Pros And Cons Of Gas Powered Blender

Portable blenders are an awesome solution for those who enjoy healthy eating, but also want to be healthy when on the go, camping, tailgating, and so on. 

If you want to have a blender that can travel with you, then gas-powered blenders could be a great idea for you. This type of blender is portable but does not sacrifice power and speed as some others do. 

So, should you get a gas-powered blender?

Pros And Cons Of Gas Powered Blender

Why Should You Have A Gas-Powered Blender?

Maybe you love tailgating, camping, or beach days. If this is you, then you will know how important it is to essentially have a portable kitchen. Yet, if you want a good experience on the go, you need more in your kitchen than just the essential items, portable blenders are the next big thing! 

We have tried quite a few for outdoor activities, and gas blenders are the most convenient. They can easily be taken with you, and you do not lose any power that some portable blenders do. 

You get 2 whole horsepower with a gas-powered blender! 

Things To Consider Before You Buy A Gas Powered Blender

If you decide that a gas-powered blender is for you, then you need to ensure that you end up buying one that fits exactly what you need. So, let’s look at what you should be thinking about when you are blender browsing. 


If you decide to buy a blender that lacks power, it is just a waste of money. You should try and find a blender that will offer you plenty of horsepowers to blend up whatever ingredients you want in your smoothies. 


If you’re making smoothies just for you, capacity is not much of an issue. However, if you’re blending for the whole family, you want to ensure that you can make quite a few smoothies in one go. 

Depending on how many you will need to use your blender for at any one time, pick your blender according to capacity. For family trips, a family-sized blender is best. 


Depending on what you need, a superfast blender could be the key. The general rule is that the faster the blender is the better off you will be. If you want to make a lot of drinks in a short time period then ensure you look at how fast the blender will be able to make drinks. 


Some blenders will have older features included, some may have pourers to pour your drinks, and some other features that might make your life better. These aren’t necessities, so do not let them make or break your choice. 


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What Can It Be Used For?

Thankfully, with products like this, there are so many uses for it, you might end up using your blender in one of many places. Take a look at the most popular and common places you will be using a blender like this. 


If you enjoy heading into the woods for a camping trip, or if you just enjoy some healthy eating in a beautiful natural scene, then this is ideal for you. One of the main challenges there is with camping is that there are few modern-day conveniences. 

If you take a gas-powered blender with you when you go camping then you can still make blended drinks and delicious smoothies without any generators or extension cords. 


If you own a company or work with a company that likes to reward staff for hard work you will know how awesome outdoor parties are but to take an outdoor work party to the next level, gas-powered blenders are the best way to do this. 

This blender packs in a lot of power so it can aid in smoothie making and plenty of other beverages. 

Another party situation where gas-powered blenders are awesome is beach or pool parties. 

If you enjoy beaches, smoothies are the ideal way to refresh yourself, and a gas-powered blender allows that! In seconds you can whip up a yummy smoothie right there on the beach! 


Nothing quite says ready for a big game with grills and drinks, but if you could also have smoothies, you are sure to be the coolest person tailgating ever. If you get a craving for a banana smoothie while on the go, you can make one! 


  • Gas-powered blenders take the power with them so you don’t need generators or extension cords. 
  • Having a 2 horsepower motor like the “Extreme Daiquiri Whacker” has will ensure that you never have any issues breaking down ingredients in your blender. 
  • With this kind of awesome power, your smoothies will be whipped up super fast and effectively. With your gas blender purchase, you will also get a bottle for mixing the gasoline and oil, so you can get started straight away. 

Who Should & Shouldn’t Have One?


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Gas-powered blenders are for anyone who wants to pack a punch with their blender with no cords or generators. 

If you have no power access and you want to use a blender, this type of blender is ideal as it will give you just what you need in your exact situation. 

However, if you need a blender and you can still access a generator or electricity, there is no need for you to buy it. 


We looked at the 

However, if this gas-powered blender is not for you, also check out these! 


If you want a blender that you can take with you wherever you go, then a gas-powered blender is exactly what you need. You can blend wherever you want, whenever you want with no problem at all. 

Gas-powered blenders allow you to have smoothies when camping out in remote areas when tailgating, and when at the beach. Blending up smoothies is no longer a problem when you have a gas-powered blender on hand!

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