Do Smoothies Make You Pee? Explained

Do you enjoy the regular smoothie, but maybe not drink them so much because you find yourself having to take regular bathroom trips? If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. Our bodies are so sensitive, anything we eat or drink could end up changing the way we function. 

Most people are likely to assume that smoothies would make you pee, and some would assume they make you poop, but which is it, and do smoothies even ‘make’ you go to the toilet in a different way, or is it something else entirely?

Today, we will answer all your burning questions.

Do Smoothies Make You Pee

Do Smoothies Make You Pee A Lot?

To be frank, it totally depends on what you are putting in your smoothies. However, at a core level, most smoothies tend to be quite fibrous

It is probably quite likely that your body is not used to so much fiber if you regularly have high-fiber smoothies. If you keep this up, you will eventually get used to it. Once your body is used to so much fiber, it will treat your smoothie much like any other source of food. 

If you use a lot of liquids in your smoothies, your body is also likely to treat this like any other source of water, and it needs to come out somehow. 

Why Does Smoothie Make Me Pee?

Smoothies will make you pee a lot, which happens to be so much worse than if you stay insanely well-hydrated. This is extremely true for green smoothies, if you intend on drinking a lot of green smoothies, you will need to know where the bathroom is. 

Green smoothies contain even more fiber, so, with so much additional fiber in them, it makes them even more likely to make you pee a lot more.

Do Smoothies Change Your Urine?


Smoothies usually won’t change your urine, however, consuming too many green leaves can cause problems in some people. Eating too many leafy greens also means you’re ingesting a lot of oxalic acids, which can turn into crystals. This is how kidney stones are formed.

This is rare, however, most of these compounds will be eliminated in your urine, but if your body is sensitive, it can increase kidney stone risk. This does not mean it will happen to you, but it can.

So, if you are sensitive, and your body, bladder, and kidneys are a bit tender, then you should be aware of how it might affect you, and just be a bit cautious when it comes to ingesting a lot of green leaves in smoothies. 

This is especially true if you are prone to developing kidney stones, or if you have a history of kidney disease.

When You Drink A Smoothie Does More Of It End Up As Pee Or Poo?

Everything you ingest will go through your digestive tract. Most people think that if they drink something it goes straight to the kidneys and later comes out as urine. 

However, if it contains food types and food-based compounds, it will end up turning into poop. 

The truest answer to this question would be that it depends on what kind of smoothies you are consuming.

Spinach smoothies or other green smoothies may turn into poop more, other smoothies may turn into pee more. 

Depending on your body, and the smoothie that you drink, you may find that it turns into poop or pee more. In some cases, a smoothie can be more liquid, which will make you pee more, however, some smoothies will make you poop more. 

Green smoothies also tend to increase your bowel movements. This is because they are high in fiber, and fiber makes your back end, GO! 


Can Eating Too Much Fruit Cause Frequent Urination?

Some fruits can make you pee, citrus fruits are especially well known for this. They can irritate the urinary tract if consumed in excess.

What Drinks Make You Urinate More?

Drinks such as alcohol, tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, and such can irritate your bladder, water will make you pee a lot, however, as this is part of its job. It will ‘clear you out’ and flushes out your system. If you need to pee more, water is the answer.

Does Eating Healthy Make You Pee More?

It can do, especially if you have dramatically shifted your diet. Eating fewer calories and burning more will increase your metabolism, which increases how your body produces waste.

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