Smoothie Or Coffee In The Morning: Which Is Better?

Smoothies and coffee, are two delicious beverages, both capable of providing you with a morning boost.

Coffee is a notoriously good morning beverage, meanwhile, smoothies can give you a really good boost of energy as you start your day. 

However, if you love both coffee and smoothies, is there a better choice to start your day? Or should you drink them in a particular order? Let’s take a look.

Since we love both, we put these beverages to the test! 

Smoothie Or Coffee In The Morning

Should You Have A Smoothie Before Or After Coffee?

If you are working out you should have your smoothie before your coffee. If you are not, then it does not matter, enjoy them in whichever order you like! 

That being said, while the order you drink them in if you are not working out does not matter, you should be thinking bout the timing of drinking them.

Coffee is awesome, but it can interfere with how your body absorbs calcium as WebMD states. This means that if you have a coffee too close to the timing of consuming a smoothie that is rich in calcium you won’t reap all of the benefits of your smoothie. 

Smoothies can be rich in calcium if they are blended with cow’s milk or even fortified almond milk. Some leafy greens can also contain calcium too. 

The main consideration you should have when it comes to drinking smoothies and coffee is how close together you consume them. 

Coffee Vs Smoothies

coffee vs smoothies

Coffee and smoothies have very little in common, and it is down to personal preference to decide which is better.

Some people adore coffee, whereas others prefer smoothies. The primary similarity that these two beverages share is the time of day when they are usually consumed. 

Both beverages have plenty of health benefits, many of which are scientifically confirmed. 

These beverages also differ as they are hardly the same. Coffee is made with ground beans, and although coffee beans do technically come from a fruit they are the seeds of the fruit. Meanwhile, smoothies are made with fruit that has been blended. 


  • Typically only contains 5 calories per serving for a black coffee.
  • Usually from 40 to 100 mg of caffeine in each serving. 
  • Unless the beverage contains added sugars, the beverage is low in sugar by default.
  • Not made using fruit.
  • Contains water-soluble polyphenols as states.
  • Caffeine helps to maintain a healthy brain.
  • Best consumed in moderation.


  • Smoothies are usually higher in calories than coffee, often 90 calories per 8-ounce serving, sometimes more.
  • There is usually no caffeine in a smoothie unless you choose to add caffeine to your smoothies, such as coffee, matcha, etc.
  • Smoothies are usually higher in sugar, especially in the case where fruit is added in which case fructose is prominent in the smoothies as states. 
  • Fruit is often used to create a smoothie. However, vegetables, nuts, seeds, yogurt, and other ingredients are often added. 
  • Smoothies are typically made from whole fruits and vegetables. 
  • Smoothies have the benefits of whatever ingredients they contain. They are malleable to your needs through the ingredients you include in them.

If  We Had To Pick – Is Smoothie Or Coffee Better In The Morning?


In the morning, we find that the best idea is to have both. For those working out in the mornings, start the day with a smoothie that will give you a bit of energy, but ensure you have plenty of time to digest it.

Then get ready for your day, and grab a coffee on your way out. 

This combination gives you plenty of energy and helps you wake up to face the day. 

We love both smoothies and coffee. Coffee can be delicious and just a fantastic way to start your day. However, smoothies give us energy, nutrition, vitamins, and minerals all essential to our health and wellness. 

Therefore in our mind, both are a wonderful choice!

Our Delicious Coffee Smoothie Recipe

If you cannot decide which one to drink in the morning, why not have both in one drink?

This coffee smoothie recipe will provide you with caffeine and nutrients, which will give you the best of both worlds.

Coffee Banana Smoothie

Creamy Coffee Banana Smoothie

A delicious breakfast - coffee banana smoothie, that will inject important vitamins & minerals, as well as energy, and get your day started the right way!
Prep Time 3 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Smoothie
Cuisine American
Servings 1
Calories 341 kcal



  • 1 cup/150g frozen bananas
  • 1 tsp instant coffee or a shot of cold espresso
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter unsweetened
  • 1 tbsp greek yogurt unsweetened
  • 200 ml milk unsweetened


  • Add all the ingredients to your blender jug.
  • Process until completely smooth. For about 2-3 minutes.
  • Serve and enjoy!



Best consumed straight away.


Serving: 1servingCalcium: 245mgVitamin C: 11mgVitamin A: 330IUSugar: 23gFiber: 5gPotassium: 920mgCalories: 341kcalFat: 14gProtein: 10gCarbohydrates: 44gIron: 1mg
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