Here’s How To Store a Smoothie To Last Longer

It is very rare that anyone ever makes a smoothie in just the right amount. We rather not make too little, so usually, we end up making too much. No one wants to pour their delicious smoothie down the drain though, so, knowing how to make your smoothies keep for longer is crucial.

Storing a smoothie the right way is the ticket to making it last longer. However, different types of smoothies include different ingredients, and just like how you stock up your fridge, you should also be storing your smoothies in a way that is more considerate of the ingredients. 

So, how do you store a smoothie for it to last longer, and allow you to enjoy it now, and later on?! 

How To Store a Smoothie To Last Longer

How To Store Smoothies

One of the most obvious answers to storing a smoothie for a longer time period would be to freeze them. While it is not ideal for everyone, doing this is an answer for the long-term keeping of your smoothies, without losing nutritional value, or it going off before you have a chance to enjoy them. 

We also love this method, because it is dreamy in the summer. You can make smoothie ice cubes, and enjoy them in a cool and refreshing form on a hot summer’s day. 

How To Store Green Smoothies

Some green smoothies will contain ingredients you do not often buy, such as kale, so it can be beneficial to make a big batch of kale smoothies, and then store them for later, so the kale does not go to waste. 

If you do this, the best way to store a green smoothie is to keep it refrigerated. In the fridge, smoothies will last for 2-3 days. If you want to leave it for longer than this, it is best to freeze it. 

How To Store Fruit Smoothies

How To Store a Smoothie To Last Longer

Fruit smoothies are not so different from green smoothies, except fruit may be slightly more susceptible to going off faster than a fruit smoothie is. 

Firstly you should store fruit smoothies in an airtight container, as it is the presence of oxygen that makes fruit go off and get that gross smell and texture. You should seal it tight and store it in your fridge. 

Add in some lemon or lime juice to boost its vitamin C, and prevent oxidation! 

How To Store Frozen Smoothies

It may seem obvious but a frozen smoothie can be stored in the freezer. Yes, even if you used frozen fruit to make it, you can then freeze it as a smoothie. Just make sure that you defrost it properly when it is time to drink it! 

How To Store Vegetable Smoothies

Vegetable smoothies go by the same rules as green smoothies, as even though not every vegetable smoothie is a green smoothie, most are. 

So, refrigerate it in an air-tight container should you drink it in the next 2-3 days, if not, freeze it! 

How To Store Protein Smoothies

What about protein smoothies? Protein smoothies can also be refrigerated. The only issue with protein smoothies is that the ingredients can separate in these, so, when you take out the smoothie to drink, give it a good shake beforehand to ensure that the contents have combined properly. 

How To Store Dairy Smoothies

Dairy smoothies HAVE to be stored in the fridge immediately after they’ve been made. Unrefrigerated smoothies don’t last long.

We all know how gross dairy products can be when they have been out of the freezer for too long. 

Therefore, a dairy-based smoothie should be treated like anything else that contains dairy. You can refrigerate them, as long as you will drink them within 2 days. However, you can freeze them if you won’t drink them within 2 days. 

Take the same precautions as you would with freezing any other liquid-based dairy products. 

5 Tips To Keeping Your Smoothies Fresh 

Here are some top tips for keeping smoothies fresh when you are storing them: 

  • Always Store Smoothies In An Airtight Container.

You should always try to fill your containers to the top if you can to prevent any air from getting trapped in the container. This is because air will oxidize the smoothie’s nutrients which will degrade its nutritional values. 

  • Seal The Container Entirely. 

You should always store your smoothies in the refrigerator if you are not going to consume them for a while. Make sure the container is sealed airtight whether you store it in the refrigerator or freezer.

  • Freeze If Not Using It Within 2 Days.

If you are going to use these smoothies within 2 days of making them they can stay refrigerated. However, if it is unlikely that you will use them within 2 days you should freeze them. 

  • BPA-Free Plastic & Ball Mason Jars Are Great Containers.

BPA-free and ball mason jars are the best containers for this as they are airtight. Ensuring no air gets to the smoothies is very important to make them last longer. 

  • Use Lemon & Lime. 

Add some lemon or lime to your smoothie to help it last even longer. Vitamin C can help to prevent oxidation in your smoothie and make the ingredients last longer.

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Do You Store Smoothies In The Freezer Or Fridge?

You can store a smoothie in the fridge or in the freezer, it can be done either way. Store your smoothies in the fridge if you will use them in the next two days after making them. If not, store it in the freezer to ensure it does not lose any nutritional value or go off.

What Type Of Smoothie Lasts The Longest?

One type of smoothie that lasts the longest is the green smoothie. These smoothies have the longest lifespan. This is all down to the chlorophyll found in leafy greens, this actually helps to keep your smoothies alive for much longer. Most smoothies will keep okay in the fridge for 2 days, however, green smoothies keep the best due to the chlorophyll in them. Vegetable smoothies tend to be the same. Dairy-based smoothies tend to have the shortest lifespan.

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