11 Ingredients To Add To Your Smoothies For Weight Loss

There is a very good reason that health freaks love smoothies, they’re super easy to make, you can add almost anything to them, they taste good, and… They can be really good for you! 

Smoothies make for a great quick and easy fix for those of us who are living the fast-paced life of the modern world. Some of us just do not have time in the morning to fashion a nutritious breakfast. 

Ingredients To Add To Your Smoothies For Weight Loss

Having a smoothie can serve as an awesome recharge drink after a workout, and recipes for smoothies are very moldable for all sorts of healthy foods and fresh ingredients. You can use berries, fruits, vegetables, proteins, and such. 

Healthy nuts and seeds can go in there. They are also ideal for people who want to lose weight as they’re low in calories. But, what do you put in a smoothie if you are on a weight loss journey? 

Well, here are 11 ingredients that we discovered are awesome for a weight-loss smoothie

#1. Green Tea Powder

Green tea is very popular and well-known for having awesome weight loss properties. If you choose to add green tea powder to your smoothies, this could help in triggering the release of fats from your cells, this is thanks to the catechins that are found in it. 

Green tea also does not have any overpowering flavors in it, so you needn’t worry that it will ruin the taste of your smoothies, either! 

#2. Strawberries & Blueberries

 Ingredients To Add To Your Smoothies For Weight Loss

These tiny berries’ powerhouses are often underestimated, but they should not be. Blueberries are proven fat burners, and many studies have been conducted to back this up. They are chock full of antioxidants and are very good at activating genes in the body that help to burn fat. 

Strawberries, on the other hand, contain polyphenols that help to prevent the formation of fat cells. A blueberry and strawberry smoothie will go a long way to help your body from time to time! 

#3. Spinach


We LOVE spinach, and for a good reason. While spinach might not sound like the tastiest thing to be included in your smoothies, this leafy green powerhouse is a ticket to helping you burn fats. 

Spinach is actually one of the best choices for smoothie ingredients as it has the ability to satiate you for much longer as it supplies oodles of fiber to your system. 

Green vegetables are great for weight loss, so including leafy greens such as spinach is a great idea.

#4. Coconut Oil


You might not consider coconut oil for weight loss, but it is a designated superfood! It has a universal appeal as well, which has seen it rise in popularity. Studies were recently conducted to show that consuming just 2 teaspoons of coconut oil can actually result in a decrease in belly fat! 

Coconut oil also does not have a lot of taste, so it can go in pretty much anything, and it won’t ruin it! 

#5. Cinnamon

 Ingredients To Add To Your Smoothies For Weight Loss

Cinnamon is another delicious choice, it is the spice of life for those who want a ticket to losing weight fast! Worldwide, cinnamon is known to reduce bloating and help relieve water retention. Aside from this, cinnamon also gives your drink a spark of flavor. 

It is best to avoid using too much, as cinnamon can be toxic if ingested in copious amounts. So, sprinkle a bit into your smoothie, but don’t go chowing down on cinnamon sticks, it will just make you sick! 

#6. Chia Seeds

chia seeds

Chia seeds are mostly grown for their oil, but they have also made themselves known in the healthy foods category, with them being used worldwide. 

They also help in increasing the feeling of being satiated, which prevents hunger and the need to snack. So, including chia seeds in your smoothies can help you cut down on unhealthy snacking! 

Chia seeds definitely go in the smoothie essential’s list!

#7. Flaxseeds


Flaxseeds are also known as ka beej in Hindi, and they are a truly epic ingredient used for weight loss. They contain soluble mucilaginous fiber, which is a bit gumlike and can help to lower any bad cholesterol present in your blood. 

Much like chia seeds, flaxseeds also work as suppressants of hunger preventing pesking snacking. 

#8. Beets

man holding a beetroot

Beetroot is awesome, don’t you think? It’s purple and healthy, how wild! Beetroot is also an ideal health food thanks to it having high nutrient profile. However, these yummy foods also have a role to play in helping you lose weight as well! 

These antioxidant-rich weird foods are low in sugar and calories alike, in spite of how good they taste. They are also well known for boosting your muscle power and helping your workouts.

#9. Oats/Powdered Oats

oats in a jar

We admit oats are not exactly the tastiest things in the world, in fact, plain oats for breakfast have to be one of the most disgusting, unattractive bowls of anything. However, we aren’t talking about you eating a bowl of oats that tastes like cardboard and has the texture of the soggy paper. 

We are talking about powdered oats, and how they can work in a breakfast smoothie. Maybe you want to include oats for their fiber-rich properties, so you don’t feel so hungry and stop binge snacking. 

If you want to include oats in your diet, but hate the idea of having a bowl of them, pop them in a smoothie. You don’t get that grossness you do with oats for breakfast, but you still get all the benefits. We call that a solid WIN! 

#10. Ginger

ginger root

We know a few too many people who would turn their nose up at ginger, but you shouldn’t. Ginger is also known as adrak, and it is an Ayurvedic superfood packed with epic health benefits. 

It can go so far as to boost your metabolic rate, balance out your blood sugars, and keep you feeling more full so you do not overeat or become a chronic snacker.

#11. Walnuts

weight loss smoothie ingredients and walnuts

Okay, we might sound a little weird here, but walnuts really are nutritional powerhouses. They are jam-packed with plant-based proteins, ALA omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber. Much like nuts in any diet, walnuts are known for simply having positive outcomes for weight loss. 

Adding some whole nuts to your smoothie might not be the best sounding thing in your opinion, but it can also add richness to your drink, while also getting you that much-needed protein and fiber. 

Nuts are also well known for satiating you, and with all their positive attributes, you are sure to feel better and satiated, less likely to snack. 

However, you can have too much of a good thing, so a handful of walnuts should be plenty, adding too many is a bad idea. Everything in moderation is the best way to be. Instead of having that chocolate bar, put some walnuts in a smoothie and see how good you feel after! 


What Is A Fat Burner In A Smoothie?

Fat burners are unique blends of ingredients such as guarana, amino acids, and cayenne, that are shown to increase your metabolism, balance out your blood sugars, and help to fight fatigue. The foods we have listed above mostly contain fat burners such as cinnamon, green tea, ginger, and so on.

Which Fruits Are Best For Weight Loss?

Grapefruit is notoriously one of the best fruits for weight loss. However, grapefruit is not suitable for people with high blood pressure. So, in place of grapefruit, some people can eat apples, berries, stoned fruits, and passion fruit.

What Is The Healthiest Liquid For Smoothies?

It may sound like we are trying to teach you to suck eggs, but the best liquid to put in a smoothie is water. Water has no calories, and no sugars, so it is the most ideal liquid to use. However, alternatively, plant-based milk works well, but always choose unsweetened options!

What Are The 5 Foods That Burn Belly Fat?

The most infamous foods for burning belly fat include the following: Beans, fish (e.g. salmon), yogurt, bell peppers, and broccoli. These foods are best known for burning belly fat, however many other foods, herbs, and spices also do this as well.

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