Different Types of Pineapple & Sweetest Pineapple

Pineapples might look prickly, and sometimes they get a bad rap, especially when it comes to them being added to pizza (seriously, don’t hate it ‘til you try it!). However, pineapples should not be judged so harshly. 

Imagine how sad things would be if we totally ignored them, just because of their prickly exterior? No pina Coladas

But, if you want a sweet pineapple, or perhaps want to venture into the pineapple world to see what is on offer, there are a few different types for you to tingle your taste buds with. 

Today, we are going to take you on an adventure through the many types of pineapple and explore the sweet, succulent, and deliciousness of this unique and tantalizing fruit 

Sweetest Pineapple

What Is The Sweetest Pineapple?

The sweetest pineapple in the world is the rarest (annoyingly), it is the Black Pineapple or the Antigua black. The signature fruit of Antigua, where you will find it mostly growing on the southwestern coast, close to cades Bay.

How Do You Pick The Sweetest Pineapple?

When you want to find a super sweet pineapple at your local superstore, seek out a pineapple that actually feels quite heavy for how big it is. If it feels heavier than it looks, it usually means it is extra ripe. Sometimes a heavy means it is juicier, which usually means it is sweeter too! 

Types Of Pineapples 

Pineapple is easily recognizable, no matter how it comes. However, it can go unnoticed too, with some of its more specific strains being rather elusive. This means that most of us actually have no idea just how many types of pineapple exist. 

There are actually so many different pineapple cultivars in production, the fruit does have subcategories for each different variation of pineapple. Here are some of these…

Smooth Cayenne Pineapples

This is probably the type of pineapple you are most well acquainted with. This is a mostly Hawaiian-grown pineapple strain with a high acid content and a high sugar content, which makes it ideal for shipping. 

Their ‘spicy’ is a bit deceptive as this strain is actually well known for having naturally sweet flesh. 

Here are some popular types of smooth cayenne pineapples: 

Hilo Pineapple:  This pineapple is one of the smallest, but it is popular for growing as it grows plantlets between matured leaves which can be easily replanted and produces new fruits faster than a typical pineapple seedling. 

St. Michael Pineapple:  This variety comes from Portugal, they are loved for having an ideal sugar to acid ratio, making them one of the sweetest pineapples around. 

Giant Kew Pineapple: This pineapple is a boss, and is the heavyweight of pineapples. It is known for being huge and can actually weigh up to 22 lbs per pineapple! 

Red Spanish Pineapples

Sweetest Pineapple

These pineapples are a lot smaller than Smooth Cayenne pineapples, they usually weigh 4 lbs at most, and their buds grow pink-red. Inside, their fruits are light, high in fiber, and fragrant. Their leaves are also very sturdy. 

In this family of pineapples, you will find: 

Cabezona: These are common in Mexico, they are strong and very large, and machete’s are often used to cut the fruit from the plant. They are, however, more bitter and sweet in taste. 

Valera: This is an old type of pineapple, grown in Puerto Rico, the cultivar is colorful, yellow-range, with white flesh. 

Monte Oscuro:  This pineapple has piny, saw-toothed leaves, with a fruit that is barrel-chested, and a deep yellow flesh. 

Singapore Red: The resistance to pests and disease makes these pineapples popular. They have red-golden flesh which also enhances their popularity. 

Queen Pineapples

These pineapples are the smallest of them all, often leading to them being named a ‘dwarf variety’, however, even though they are tiny, they have one hell of a punch too. These are better eaten fresh than canned. 

Here are some popular Queen Pineapples: 

Natal Queen Pineapples: These are grown in South Africa, Australia, and Malaysia, they are one of the sweetest pineapple types, however, they are small, only weighing 1 ½ lb each. 

MacGregor Pineapples: These are very robust pineapples, they spread a lot faster and wider than the rest of the Queen Pineapple family, you will usually find them in South Africa and Australia. 

Ripley Pineapples: These pineapples have a pale copper color to them with pale but sweet flesh and blood-red leaves. These plants only sprout up randomly, so scheduling fruiting is quite tricky with these! 

Abacaxi Pineapples

This is arguably the most delicious of pineapples, it is actually rare for a pineapple, but it is outstanding in flavor. For those who are lucky enough to try one of these, there are several varieties you should consider seeking out. 

White Kauai: This is a Hawaiian pineapple, it has white fruit, and nearly no acid levels, it is delicious and the core is edible too! 

Sugarloaf Pineapples: This is much like the White Kauai, it has a tender white flesh but it is not as high in fiber as others, with a less ‘wooden’ core, it is also yummy to eat! 

Antigua Black: These are oftentimes billed as being one of the rarest pineapples in the world, it is an exotic variety and can only be found in Antigua, where you will find them to be the Island’s fruit of signature. 

It has a green-white exterior, with red leaves and yellow flesh, high sugar levels, and low acid levels. 

Montufar: This is one of the colorful varieties, it is grown in Guatemala, green on the outside with a yellow middle, juicy and fresh to the taste. Yum! 

types of pineapple


What Is The Best Tasting Pineapple?

The ‘tastiest’ pineapple in the world is believed to be the Abacaxi pineapple, they are sweet and most believe them to have the best taste. Tall and spiny with transparent flesh, they are well known in Brazil, Florida, and the Bahamas.

Which Country Has The Sweetest Pineapple In The World?

Antigua has the sweetest pineapple in the world with the Black Pineapple.

Are Gold Pineapples Sweet?

Golden pineapples are pine cone-shaped and often have a golden-brown find with spiky leaves crowning their tip. They have yellow flesh that is very sweet but also somewhat acidic. These are one of the most common pineapples.

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