Smoothie Vs. Milkshake: Which One Is Better?

Milkshakes and smoothies are both beverages we all enjoy. Milkshakes are more of a treat than anything, but smoothies are also highly enjoyable how they are so fruity, and delicious. 

Are they really all that different, and even if they are all that different, is there one that is truly better than the other? 

Yes, and no. It is time to find out for sure! 

Smoothie Vs. Milkshake

What Is The Difference? Is One Better?

Both of these beverages are delectable and very flavorful drinks that many people enjoy. However, so many of us can get easily confused by which is which, and lots of the time we may order one drink thinking that it may be the other. 

However, they are both very different drinks. How they are prepared, the consistency, and more all make up the parameters in order to check over the true differences between both drinks. 

In smoothies, we often see liquid, fruit, seeds, yogurt, or vegetables, with other condiments being a second thought. 

Milkshakes often have milk and other dairy products as their primary ingredient, usually with a big lump of cream on top. 

Smoothies are made of yogurt or sorbet with fruit and veg, but milkshakes are milk, whipped cream, and ice cream with flavor or fruit. 

To refresh oneself, choose a smoothie, to have a decedent, drinkable dessert, choose a milkshake. 


But what are the true key differences? Let’s look further into these for you. 


Smoothies have a smooth texture with vegetables and fruits which are the essential ingredients. Those who are lactose intolerant can also have the same drinks. 

Smoothies will be light but filling and can even be had as an entire meal as they tend to be filled to the brim with all kinds of essential nutrients that we need


Smoothie Vs. Milkshake

Milkshakes are creamy, thanks to their high dairy content, such as milk, ice cream, whipped cream, and so on. 

They are sweetened with chocolate, malt, strawberry, or sugar syrups. 

You can get countless toppings from whipped cream, to slice fruits, candies, or marshmallows. 

Milkshakes tend to be categorized as desserts, and tend to not be viewed as an entire meal. 

The most popular milkshakes are vanilla, strawberry, caramel, peanut butter, and chocolate. But for smoothies, you often find the popular flavors are kiwi, mango, banana, or leafy green vegetables. 

Smoothies will also be more colorful than milkshakes. 

While a smoothie is bright in color, like a sorbet, a milkshake will be frosty, creamy, and very thick. 

Milkshake Vs Smoothie: Healthiness 

A vast majority of us will assume smoothies are healthier, since they have fruit and veg, without ice cream and whipped cream, and while it does seem like a pretty valid point, it is not necessarily all that true. 

Both of these beverages have a high-calorie count and a lot of sugar. 

We need to ensure that if we are preparing a smoothie, we use fresh fruits, and low-sugar juices, using fresh juices and ingredients prevents the sugar count from going up too high, so watch what refined sugars are in there. 

Making smoothies at home can prevent so many added sugars from entering the smoothie. 

Milkshakes on the other hand are basically just saturated fats and empty calories. The only good part of it all is its calcium content and protein. But, since so much sugar is added, it makes it all moot. 

Try a low-fat milk-based milkshake. 

If you are really health conscious, consider eating a piece of fruit instead of making a smoothie, or drinking a glass of milk instead of having a milkshake. 

But if you really needed to choose between a milkshake and a smoothie, we would suggest going with smoothies if you are desperate for a more healthy option! 

Typically smoothies will be healthier than a milkshake, but it does depend on what goes into the milkshake and what goes into the smoothie. They are not inherently healthy, it is what is in them that makes them so… Or not. 


Is There A Difference Between Shakes And Smoothies?

You can make a shake using a mixer or a blender, but smoothies will be made using a blender. It will also take much less time to make a smoothie as fruit does not need to be peeled like you would have to with a shake. The contents (typically) and the nutritional value of these two usually also differ.

Which Has More Sugar, A Smoothie Or Milkshake?

Smoothies are lower in sugar than milkshakes. Milkshakes are often very high in sugar. However, milkshakes also have 183 mg of potassium on average, whereas smoothies contain 24 mg on average. Note that this is an average, and does not stand for every milkshake and every smoothie.

Are Smoothies Healthier Than Ice Cream?

If you make a smoothie with just pure fruit and nonfat dairy, you will get a fat ratio of around 0% fat. Ice cream is not so great, most ice cream will have an insane 15 grams of fat, and 9 grams of this alone can be saturated.


To summarize, smoothies do tend to be healthier than milkshakes. But if you want to make them even healthier, make them yourself. Buying smoothies from a juice bar or a cafe may mean that they have added sugars and a lot more calories.
Milkshakes, on the other hand, should be seen as a treat. However, you can make them healthier, but once again, make them at home!

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