Do Smoothies Make You Gain Weight: Yes & No

Have you noticed how smoothies have almost become a trend? If you fancy joining, go ahead. But, wait! Perhaps you have heard some rumors, that smoothies can make you gain weight.

Is this true? Well, yes and no. You see, how your body will react to smoothies is all down to how you consume them and how you manage your diet. 

But, smoothies are naturally healthy, right? Well, not always, it entirely depends on what is in the smoothies.

That being said, how you consume smoothies also counts. Let’s talk a bit more about this! Keep reading to learn more.

Do Smoothies Make You Gain Weight

Reasons Why Smoothies Make You Gain Weight

Let’s first talk about why you may gain weight from drinking smoothies because it can happen! 

#1. Making Smoothies Part Of Your Meal – Not As a Meal Replacement

It is important to remember that smoothies are not always suitable as a snack. Too often people treat smoothies as a snack, or something to have with a meal, instead of as meal replacement.

A lot of the time, smoothies contain enough nutrition and calories to serve as a meal as says. 

Sure, if you are packing up to get some extra weight, or if you need a boost when you hit the gym, it is different, but you need to burn the calories you consume.

If you are not burning the calories you are consuming then it will turn to fat.

#2. Drinking Smoothies Containing Fruit Juices

If you make your smoothies with fruit juice, you may want to think again. Fruit juices contain an obscene amount of sugar.

If you are making smoothies with fruit and fruit juice you are consuming even more! Excessive sugar consumption results in extra fat storage and a spike in your insulin levels too! 

If you choose smoothies over whole fruits regularly, it is probably better for you to just eat the fruit as it is. 

#3. Drinking Diet Smoothies

Maybe you are making keto shakes, but know, that just because it says it is part of a diet, does not mean it is healthy!

A shake or smoothie that is ‘keto’ probably contains a lot of calories. This is because those on this diet are in need of high-calorie beverages, or maybe intermittent fasting. 

If you are eating a normal diet, or just using a smoothie as a meal replacement then these beverages are not designed for you.

#4. Consuming Smoothies With Too Much Sugar

Most of us consume too much sugar. Smoothies may seem healthy, however, even fructose, the sugar found in fruit is still sugar.

Sure, a fruity smoothie may help kill off that sugar craving but sugar is sugar whether it comes from a chocolate bar or a smoothie. 

Check how much sugar you are consuming when you have your smoothies. Sugar easily turns into fat, as we tend to overconsume it as it is an unsatisfying source of calories.

It is also wise to be aware that overconsuming sugar often leads to insulin resistance as states.

#5. Drinking Pre-Workout Smoothies

pre workout

Many people will use smoothies as part of their workout routines, however, you can make the mistake of drinking your smoothie before your workout, instead of after. 

When you do a workout, your body looks to your digestive system for energy.

If there is anything available for it to take energy from, it will use this first. However, after this, it will look at your stored fats, but this takes time, as says.

Most of us who want to lose weight do not work out for long enough for our bodies to go from burning smoothies to fats. 

This means that it is better to work out on an empty stomach and then enjoy your protein-heavy smoothie afterward.

#6. Thinking All Smoothies Are Healthy

Most of us have an incorrect image of smoothies. If we drink a smoothie full of greens and superfoods then this is great.

However, if you are adding in sweeteners, dairy, and fruit then it is probably more of a treat, more than something nutritionally healthy. 

In order to know if you are having a healthy smoothie you should note if it is giving you an energy burst, and some good nutrition, or if it is giving you a stomach ache and a sugar rush.

If it is giving you a sugar rush and tummy ache then this means it is probably not quite so healthy and should be seen as more of a sweet treat.

It is better to have a balanced meal instead or turn to greens and superfoods.

Do Smoothies Make You Gain Weight

#7. You Are Unaware Of The Calories 

There are people who drink smoothies as much as they would water or even green juice. But water has no calories, and green juice probably only has around 50, but a majority of smoothies have around 400 calories per serving!

A very simple reason that smoothies make people gain weight is simply that they are not aware of just how many calories they are consuming.

Smoothies are not a light snack, they are nutritious and good to add to your diet. However, you need to be aware of how you balance out your diet.

To Summarize: Do Smoothies Make You Gain Weight?

To break it down. No, smoothies don’t make you gain weight. Irresponsible diet management does. Just like with any other aspect of your diet, how you eat, and manage nutritional intake, and calories will determine if you will gain or lose weight.


Will I Gain Weight Drinking Smoothies?

You will only gain weight drinking smoothies if you overindulge or do not match the rest of your diet.

Can Protein Smoothies Make You Gain Weight

Protein smoothies may make you gain weight if you are not careful with how you indulge in them. Protein can easily turn into fat if you do not exercise to use the protein. If drinking protein smoothies, ensure your body is using the protein.

Does Banana Smoothie Make You Gain Weight

Like any smoothie, a banana smoothie can make you gain weight if you are not balancing it with the rest of your diet. If you drink banana smoothies as a snack you may gain weight, however, if you use them as a breakfast meal replacement you likely will not.

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