Do Smoothies Make You Poop – Let’s Find Out

Have you ever wondered –  do smoothies make you poop? 

Ever had a green smoothie before and wondered, why you seem to be visiting the toilet a bit too much?  Smoothies are a rich source of nutrition, but sometimes any ingredient or overconsumption can lead to various gut problems.  

If you are having poop problems or a bloated stomach, the smoothie you gulped a while ago can be the cause. 

Do Smoothies Make You Poop

Do Smoothies Make You Poop

The simple answer is yes. 

The reason why smoothies can make you poop is because smoothies are naturally high in fiber.

Most of us do not get the daily amount of fiber, so if you are not used to a huge amount of fiber in one go, this is likely to cause your colon to flush out waste faster.

Another common reason why smoothies might make you poop might be due to the fact that this might be the first smoothie you have had in a long time.

So, when you do suddenly have a large glass of fiber-rich and fruit-rich smoothie, your system is in a bit of a shock.

Do Smoothies Make You Fart?

Do Smoothies Make You Poop - Let's Find Out

Smoothies can make you fart, yes. 

Although smoothies are incredibly good for us, they do come with some side effects, especially if you might be intolerant to certain ingredients, or over-consuming smoothies.

Some people are fructose intolerant, and it’s the most abundant form of sugar in fruit. For other people, too, fructose can be problematic because it gets fermented in the small intestine and causes gas, bloating, and even constipation. 

Greens contain insoluble fiber that adds bulk to your poop and soluble fiber that feeds the good bacteria in your gut.  

But, if you’re not used to having fibers in bulk, it will hurt your stomach. To get rid of excess gas and bloating in your stomach, your body tries to find a healthy balance.

And, you keep on farting all day long. 

Will Smoothies Give You Diarrhea?


Smoothies can indeed be the cause of diarrhea, but it doesn’t mean you need to give up on drinking them.

Green smoothies are generally healthy, but if you consume them in large amounts, you’ll end up experiencing diarrhea. But why is it so? You might wonder why do smoothies give me diarrhea.

Well, the sugar, water, and fibers in the smoothie regulate your bowel movement. So, it’s recommended to intake more water than smoothies. But because it is healthy, you should not avoid it entirely but take it only in small amounts.

But, what to do if smoothies give you diarrhea? All you need to do is control its intake and take smoothies occasionally to control the sugar and fiber intake that causes diarrhea. 

Avoid drinking smoothies in large quantities, and rule out any potential intolerances you may have, that could cause diarrhea.

Green Smoothie Side Effects

Green Smoothie Side Effects

Why do I feel sick after drinking a green smoothie? When it comes to green smoothies, many people report multiple health issues and complaints.

The reason is that green smoothies have certain potential side effects that can put you in trouble.

Here are the 3 most common side effects of green smoothies, along with their solutions: 

  1. Green smoothies mainly contain raw vegetables that aren’t easy to digest. This can cause digestive issues. So, lightly steam them before using them to make a smoothie.
  2. Overconsumption of leafy greens in green smoothies can cause kidney issues. So, limit the intake of leafy greens to 3 to 4 servings a day.
  3. Green smoothies can be a little high in sugar at times. This can cause fermentation in your digestion, causing gas and bloating. So, make sure to keep the sugar content in smoothies to a minimum, including fruit sugar.

That doesn’t mean that green smoothies are unhealthy, that just means that you have to be aware of what ingredients work for you and in what quantities.

Experiment and see what works for you!

Can A Fruit Smoothie Make You Sick?

Fruit smoothies are a great addition to a diet plan and are a very healthy item. But, smoothies are only as healthy as the ingredients used to make them. So, if you are feeling sick after having a smoothie, the reason could be using some expired or low-quality ingredients. Also, the recipe you followed could be misleading. 

Another possible reason could be an overdose. As they say, “Excess of everything is bad.” So, having a smoothie in an amount higher than the recommended one can be problematic for your health. 

Smoothies themselves are not unhealthy, but they just need to be prepared and taken correctly. Therefore, whenever you are going to have a smoothie, make sure that all the ingredients are fresh and of good quality. Also, the recipe you follow should be given by a professional.

Can Fruit Smoothies Cause Constipation?

This is just a myth that fruit smoothies cause constipation. They have nothing to do with causing constipation. In fact, fruit smoothies are used as a treatment for constipation. 

Fruit smoothies contain a lot of fluid like water, juice, or milk. It helps to keep constipation at bay. Also, the smoothies are rich in fiber, so they don’t let constipation trouble you.

Smoothies To Make You Poop

Are you struggling to poop? Struggling with constipation? Don’t worry, since we have smoothie recipes to help you!

Below is the list of the top 5 smoothies that make you poop:

  1. Fig Banana Smoothie
  2. Coffee Banana Protein Shake
  3. Carrot Orange & Ginger Smoothie
  4. Beetroot Protein Smoothie


Do smoothies make you lose weight?

Smoothies rich in protein and fiber can help you lose weight by keeping your stomach full with a low-fat drink. Also, the liquid content in smoothies helps to reduce weight.

Do detox smoothies make you poop?

Yes, detox smoothies make you poop because of being laxative in nature.

Do green smoothies make you pee green?

Not all but a few smoothies can make you pee green if taken on a daily basis.

Can smoothies give you indigestion?

Only the smoothies that contain a high acidic fraction (typically citrus fruit) can cause indigestion issues.

Wrap Up


Smoothies are a highly nutritious and rich source of fiber and vitamins. But a heavy intake of smoothies leaves you no good. Significantly, the green ones are affluent in fibers which can cause health issues like gassing, bloating, and upset stomach. And it leaves you farting all day long. 

So, in order to get rid of all these issues, take smoothies occasionally and check the fiber and fructose count.

We are hopeful that your queries like, do smoothies help you poop are answered clearly. 

Still, if there are any queries, just leave a comment below!

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