Whether you are new to making smoothies or you are experienced, you will probably want to perfect your smoothies regardless.

Some people think making smoothies is easy, you just throw some smoothie ingredients in your blender, and blend. Technically, that’s true, but there is so much more than just that when it comes to creating a delicious smoothie.

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Making The Perfect Smoothie:

There are a few things you need to figure out first before you proceed to make your smoothie.

Basically, figure out your goal, because you can then proceed to make the perfect smoothie that suits…your goals!

Customize Your Smoothie

Once you have figured out what you want from your smoothies, customize them to help you achieve that.

Digging a little bit into the types of fruits, ingredients, and smoothie liquids that can help your goal is important. For example, if you are trying to lose weight, you might want to use almond milk in your smoothies, since it’s low in calories. Are you vegan? Customize your smoothies to be vegan-friendly. There are many dairy-free milks you can use, and other liquids such as coconut water work great in smoothies.


Some people don’t like certain ingredients. If you don’t like bananas, for example, there are so many smoothie recipes without bananas.

If you like sweet smoothies, adding additional sweetness on top of the sweetness from the fruit is definitely doable. Typically, you can do that by adding liquid sweeteners, such as Honey, maple, agave, and date syrup.

If you are not a fan of fruit smoothies, you can easily make savory smoothies, vegetable smoothies, etc.

Layering Your Smoothies

People think you should just throw things in the blender and blend.
To an extent, this is true, but to make your smoothies perfect every time, there is a process called Layering.

Normally, you start with adding your liquid first, then proceed with powders, fresh fruit, and vegetables, and blend.

If you work with frozen goods, add them last.

If you layer your smoothie ingredients well, you will achieve the perfect smoothie every time.


If you are meal prepping, there are ways to store smoothies to last longer.
You can freeze smoothies, refrigerate them, etc.

Making smoothies for breakfast is also a great way for busy people to make something quick and delicious. Smoothies can also be taken and consumed on the go.

There are also many meal replacement smoothies, smoothies for lunch, smoothies for dinner, you name it.

Of course, smoothies can also be consumed as a snack, but they are very versatile and can suit every purpose.

The Blender Matters

If you are going to be making smoothies regularly, invest in a good blender.
There are blenders for all purposes, some can work for every type of smoothie.

Vitamix is the best blender you can get. It’s expensive, but it will be able to do any type of smoothie you like.

  • There are blenders for smoothie bowls
  • Cheaper blender alternatives to Vitamix
  • Blenders for green smoothies specifically
  • Blenders for frozen fruit

There are many types of blenders. Purchasing the correct blender for your needs is very important when it comes to making your smoothies perfect every time.


If you want to achieve the perfect smoothie every time, these are the key things you need:

  • Identify what you want from your smoothies
  • Customize them to suit your goals
  • Adjust the taste to your liking 

Layer your smoothies, so you can achieve a perfect blend every time
Make smoothies that will suit your nutrition needs, whether you are meal prepping or want to always have a smoothie ready to go, be refrigerating or freezing them.
Buy the blender that will suit your needs

Most importantly, have fun making your smoothies!