NOKA Smoothie Review By Smoothie Experts

We love looking at the different smoothie options for busy people who do not have the time to be making a smoothie every day.

If you love smoothies but sometimes your schedule just does not allow for you to take the time to make your own, you might look to alternative, ready-made options. 

However, the world is rife with all types of companies looking to pre-make your smoothies for you, and we are here to tell you who you should trust.

NOKA Smoothie Review

So many of these pre-made smoothies are heavy with sugar and calories. If you are considering NOKA Smoothies, today we will tell you if you can trust them, or if they’re just another sugar-heavy disappointment!

An Overview Of NOKA Smoothie

Noka Superfood Blends is an idea that came to life thanks to two very adventurous Californias who wanted to create portable smoothies, an idea they came up with as they biked through the Santa Monica Mountains.

The result is honestly closer to being a gourmet puree than it is to a smoothie.

That being said, it is still pretty impressive that they have managed to put as much flavor as they have into each BPA-free resealable pouch. Although the Sweet Potato Goji and Blueberry Beet combinations are very delicious, the Coconut and Mango are to die for!

If you want to buy one of these smoothies, you are probably wondering where to buy NOKA smoothies. Well, NOKA is quite widespread and is available at many stores. You can even get them in many major superstores.

These are just some of the stores across the US that carry NOKA smoothies. Granted, not every store will carry them, so do keep this in mind. 

However, if you do not feel like popping out to the store, you could always go online and buy them from

Now, considering that they are so well spread throughout the US, but they are also not exactly a household name, you’re bound to be wondering where they’re made. Probably China right?

Well, where are NOKA smoothies made? Actually! They’re made right here in the United States in Los Angeles, California! The idea came to two individuals while in California, and the product is also made in California and has not been outsourced, which we do love! 

Okay, so, surely it’s been bought out by someone, or something? Right? It always happens with new concepts, and smoothies are so popular, maybe they went on Shark Tank or something? No?


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Who Owns NOKA Smoothie?

Meet Ryan Werner and Adam Steiner. The founders of Noka who came up with the concept of NOKA smoothies on a mountain bike ride, craved something refreshing and light, like a smoothie, so, an idea was born, to replace the energy bars in their backpacks with easy, portable smoothies. 

They were designed to be delicious, but also designed to be used without needing a big smoothie cup, or to even hold it (in theory), the idea was to make something that would leave you refreshed and satisfied without all those excess calories you’d end up needing to burn off!


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Are NOKA Smoothies Healthy?

So, are NOKA smoothies healthy? Well, it kind of depends. If you want a smoothie that is low in sugar and calories then yeah, it is a good choice for you, so go for it.

However, if you want a smoothie packed with nutrition and vitamins, then NOKA is not for you. 

While NOKA smoothies are made with fruit they do not contain all the fiber and goodness that whole fruit does and let’s not shake off the fact that these smoothies are made with fruit juices, and if you know anything about us, you know how we feel about that! 

We say these smoothies are low in sugar, well, they’re low in comparison to some other smoothie brands, and a can of Coke. Fruit juices contain so much sugar, and while these smoothies in particular have less sugar than many other pre-made portable smoothies, they’re not the healthiest option, per se.

The healthiest option will always be to make your smoothies at home.

Okay, so if they’re not super healthy then what are the benefits of NOKA Superfood smoothie? Well… They are high in antioxidants. They do use organic fruits, vegetables, plant proteins, plant-based proteins, and healthy fats. So, they do have a lot of goodness in them

Are NOKA Smoothies For Adults?

NOKA smoothies are made for adults and kids alike. They are suitable to add to your kid’s lunchbox (although, not as a meal replacement as it does not contain enough nutrients, fiber, and protein for that), and they are also suitable as a snack while you are out hiking, biking, or simply want a snack that is a little different from usual! 


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Is NOKA Safe For Babies?

NOKA is safe for babies, however, these smoothies should not make up a major part of their diet.

It is good as a treat or snack for babies, but they are not baby food.

These smoothies are simply a veggie alternative, for a tasty snack for those who want a few more fruits and veggies in their diet or want to have something healthier to snack on than a candy bar! 

Some people do not like them and say it tastes like strong baby food, but remember these are pasteurized and are more like a gourmet puree than a smoothie, but are suitable for all ages, if you like the taste!

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