Do you know someone who drinks smoothies all the time, but you just can’t get to like them?
Well, a lot of us have been there…When you think about it, smoothies are basically a fruit puree…well, now that we put it that way, that does sound a bit gross. But, with fruit purees on the side, let’s discuss why you should incorporate smoothies into your diet and the benefits of smoothies.

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So, Why Should You Start Drinking Smoothies?

There are many reasons why we consume smoothies, but the biggest reason is how versatile they are. They can serve every purpose you need them to serve. You can drink smoothies for weight gain, you can drink green smoothies for weight loss, fat-burning smoothies, detoxing smoothies, smoothies to help you poop, and that list just goes on.

That is the beauty of smoothies, you can create them to suit your goals.

Easy Breakfast

Another great reason for including smoothies in your diet is how easy they are to make, and how nutritious smoothies can be too.

Breakfast smoothies are also perfect on the go. Not many breakfasts travel well. Grabbing a smoothie on a busy morning will save you time, having to cook breakfast and sitting down to eat. This is particularly beneficial for people who are always in the rush in the morning.

Great For Gym Goers

If you like to work out, you will know the importance of proper nutrition.
A lot of gym-goers love protein shakes. It’s a nice and easy way to get their protein.
Smoothies, just like protein shakes, can pack a ton of protein. Essentially, all you need to do is add a choice of protein to your usual smoothie recipe, and there you go.

And again, protein shakes and smoothie shakes can be made to fit your goals; some people like low carb, high protein, or high carb and low fat, whatever your purpose and goal is.

More Fruit And Veg

Not all of us like fruit and veg, let’s face it. We are constantly told though, that we should be getting our 5 out our 5 a day, in fact, now it’s up to 10!

Making smoothies, especially using fruit and veg that you dislike their texture, but love the flavour is even better. They all get blended up, so it’s all a drinkable consistency.

Drinking smoothies is a super easy and versatile way of getting your fruit and veg in, sometimes without even realizing it. Your health matters, so have your fruit and veggies!

Finally, Buy That Blender

Blenders aren’t just used for smoothies. If you have been on the fence about buying a blender, now is the time. You will not only start making smoothies, but you can use blenders for many purposes.

Did you know that you can make hummus in a blender? And so much more.
Definitely buy that blender, and start making smoothies, soups, and whatever else you fancy!


Let’s face it, many people start drinking smoothies to lose weight.
Smoothies have got a great reputation for helping you shed those extra pounds.

Whether you decide to go on the smoothie diet, or just want to incorporate more smoothies, you should expect to see some wonderful results.

We personally went on the smoothie diet and lost a great amount of weight.
So, if we did it, why can’t you? Start drinking smoothies and watch your health improve and your waistline become smaller.

Other Options

Once you start drinking smoothies, you open this door to liquid meals/snacks.
Many people, alongside making smoothies, start to juice as well. There are differences between smoothies and juices, but they are both very good for your health, especially if they are homemade.

Juicing tends to be relatively lower in calories, making it an even better weight-loss drink.
However, smoothies do tend to pack more nutrition. Either way, we love making and consuming both smoothies and juices, so, it’s definitely a personal preference.


If you have tried smoothies before, but you just can’t seem to get into them, try different recipes, using your favourite ingredients.

Smoothies have got so many health benefits. Not to mention their practicality and how easy and quick they are to make.

Give them a go, your health and waistline will thank you!