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Best Smoothie Glasses Reviewed

As you probably know by now, we are the experts in all things sweet and tasty. So, when it comes to smoothies, you know we have your back. A smoothie can be healthy and rejuvenating, or it can be a sugar-filled decadent dessert in other cases. 

Whichever it ends up being, we know what’s what. But, it’s not all about the blend, it’s where you put it. Sure, you could serve a smoothie in a pint glass, but that is hardly aesthetically pleasing is it? 

You want to serve your smoothies so they look perfect. This is why you absolutely need to know which smoothie glasses are the best, regardless of which type you fancy. We have done all of the research, so you are in the right place! 

Best Smoothie Glasses Reviewed

Best Smoothie Glasses Reviewed

When it comes to smoothies, what do you want in a glass? There are a few things you want to prioritize. 

  • Easy cleaning.
  • Hygienic.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Large enough to fit in even the biggest smoothie.
  • Multipurpose.
  • A travel smoothie glass.
  • Durable materials.
  • Reusable.

There may be other things you are thinking about prioritizing, however, these are the most important factors in choosing a smoothie glass. 

So, let’s look at some of the best ones. We have ranked these based on these factors and chosen the best in several select categories, just for you! 

Large Smoothie Glass

Our favorite large smoothie glass is this one by ANOTION. It is suitable for smoothies, but you could also use it for Boba, or milkshakes

We love this glass for several reasons. 

  • It is stylish.
  • It has a bamboo lid for hygiene and easy cleaning.
  • Reusable metal straw.
  • 24oz! 

This glass is huge, but we also love it because it is easy to clean. It is a mason jar with a lid that you can use for your smoothies. It is a bit non-traditional and quirky, but that is perfect. Also multiuse, so you are not cluttering up your kitchen with a different glass for everything. It’s a one fits all situation. 

If you wanted something bigger you could go with the Hiziwimi version, which is basically the same but comes in 28oz instead! 

Smoothie Glass With Handle

Best Smoothie Glasses Reviewed

When it comes to having a smoothie, you want to be able to hold it without too much effort or looking ridiculous. This super cute smoothie glass is absolutely adorable! It is made for smoothies without a double! 

What do we love about this smoothie glass? Well…

  • The green version looks like a kiwi! 
  • Not too big, not too small at 500 ml capacity.
  • Strong and durable glass and aluminum. 
  • Reusable straw

However, this glass does have downsides, it is not dishwasher safe, and since it has a screw on the top, it is more likely to break than our previous mention. However, if you aren’t super keen on the kiwi look, why not go for the old-fashioned version, sometimes less is more. 

Fancy Smoothie Glass

If you want something fancy for your family and friends’ events, you might want to have a milkshake-styled glass instead. If so, try out the Royal Cuisine set.

What do we like about these? 

  • Perfect for events.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Elegant. 
  • Transparent color

However, there are some things we don’t like about glasses in this style. 

  • Awkward for hand washing due to the funnel shape. 
  • Glass – Easily breakable.
  • Only 360ml.

We do love these, but they are best saved for special occasions. They look nice, they are made for milkshakes and sundaes after all, but they’re not really convenient for everyday use. 

If you like this kind of thing, though, a pina colada-style class such as these from Rink Drink may be even better for your events where you want smoothies to look stylish! They’re a bit bigger too!

Plastic Smoothie Glasses

One thing you want in a smoothie glass is easy transportation. So, why not go for a style similar to the McDonald’s drinks cups? These are epic! 

These have so much good about them, we want about 1,000 for them! 

  • They are heavy-duty.
  • They change color! 
  • Reusable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • BPA-free plastic.
  • Can be used for hot drinks too! 
  • Crack resistant.

The only beef we have with these cups is that they are a bit small. However, their durability and versatility are something we love. Their color-changing ability is a nice touch too! 

However, if your motto is ‘less is more. You could try out these Signature Packaging cups. They are traditional smoothie cups and ideal if you need quite a few for an event, or if you want to open a smoothie store (which is always a good idea!).

Smoothie Glasses With Lids

This has to be one of our favorites for personal use. It is a leak-proof smoothie cup with a resealable lid plug from Dodoko.

What’s good about it? Well…

  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • Stainless steel straw.
  • 24oz capacity.
  • Leakproof.
  • 6 color options. 
  • Super easy to clean! 

It is definitely one of the best options, and it especially speaks to us since it is eco-friendly too! If that is not quite your style though, you could try a smaller one from Murmioo. With many gradients and color options, and a screw top it is best for popping in your car on a long drive! 


What Is A Smoothie Glass?

Smoothie glasses are just containers that hold fruit-based beverages. These can be reusable or single-use. They can also be for liquid or frozen smoothies.

What Glass Do You Serve Smoothies?

One of the best containers for your smoothies is the glass jar with a lid, straw, and handle. However, some people prefer large glasses with no handle and a lid and straw. 

What Is A Juice Glass Called?

Juice glasses are called highball glasses. These are best for mixed drinks, iced teas, and juices, and can also work well for smoothies. However, technically you can put a smoothie in whatever you fancy.


So, if you are looking at pouring those smoothies from your blender onto a fancier glass, then we hope you like our suggestions!

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