Hey there, I am Ella Waterworth – the founder of Smoothies N Cookies.

I am also the author and creator of every recipe on the site.

Ella Waterworth holding a smoothie

Ella Waterworth’s Work Experience

Since I was a teen, I have had a huge passion for making smoothies.

Instead of orange juice for breakfast, I would be in the kitchen making my daily smoothie.

I was never cut for college, so I started working as soon as I graduated from high school.

I landed a job at Smoothie King where I worked for several years and learned a lot about smoothie making.

Ella Waterworth’s Career Progression

I worked my way up to an assistant manager at Smoothie King.

Several years later, I started getting paid gigs and providing tailored smoothie meal plans, whether it was for weight gain, detox, or weight loss, I would personally design them.

I would create recipes from scratch specifically tailored to the client’s needs and provide them with tips on how they can make delicious smoothies at home.

I would later do pop-ups at food markets, festivals, and more, where I would be making and selling smoothies.

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