Does Sonic Have Smoothies: 2024

Sonic is one of the best places to go for a quick bite when you’re on the go, and their menu is quite extensive, especially when it comes to drinks. However, when people ask about Sonic smoothies the answer is a bit… uncertain. 

You can look around online and people say yes they have smoothies, but then look at menus and find… none. What is going on? It’s all very confusing. So, let’s talk about this! 

Does Sonic Have Smoothies

Does Sonic Have Smoothies? 

Weirdly, the answer seems to be yes and no. Not all Sonic branches seem to have stopped smoothies. Back in 2018, there was a hoopla as Sonic started selling smoothies and came out with some new innovative flavors. 

Some of their most popular smoothies included their Cool Blue Colada, Brain Boostin’ Berry, and Razin’ Green. Some locations also do limited-time flavors as well, and all smoothies they did are customizable. However, if you look online, it seems they do not sell smoothies. 

Of course, you see their slushies and their milkshakes, but a smoothie is much harder to get your hands on it seems. If you go on their website now, you will not find smoothies on there, only shakes. And, if you know anything about blended beverages, the two are very different!

Many online articles will say they do smoothies, but just a simple glance at their site says they do not sell smoothies anymore, as they are nowhere to be found, but do not fret, and keep an eye out. We will be watching them in the summer, who knows, they might bring them back, as smoothies in the summer are the BOMB!

Strangely, Sonic does not have any big news about stopping smoothies, so there is no harm in asking when you pop in!

Sonic Smoothies Menu Plus Prices

Sonic has opened and offered delicious breakfast spreads in the space, which included Sonic Smoothies, juices, and more. 

Their smoothies have been available in 14 oz or 20 oz sizes, and you could enjoy them as Tropical, Strawberry, or Strawberry-Banana with breakfast, which was the easiest way to get them. Sonic always made their smoothies with real fruit and non-fat yogurt, so they were one of their healthiest options! 

They would also be fortified with calcium, and with nearly 100% of your daily amount of vitamins A and C! 

Back when they were selling them, Sonic would sell their smoothies at similar prices as they sell their slushies and their milkshakes. 

Their slushies would cost between $2.19 and $2.80 for small and large, and their milkshakes would be $1.99, $3.59, and $4.59, so you can imagine the average cost of a regular-sized smoothie was around $3 or so. 

There is little information on some of their other smoothies, as they did much more than just breakfast smoothies. However, they seem to have almost disappeared.

Are Sonic Smoothies Healthy?


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Sonic Smoothies were probably one of the healthiest choices, especially among the fast food industry, they used non-fat yogurt and real fruit in their smoothies. Sure, having real fruit they were still sugary, but with the non-fat yogurt, they were also high in protein, fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals. 

We cannot say all their smoothies were this healthy, but Sonic certainly made some of the healthiest smoothies out there. We hope that they re-appear with a vengeance in the coming months, as we do remember the deliciousness of their smoothies back in 2018! 

It would be great to see Sonic bring them back to their drive-in menu, pronto!

I Want A Smoothie! Where Can I Get One?

So, you’re craving a smoothie, and you have the fruity goodness itch, but Sonic doesn’t do them anymore, where do you go? 

Well, luckily, we are here for you, and we know everything there is to know about smoothies! So, we have some answers for you. 

Our top two choices would be to go to Smoothie King or Tropical Smoothie Cafe if you have one near you of course. 

Some other places that sell smoothies include: 

You might be confused by Dairy Queen being on our list, but do not judge too quickly. In 1987, DQ bought out Orange Julius, and since 2012, Orange Julius products have been available at every DQ location. This is why you can get fruit smoothies at Dairy Queen now! 

Of course, Tropical Smoothie, Jamba, and Tropical Smoothie Cafe all speak for themselves. They do, of course, sell your traditional cliche smoothies, which means that they are not always super healthy, but they are worth a try! 

Nektar is also a great choice, they sell juices and smoothies, and are very big on juice, which does mean they are not the healthiest option in the world, but they are delicious and very popular. We recommend Nektar Juice Bar on a hot summer’s day!

It is sad that Sonic seems to have left the smoothie game, but we do hope to see them re-enter eventually. For now, there are plenty of places you can get smoothies from, and if you do not fancy them, you can always make them at home!


Does Sonic Have Real Fruit Slushies?

Sonic’s slushies are real fruit slushies. Their Craveable icy slushie is made with real fruit and is one of their most popular slushies.

Do Sonic Smoothies Contain Added Sugars?

As Sonic Smoothies are no longer in the game, we cannot say for sure, however, all of their slushies contain added sugars, and therefore, we may assume that Sonic smoothies were the same too!

Are Sonic Smoothies Vegan?

While Sonic Sluhies are vegan, their smoothies may not have been. Sonic slushies did include non-fat yogurt, which would have made them less than vegan-friendly.

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