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How to Fix Crumbly Cookie Dough – Quick Tips

How to Fix Crumbly Cookie Dough - Quick Tips

How to Fix Crumbly Cookie Dough – Quick Tips! A Guide all bakers need, I bet everyone has experienced a crumbly cookie dough at least once.

Whether you use a ready-made pack or start from scratch, there is always a chance you may mess up with your cookie dough. But do not worry. You can always fix it! 

What should cookie dough look like? Cookie dough should be like any other dough, it should stick together, and is usually meant to be a little sticky. A dry cookie dough is not correct. 

Cookie dough is meant to be scooped instead of rolled like bread. However, if you make chocolate chip cookies, these will typically be a bit stickier.

But, what do you do if your cookie dough is too crumbly? If it is falling apart and so crumbly, it is not creating ideal blobs for you to turn into golden cookies?

Let’s help you fix this.

How To Fix Crumbly Cookie Dough

Here’s the deal…

If cookie dough is too crumbly, this is typically a sign that you do not have enough of the binding agent compared to the flour. So, if you are wondering how to fix crumbly dough, add a drop of water or milk (whatever your binding agent is). 

You only want to add a little and continue adding until you reach the desired consistency. 

Why Is My Cookie Dough Crumbly?

Crumbly cookie dough is usually a sign that there is too much flour and not enough of a binding agent. 

It is often a sign that you have over-mixed, or you have used too much of a particular ingredient, simply add in a tablespoon of water, milk, or soft butter to rectify this and bind your dough.

How To Fix Crumbly Sugar Cookie Dough

How to fix crumbly sugar cookie dough? For any dough that is too crumbly, you need to add in more of the binding agent. Add a teaspoon of water, if it is not enough and the dough is still crumbly, add another. 

Continue to do this until your dough is the correct consistency

How To Fix Dry Crumbly Cookie Dough

The same goes if you are wondering how to fix dry crumbly cookie dough, add in a liquid to help bind the dough and make it the right consistency and texture. Or if the cookie dough dried out in the fridge, we suggest that to add liquid to it again, even a touch of melted butter or a splash of milk should do the trick.

What To Do With Crumbly Cookies

If your cookie dough is too crumbly, then you can add in some liquid. However, if you went ahead and baked them while they were too crumbly, it is not the end of the world. You can still eat them. 

It may sound strange, but they are still totally edible, even if they are too crumbly.

Fixing Cookie Dough

How to Fix Crumbly Cookie Dough - Quick Tips

How to fix cookie dough with too much butter? Well, unlike a dry and crumbly cookie dough, one that is too sticky will need more flour. 

The rule with dough is that if it is too sticky it requires more flour, but if it is too dry and won’t bind properly, add more liquid. 

If you wonder how to fix oily cookie dough, the rule is the same. This will need more flour to help make the dough more solid, and less moist.

Here’s the deal… 

Too wet/ sticky? = Use flour.

Too crumbly/ not binding? = Add liquid (water, butter, milk, etc.).

My Cookie Dough Dried Out In The Fridge, What Do I Do?

Your refrigerator will dry out your cookie dough, so while it can be great to make the dough ahead of time, you need to know how to moisten it. 

The easiest thing you can do is just add liquid. Just add a teaspoon of liquid at a time and mix, and the dough should start to get softer. Do not be over eccentric with the liquid, as it may only need a small amount. 

To Conclude

How to Fix Crumbly Cookie Dough - Quick Tips

How do you fix a crumbly cookie dough? How do you fix oily cookie dough? 

The best rule is to remember the opposites; flour creates the dough, but liquids bind it. 

So if your dough is too moist, oily, or liquid, add flour. 

If your dough is too crumbly or dry, add a binding agent

Water is a great binding agent. 

Why does this matter? Cookies are a joy to have in our lives, and freshly baked they are delicious, they need to be perfect! 

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