Does Jack In The Box Have Smoothies: 2023 Guide

Many fast-food restaurants have recently joined the smoothie trend. 

McDonalds, Dairy Queen, and even Dunkin’ have seen activity in smoothies. 

But what about Jack In The Box? 

Keep reading today to find out whether you can get a smoothie from Jack In The Box!

Does Jack In The Box Have Smoothies

Does Jack In The Box Have Smoothies? 

Sadly, Jack In The Box does not have smoothies. 

While they used to sell smoothies, the fast-food chain discontinued them.

The brand was focusing on a beverage strategy that saw them remove smoothies from their menu. 

Instead, the brand rolled out the Coke Freestyle‘ machines system, allowing guests to customise their beverage from over 100 options.

This was more attractive to customers of Jack In The Box than smoothies, so the smoothie options were discontinued.

Jack In the Box added smoothies to their menu back in 2008 and discontinued them in 2016. 

Some sites online state that Jack In The Box sells smoothies with breakfast deals, however, this is not true.

There are no smoothies to be found anywhere on the Jack In The Box menu.

So, sadly, I have to say that Jack In The Box does not sell smoothies anymore. 

However, they do have a wide variety of drink options.

Jack In The Box Best Drinks

jack in the box meal with a shake

Photo Credit @jackinthebox

Jack In The Box has several drinks you can choose from on their menu. 

They have traditional drinks such as Coca-Cola and other carbonated beverages. 

That being said, they do have plenty of other options. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and tasty beverages you can get from Jack In The Box!

#1. Jack In The Box Red Bull Infusion 

Red Bull slushie

Jack In The Box sells Red Bull Infusion beverages, which are sold in two different flavors with a sugar-free and non-sugar-free option for either. 

The flavors they offer are Strawberry Red Daze Red Bull Infusion‘ and Berry Purple Daze Red Bull Infusion

Sadly these infusion beverages do not contain much nutritional information, but they do contain 160 calories, so this should provide you with a fair idea of the amount of sugar in the beverage. 

#2. Iced Vanilla Creamaccino

iced coffee

The Iced vanilla creamaccino is non-surprisingly one of customers favorites.

This beverage comes as a regular or large. The regular contains 470 calories, while the large contains 560 calories.

Sadly, Jack In The Box does not provide information regarding the nutritional content of their drinks.

They do provide nutritional information regarding their milkshakes, however, but no other drinks. 

Yet, knowing that there is a lot of whipped cream and vanilla in this beverage, I think it is safe to assume a great deal of the caloric value of this beverage is in the sugar content.

#3. Mocha Sweet Cream Iced Coffee

jack in the box shake

This beverage is made with Arabica coffee, sweetened cream, chocolate syrup, and ice. 

If you enjoy Starbucks iced beverages you have a comparison for this beverage.

It comes as a medium or large, with the medium containing 190 calories and the large 320 calories. 

This is a customizable beverage and is very delicious. 

It is one of the more decadent tasty beverages they have that is not quite as high in calories as the others. 

Jack In The Box does not provide nutritional information for this beverage, however, we can safely assume that a great deal of the calories in this beverage come from the sweetened cream and chocolate syrup.

#4. Oreo Shake

oreo shake

Nothing hits the spot quite like the decadence of an Oreo milkshake

But, be aware this milkshake is far from good for you. While Oreos may be a low-calorie biscuit, this shake is NOT! 

The regular version of this shake contains 700 calories, meanwhile the large contains 980 calories. 

Jack In The Box does provide nutritional information regarding these shakes though. 

A large Oreo shake contains 75 g of sugar, while a regular contains 50 g of sugar. 

You also get 100g of carbs per serving with a regular, and 145 g of carbs per serving with a large. 

The potassium count is also quite high in these shakes, with 555 mg in a regular and 807 mg in a large. 

Similarly, the sodium content is also fairly high, with 470 mg in a regular and 680 mg in a large. 

That being said, there is no denying that this shake is delicious.

Jack In The Box sells quite a few shakes, and they are a big seller for the brand, however, always consider their high calories and nutritional content.

Jack In The Box: Frequently Asked Questions

Does Jack In The Box Have Good Shakes?

Yes. Jack In The Box has amazing shakes, their OG shake is the Oreo Milkshake which made this flavor the standard flavor for fast food shakes.

Does Jack In The Box Have Fruit Smoothies?

No, Jack In The Box used to sell smoothies but they discontinued their smoothies as it did not fit with their beverage lineup.

Does Jack In The Box Have Soft Serve Ice Cream?

Jack In The Box does not have soft serve on their menu. However, their milkshakes are made with ice cream soft serve.

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