Does Whole Foods Have Smoothies: 2023 Guide

Many places sell pre-made smoothies as these healthful beverages become more popular. 

Whole Foods is one of the most popular shopping locations for tasty food in the U.S. 

But – do they sell smoothies? 

It is time to find out! Stick around, I have the answers!

Does Whole Foods Have Smoothies

Does Whole Foods Have Smoothies?

Whole Foods does have smoothies! They have smoothies available all across the United States and online! 

In some Whole Foods stores, you can even make your own custom smoothies as well! 

You can choose from a variety of fresh fruits and more, however, most of the time you will find their pre-made smoothies available in coolers around the store in the produce sections.

The pre-made smoothies are nutritious and contain superfoods, organic ingredients and non-GMO.

Some Whole Foods stores allow you to mix and match your smoothie bases, add boosters and more. 

You can even find classic smoothies and seasonal smoothies. 

Are Whole Foods Smoothies Healthy?

Does Whole Foods Have Smoothies

Whole Foods smoothies are mostly healthy, like any smoothie, they can be healthy but it depends on which type you choose and what your nutritional requirements are. 

Whole Foods smoothies can provide a variety of nutrient-dense and balanced options for people who are looking for something specific. 

For example if you want more protein, choosing a protein smoothie is a great idea.

Smoothies are mostly considered to be a healthy snack or meal in comparison to other foods as states. 

These smoothies won’t be as good for you as making your own at home, but it is a better alternative to drinking soda for example.

In order to decide whether a Whole Foods smoothie is good for you, consider what the smoothies are made of.

If they are made using mostly fruit and vegetables, then yes, they can be a healthy choice.

Think about what you need nutritionally too, and what your body needs each day to balance your diet. 

Overall, it depends on what ingredients are used.

Whole Foods Smoothie Bar: Best Options

couple shopping at whole foods

The best options for a smoothie at Whole Foods depend on what you are looking for. They have many options. 

Their smoothie bar comes with many options from Quick Fix smoothies to Veggie combos. 

They have boosters and juice options too. 

A popular favorite Whole Foods smoothie is the Strawberry Banana, this is a popular flavor in any place though. 

The Strawberry Banana Smoothie is one of their more caloric smoothies, at 600 calories. 

Some other favorites include the Kalicious smoothie, which is great for those who need an extra dose of fiber in their diet. 

The Paleo Green Smoothie is also another great option, however, it is very caloric but contains high amounts of protein. 

Note that not every Whole Foods has a smoothie bar, but they are becoming much more popular.

Whole Foods Best Smoothies Ranked

I am going to list all their best options to make it easier for you to pick your next smoothie fix, the best being at the top of the list:

  • Strawberry Banana Smoothie
  • Kalicious Smoothie
  • Paleo Green Smoothie
  • Farmers Garden Smoothie
  • Peach, Pear, and Pineapple Smoothie
  • Blueberry Smoothie
  • Berry Berry Smoothie

How Many Calories Are In A Whole Foods Smoothies?

calories on a label

If you want a heads up on what smoothies have the lowest calories to match what you need, check below! 

(Note: not all sizes for these smoothies are the same, calories are listed per the standard serving size)

  • Peach, Pear, and Pineapple Smoothie: 140 calories (standard size 8 oz).
  • Kalicious Smoothie: 275 calories (standard size 16 oz).
  • Blueberry Smoothie: 300 calories (standard size 1 cup).
  • Paleo Green Smoothie:  845 calories (standard size 1 cup).
  • Farmers Garden Smoothie: 202 calories (standard size 16 oz).
  • Berry Berry Smoothie: 80 calories (standard size 1 cup)

These are just some of the tastiest smoothies you can get at Whole Foods. 

If you want to know more about the calories contained in these smoothies or get more information regarding the nutrition in the smoothies you can do a few things. 

Whole Foods also sells pre-made smoothies, like many superstores, and with these, you can check the labels and ingredients on the packet. Always check nutritional information too. 

If you are at Whole Foods smoothie bar, do not be afraid to ask staff at the counter for nutritional and caloric information prior to ordering a smoothie.

Alternatively, if you are well versed in foods and nutrients, you can get a fair estimate of the nutrients and calories in a smoothie based on the ingredients used in it. 

Apps are also a great option as implied by

There are some fantastic apps that can help you to deduce the amount of calories in food or beverages.

Some apps will already have lists of foods from stores with calories and nutrients readily available for you to access! 

Best Whole Foods Smoothies For Weight Loss?

weight loss image

The best whole foods smoothie for weight loss is the Kalelicious Smoothie. 

This is thanks to the high fiber content in kale, which can help you to feel satiated and prevent snacking throughout the day.

Furthermore, the smoothie is relatively low in calories.

Kale-based smoothies can be very useful for weight loss as states. 

Kale is also a great food due to its high fiber content for feeding your good gut bacteria, which helps to keep your digestive system moving in the right way as states. 

Another good weight loss smoothie at Whole Foods is the Farmers Garden Smoothie. It’s low in calories and very filling!

If you are in doubt and not sure, you can always speak to a member of staff when you are at Whole Foods, and they can advise you on their best options too!

They can also help customize your smoothie to suit your weight loss goals.

Does Whole Foods Have Smoothies: Frequently Asked Questions

Do All Whole Foods Have A Smoothie Bar

Not all Whole Foods stores have a smoothie bar. But, many Whole Foods stores across the US have a smoothie bar. Yet, if you are not 100% sure your local store has a smoothie bar, it is always best to call them up and check, or chek on their website!

Do Whole Foods Smoothies Contain Real Fruit

Whole Foods Smoothie Bar makes their smoothies with real fresh organic fruit. You can enjoy many options from their smoothie bar and feel comfortable that they are fresh, organic and don’t contain any unnecessary add-ons.

Do Whole Food Smoothies Contain Added Sugars

Whole foods smoothies are made fresh, and while they do not disclose their exact ingredients for their entire menu, their smoothie bar smoothies are customizable. Therefore if you want to remove or add ingredients, you can!

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