Does Dairy Queen Have Smoothies: And Their Best Ones

Smoothies are the new coolest trend out there, and everyone is joining in the fun, even notoriously unhealthy fast food chains.

However, not everywhere has jumped at the trend yet, and some chains started making smoothies and then stopped. 

Dairy Queen is one of the most popular fast food chains in the US, but do they sell smoothies? If you are taking a trip to DQ and have heard of their history with smoothies, you may have some questions.

Luckily, we are here to answer all your questions for you! 

Does Dairy Queen Have Smoothies

Does Dairy Queen Have Smoothies

Yes, Dairy Queen does have smoothies. However, it is understandable why there may be some confusion.

Back in 2019, Dairy Queen discontinued their line of smoothies, their sales weren’t great and they were unable to keep up with competitors. 

They had introduced new promotions and flavors, the sales just were not what they needed them to be. So, the smoothie line was discontinued.

However, you can still get smoothies at Dairy Queen, how is this possible? 

Well, they may have discontinued the line in 2019, but nothing lasts forever, and now you can get their Premium Fruit Smoothies, which are made with real fruit.

They also sell an Orange Julius Original as well, but it is slightly different. 

But, the good news is that Dairy Queen does still sell smoothies, and you have a variety of flavors to choose from, ranging from mixed berries, strawberries, and mango! You can even create your own! 

So, even though the company discontinued their smoothie line, you can still get smoothies at Dairy Queen, and enjoy the delicious flavors they offer! 

Are Dairy Queen Smoothies Healthy?

Does Dairy Queen Have Smoothies

Yes and No, it depends on what you order and your nutritional requirements and restrictions.

These smoothies are very popular, but their primary ingredient is milk. Milk can be good, as it is high in protein and calcium, however, it can also be high in fat.

It does depend on what type of milk is used.

If whole milk is used then the smoothie will be high in fats, but if low-fat milk is used then it will not be so bad.

What fruit is used can also impact how healthful the smoothie is. If you used bananas with strawberries then this includes more calories and natural sugars than a smoothie that uses raspberries and blueberries.

MedicalNewsToday stated the importance of knowing the sugar content in fruit as some can be much higher than others. 

Just like any smoothie, a Dairy Queen smoothie can be very healthy, as long as you ensure they make it with healthy ingredients and low-fat milk! 

However, be aware that most of these smoothies are made using a blend of ice cream, milk, and fruit.

These are not the healthiest smoothies out there, as there are no green smoothies, and states the addition of ice cream adds a lot of sugar to the mix.

However, they can be moderately healthy depending on the ingredients used in them.

Best Dairy Queen Smoothies

Which of the smoothies at Dairy Queen is best is based on personal preference. However, we will talk you through some of the top choices and customer favorites.

Of course, their Orange Julius Smoothies are a favorite.

They are not available at all locations, so always double-check your location DQ, and if they offer this range. 

The Orange Julius itself is very popular, but we will discuss some of their other options

#1. The Strawberry Banana Premium Fruit Smoothie 

The Strawberry Banana Premium Fruit Smoothie 

A small Strawberry Banana Premium Fruit Smoothie will provide you with 260 calories.

It is made with real strawberries and bananas that have been blended with a sweetener and low-fat yogurt. 

A medium version of this smoothie provides you with 350 calories, while a large one will provide you with 440 calories. 

This is a favorite at Dairy Queen for the obvious reason that these are very popular fruits and flavors.

Strawberries and Bananas have long been staple choices for smoothies. You can get this smoothie at any Dairy Queen store that is participating in their Premium Smoothie range. 

#2. The Triple Berry Premium Fruit Smoothie

The Triple Berry Premium Fruit Smoothie

The Triple berry smoothie will give you 280 calories as a small, 370 calories as a medium, or 460 calories as a large. 

This smoothie is made using real strawberry, blackberry, and raspberry.

These berries are blended with low-fat yogurt and a sweetener. Sadly, this smoothie is not available at all stores and will only be on offer at select locations. 

You can see the appeal of the smoothie, as berries are often a favorite fruit of most people. According to Healthline are healthy too!

This choice is an obvious one for berry lovers. While it is slightly higher in calories than the Strawberry Banana smoothie, it is not so much of a difference.

It is not significant enough to consider if you are trying to choose between the two.

#3. Mango Pineapple Premium Fruit Smoothie 

The Triple Berry Premium Fruit Smoothie

If you choose this smoothie you will get 250 calories from a small, 330 calories from a medium, or 420 calories from a large. This makes this smoothie the least caloric of the three. 

This is a smoothie that is made with sweet pineapple and mango mixed with a sweetener and low-fat yogurt. These smoothies are beautifully summery and taste divine, hence their vast popularity of them!


Dairy Queen does sell smoothies, but not all smoothie flavors are available in all DQ locations.

Nevertheless, if you have a DQ store near you, and you fancy a relatively healthy smoothie, make a stop at Dairy Queen for a refreshing drink!

Remember, there are many other fast-food chains that offer smoothies, so you can always get your fix!

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