Slushie vs Smoothie: Differences & Which One Is Better

In the summertime, nothing quite beats a cold, refreshing slushie. Oh, wait, what about nutritious, cooling, rejuvenating smoothies?

It turns out slushies now have a contender for the best summer beverage. But, how do these 2 very popular and very delicious beverages differ, and is there a better one? 

Today, we will look at the differences between slushies and smoothies. If you’re wondering which one is the better choice, stick around, because you’re about to find out! 

Slushie vs Smoothie

Slushies Versus Smoothies 

Smoothies are drinks that are filled with various ingredients like vegetables, fresh fruit, yogurt, milk, and sometimes nuts, seeds, or ice cream.

Alternatively, slushies are drinks made using flavored sugar water followed by a blast of Co2 as Wikipedia states. 

There is a large difference between the two, as while they are both tasty, it is very obvious that smoothies are the much healthier option of the two.

This is because smoothies are a lot more nutritious, and do not contain as much sugar.

So, if you are looking to make a healthier choice, and you are stuck between a choice of slushie vs smoothie, choose the smoothie.



Both of these beverages are available in a wide variety of different flavors. Slushies can often be found as coke, cherry, lime, strawberry, and similar flavors.

Meanwhile, smoothie flavors depend entirely on what the ingredients are. 

Slushies are flavored with a specific slush mixture, however, smoothies are flavored depending on their contents. 

A smoothie is made with fresh fruit and vegetables. So a smoothie containing banana and strawberry will simply be banana and strawberry flavored. 

Smoothies are flavored with the natural ingredients they contain, but slushies are typically artificially flavored

Are Slushies Healthy?

Hardly, slushies are jam-packed with sugar. ICEEs are a favorable type of slushie, and a 32 oz cup of ICEE in whatever flavor you choose, contains an insane 116 grams of sugar according to 116 grams of sugar equals about 468 calories.

This is only 1 gram less than if you were to drink 3 12 oz cans of Coca-Cola! 

This means that per ounce, slushies contain even more sugar than Coca-Cola does. Although, it is very close.

This means that slushies are far from healthy. The average person should have 2,000 calories per day if they are genetically female, and 2,500 calories per day if they are genetically male as noted by

This means that for women a 32 oz slushie is nearly 1/4 of their daily calories and 1/5 for men. 

What’s The Difference Between A Smoothie And A Shake?


A smoothie is generally made in a blender, but shakes can be made in a blender or a food processor.

Smoothies also take less time to make, as the fruit and vegetables which go into them do not need as much preparation as they do for a shake.

Both of these beverages can provide you with minerals, fiber, enzymes, and important antioxidants. You can also use either to boost your energy levels, control your diet, and get a more well-balanced diet.

However, the most important difference between a shake and a smoothie is their texture and how they are made.

A shake is made using fruits and vegetables, just like a smoothie. The juice and pulp are used to create a thick texture, while there may still be some solid pieces inside.

Later milk or yogurt is usually added to make it creamy. 

A smoothie is also made with fruit and vegetables, but also yogurt, frozen fruit, and often water. Though, smoothies are generally seen as healthier due to their high fiber and protein content as noted by Healthline.


Are Slushies Full Of Sugar?

Yes, slushies are mostly sugar. A 32 oz ICEE contains 116 grams of sugar!

Do Slushies Dehydrate You?

Yes and no. Slushies do not directly dehydrate you, but they can prevent you from getting the full effects of rehydration. You may not be able to absorb fluid from the drink as rapidly as others.

Do Slushies Have A Lot Of Sugar?

Slushies contain a lot of sugar, with an 8oz slushie (Slurpee) from 7-Eleven having 18 grams of sugar in it!

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