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There are so many different types of honey. Some of these are specific to certain regions thanks to the more unique flora of the area where the bees are foraging for honey. The differences in the nectar collected by said bees will affect the taste and the level of sweetness of the honey. 

That being said, if you do have very sweet honey, you might be on a hunt to find the sweetest variety of honey, and luckily we can tell you the answer to this question. 

Which is the sweetest?

A majority of honey will have the overall same level of sweetness, however, it is well known that ‘Locust honey’ is the sweetest., or is particularly sweet overall. This is based on a test that tests 30 different varieties of honey in the United States of America. 

But, let’s talk about this a little more.

Sweetest Honey

Finding A Sweet-Tasting Honey

There was a study that was made to compare a wide variety of different kinds of honey and then ranked them on how sweet they are. This study was completed by Dr. Johnathan White, he did it for the USDA back in 1962. 

He gained samples of honey from a range of beekeepers all over the United States to get this to work. 

Then, back in 2017, the American Bee Journal featured an article on the overall sweetness of honey which was written by Ron Miksha. Miksha then analyzed the number of other honey and added his data to the one which was compiled by Dr. White. 

This article presented 30 different kinds of honey overall and then ranked them depending on how sweet they were. 

Why Are Some Honeys Sweeter?

Sweetest Honey

So, while some honey’s sweeter than others are. Well, you see, floral nectar is made up of a span of varying levels of individual sugars, and then, depending on the overall mix and the dominance of the blossoms that the bees forage from, as well as the honey composition, which is more unique to every type of honey. 

Since some sugar types are sweeter than others, it is no real surprise that the sweetness of a honey type will be dependent on the types of sugars that are in it, as well as the proportions of the sugars. 

Fructose has overall one of the sweetest of honey, so, if there is honey that is primarily fructose it will have a good chance of it being sweeter than honey that is not primarily fructose. 

Maltose, another type of sugar, is quite bland, and if a honey type is mainly maltose, the overall sweetness of the honey is.

Let’s look at a sugar-type sweetness level for sugars that are found in honey.

sugar table

Rating Honey By Sweetness

So, we are sure that you are looking for sweet honey for a reason, maybe you want to replace sugar in your diet with honey, you want better honey for baking, or maybe you want honey that will do great in smoothies and satisfy your sweet tooth. 

We have put together a list here to show you the overall sweetness of different kinds of honey compared. 

In this list, you can see that Locust honey (A European honey) is the sweetest overall, Then honeydew honey is the least sweet overall. 

Want to know how sweet the honey you are currently using is? Our list will be able to tell you.

As we are seeing based on the list, the top 3 sweetest honey are:

  • Locust Honey with a sweetness score of 120.64
  • Tupelo Honey sweetness score of 119,99
  • Sage Honey sweetness score of 117.50

So, if you are after the sweetest honey ever, get yourself one of those!

What Is The Average Sweetness Of Honey?

If we decide to look at the overall typical average makeup of honey in the terms of the types of sugar. Typically fructose will make up around 38% of the sugar content in honey.

We looked at which sugars have the highest amounts of sugar, so let’s take a quick look at which sugars are most prominent. 

Final Buzz

For us, the unique qualities in every honey do give a very valuable quality when you taste it. Sweetness is not everything, but flavor outside of this is important. So, in our view, try different kinds of honey, and see which works best for you.
You can enjoy honey in many ways, you can add honey to your smoothie, spread it on toast and so much more!


Is Dark Or Light Honey Sweeter?

Generally, the sweeter honey is a light honey with floral tones.

Which Type Of Honey Is Best?

Raw honey is the best honey, these are not filtered, or pasteurized, so keeps nutrition. Manuka honey is typically raw, and it contains incredible benefits.

Which Is Sweeter Clover Or Wildflower Honey?

Wildflower honey does have a stronger and sweeter taste overall, clover honey is milder.

What Is The Most Delicious Honey In The World?

The rated most tasty honey in the world is said to be sourwood honey. A classic!

What Type Of Honey Is the Healthiest?

Raw honey is the healthiest overall. It has the most nutrients and health benefits. It’s important that you consume raw honey correctly though, to get the full benefits.

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