerance to fructose, it might be wise to eat them in smaller quantities as they can cause diarrhea. 

Fructose can cause diarrhea even without an intolerance if ingested in large quantities, so if you’re going through an XL pack of blueberries in a day, the amount might be the issue. 

Dial it back a bit and see the changes. 

What Do Blueberries Do To Your Stool?

With all this in mind, what do these tasty fruits actually do to your poop? Well, generally most people aren’t finding whole blueberries in poop, but some people question if they might change the color. 

You might think that they would change the color of our poops due to the color of their skin, which is blue/purple caused by anthocyanin

bowl of blueberries

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do Blueberries Make You Poop Blue?

They may actually do this. Blueberries have the potential to turn out poops a deep blue color, which is probably better than the natural brown. However, you would likely have to eat quite a bit to notice this effect. Are there reasons for blue-green poop? Perhaps, I cannot say for certain, but if you eat a lot of leafy greens and a lot of blueberries, this might be the cause, but I haven’t specifically tried that out myself.

Can Blueberries Cause Black Poop?

They can! If you have black poop after eating blueberries, then this is because they can paint your poop deep blue, or black. Depending on how many of them you eat. It is no cause for concern, it is simply due to anthocyanin, which turns their skin the color blue.

Why Is My Poop Blue?

Blue poop? It is quite likely caused by the blueberries you have eaten, or it could be anything else containing a blue dye, including blue liquors, food coloring, and so on. If it’s blue, your poop might be too! If however, the color of your poop is ongoingly blue, then you might want to check in with a doctor.

Do Blueberries Clean Out Your Colon?

Blueberries are rich in fiber, fiber increases stool frequency, so technically yes, blueberries help clean out your colon. They are particularly useful if you are constipated.


If you are someone who struggles with constipation, then having a cup of blueberries a day might be something to consider.

There are so many yummy ways you can incorporate blueberries into your diet; in muffins, blueberry smoothies, fruit salads and so much more!

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