Smoothie Brands UK: Ranked From Best To Worst

Smoothies have started to pick up popularity in the UK. Don’t get us wrong, they are hardly at the level bubble tea is at, or milkshakes, but for many a smoothie maker is an awesome purchase, and having a smoothie can be a great way to start the day. 

For those who are fitness-conscious and health aware, getting a smoothie is a great thing to do. However, as most of us know, a lot of the big brands for smoothies are not exactly healthy, often packed with sugar and other stuff that just is not really ideal when you want to be health aware. 

Smoothie Brands UK

So, if you live in the UK and want to be able to choose the perfect smoothie, where do you start looking if you can’t afford to fork out for a smoothie maker or a quality blender? 

What are the smoothie brands UK?

Time for us to get you the inside juice on smoothie brands in the UK. 

Biggest Smoothie Companies UK

In the UK, smoothies and juice are sold in tandem by certain companies. There are some massive smoothie brands that are doing very well, such as ‘Innocent Smoothies’ and ‘Naked Smoothies’. There is not doubt these are the best shop-bought smoothies UK.

In 2021 Innocent Smoothies saw 6.9 million pounds in sales, whereas Naked Smoothies had 6 million in sales in 2021. 

When you go to the stores you will see 3 primary types of juice and smoothie available. You will see Innocent Smoothies, Naked Smoothies, and Tropicana Juice. 

While there are other UK smoothie brands around such as the Express Cuisine Smoothies (£0.05 million in 2021 sales), you can guarantee Innocent, Naked, and Tropicana will be available in almost every store, even if you are out in the middle of nowhere at a small corner shop. 

Best Juice Brands UK

Best Juice Brands UK

Out of all the juice and smoothie producers in the UK, there are several which are rocking the nation. Innocent is at the top, leading in sales, and in popularity. There are plenty of reasons for this though (we will get into this more later). 

Behind Innocent is Tropicana, Ribena, Oasis, Naked, Capri-Sun, Robinsons, Britvic J20, and Copella. 

While these are all well-known names and brands, they are all very different. 

So, why is Innocent so popular? Well, Innocent’s idea was to make smoothies from 100% natural and fresh fruit without needing to resort to using cheap concentrates or preservatives. They also stated they would give 10% of their profits to charity. 

It is not surprising they are so popular. Many people want to have a smoothie, but they do not want one that is only 50% real ingredients. So Innocent is winning, and for a good reason. 

What Is The Most Popular Juice Brand In The UK?

Smoothie Brands UK

The most popular brand of juice in the UK is Tropicana. They know how to market their products though, which is a large reason for their success. How so? Well, Tropicana is a subsidiary of Pepsico, one of the biggest beverage companies in the world! 

They are also successful thanks to their tasty juices. They have an innovative process when they make their juices, it preserves the juice by removing oxygen from the fresh juice. By doing this, it allows them to store the juice for longer without having to reduce it to concentrate or freeze it. 

They also state their products are 100% real, such as their Tropicana Pure Premium Original, as 100% pure orange juice. 

However, there is still some concern… as removing oxygen from the juice takes the flavor, meaning that flavor companies need to come in and add flavor packs to make the juice taste fresh. 

We don’t know this for sure, but there is some skepticism around the reality of what this brand says. Pepsico and its subsidiaries are not exactly well known for honesty after all! 

Which Smoothie Company Is The Best?

Honestly, we cannot tell you which is best, it is totally up to you to decide. Naked smoothies and Innocent smoothies are both extremely popular, and you would expect this to be for a reason. 

However, not everyone enjoys them. We prefer to just make our own, but if you are in a rush and want to grab something ready-made, maybe Innocent Smoothies are the best option. 

Give them a try and tell us what you think! 

Are Supermarket Smoothies Healthy?

Now the real questions. What are the healthiest smoothies to buy UK? Are any of them healthy? What about supermarket smoothies?


Don’t get us wrong, it is healthier to buy a Naked Smoothie or an Innocent Smoothie than to drink an energy drink or have a coffee with 18 sugars in it. However, most shop-bought smoothies are made cheap. 

Their ingredients are cheap, processed, and made with juices and purees. 

The purees they use concentrate sugars while removing the nutritional benefits of having whole fruit. So, they lack phytonutrients, fiber, minerals, and vitamins. 

They are healthier, but not healthy. 

In our option, you’re better off saving your cash and making your own at home if you want something that will benefit your health. They might taste nice, but supermarket smoothies lack goodness and are essentially sugar central!


There are quite a few smoothie and juice brands UK, however, only a few really stand out, when it comes to sales, quality, and taste. These are:

  • Innocent Smoothies
  • Naked Smoothies
  • Tropicana
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