How To Store Sourdough Bread: A Quick Guide

How To Store Sourdough Bread: A quick guide for you all today.
Sourdough bread is loved by many. And it is especially nice if you buy it straight from your local artisan bakery.

The reason why we put together this piece of content is because we used to throw away sourdough because we didn’t store it right.
So, after some research, we started storing it properly, so we thought to share our findings.

How To Store Sourdough Bread: A Quick Guide

How To Store Sourdough Bread

One would think that the longest way to preserve bread, especially sourdough is to put it in the fridge. However, DO NOT put sourdough bread in the fridge.
It’s too cold. To store your sourdough bread, put it in a bag, or a dry clean towel and wrap it tightly, then keep it in a dry and humid place, somewhere in the pantry.

Only slice what you need, avoid slicing the whole sourdough bread, if you only need 1-2 slices, just slice 1-2 pieces. Sliced sourdough bread will dry out and go off a lot quicker. Keep the sourdough bread whole.

How To Store Fresh Sourdough Bread

How To Store Sourdough Bread: A Quick Guide

So, how to keep store bought sourdough bread fresh? Store fresh sourdough bread tightly wrapped in a clean and dry towel, then store in a dry place. Do not put the bread in the fridge.
Alternatively, for extra freshness, slice the bread, and store the slices in the freezer. Just take one out and pop it into the toaster when you need it.

How To Store Homemade Sourdough Bread

Who doesn’t love the smell and taste of fresh-baked bread? In our house, they don’t last long. However, if you have leftover fresh homemade sourdough bread, the best way to store it is to wrap it in a clean dry towel, then put it in a bread box.

How To Store Sourdough Bread After Cutting

sliced sourdough

After cutting your sourdough bread, the air gets in, and it will get dry and bad a lot quicker.
So, the best way to store sliced sourdough bread is to wrap it tightly in a dry clean towel, then store it in your bread box. Alternatively, you can freeze your slices.

How To Store Sourdough Bread In Fridge

Is sourdough bread supposed to be refrigerated?
It is not recommended that you store sourdough bread in the fridge. it will get hard and dry, and it will impair the taste.
However, if you insist on storing it in the fridge, then the best way to store it, is to wrap it in cling film and store it in an air-tight container.
If you don’t like using plastic, then wrap in a clean damp towel and again store in an air-tight container.

How To Store Sourdough Bread In Freezer

How To Store Sourdough Bread In Freezer

Can you freeze sourdough bread? Absolutely you can!
We actually store most of our bread in the freezer. Simply because we like to have that extra freshness. The frozen slices defrost pretty quick, especially if you just pop them straight into the bread toaster.
When it comes to storing sourdough bread in the freezer, slice the bread, then add the slices to a freezer bag. We add 2-3 each per bag, keep them separated and freeze them laying flat.
You don’t want to add the slices on top of each other, as they will freeze together, and it will be a pain to unstuck them.

How To Store Sourdough Bread Overnight

Very much like the other methods above. Keep the sourdough bread whole, avoid slicing it all. Then wrap it tightly in a clean towel, and keep it in the bread box.

How To Store Sourdough Bread After Baking

How To Store Sourdough Bread After Baking

After baking, it’s essential that you first cool off the bread fully and correctly. It’s imperative that once the bread is baked, you place the bread on a cooling rack. If you leave the bread to cool on the baking tray, the steam underneath will make the bread soggy.
Now, once you have completely cooled your homemade baked sourdough bread, you can store it in different ways:

  • Freeze the whole bread
  • Slice and freeze the slices
  • Warp the bread in a towel, then put it in a bread box
  • Wrap the bread in a cling film, then put the bread in a large air-tight container and store in the fridge.

How Long Does Sourdough Bread Last

It all depends on how you store it, and whether it’s summer out there or not. Typically, sourdough bread will last for about 3 days.
However, if you store it correctly, it can last up to 5 days. If frozen, it can last for up to a month.

Storing Sourdough Starter


Store sourdough starter at a humid dry temperature. Typically storing it in the pantry should be absolutely fine.
We attempted making a sourdough starter many times, and our success was due to getting the storing temperature and condition right.
Don’t let the sourdough stay in a too warm, or too cold condition.

Some people store their sourdough starter in the fridge, but we recommend that it’s stored at room temp. When you go on a vacation, storing it in the fridge can be a good idea, as it makes the yeast “sleep” which means it will need feeding a lot less.


Sourdough bread is incredibly tasty, but it can be expensive, especially if you tend to buy it from your local bakery. Storing it right is key to preserving it for longer, and reducing food wastage.
We hope you now know how to store it properly and enjoy it for longer!

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