The Sweetest Oranges And The Varieties

Oranges are an awesome, super versatile fruit, you can make juice with them, marinades, eat them, put them in a smoothie, and they go weirdly well with candy too! However, not all oranges are made the same way. 

You see, each different variety of orange will have a unique flavor and appearance. Through the season that goes from late fall into the spring, each orange will have a special power, from snacking, cooking, and juicing, to smoothies or snacking on it. 

Today, we will talk about the ten popular types of oranges that you should consider buying when you are next at a grocery store, or at a farmers market. Do not forget that you can keep your oranges at room temperature, but if you put them in the fridge it will extend their lifespan. 

The Sweetest Oranges

If you refrigerate your oranges, always bring them back to room temp before you use them so that their juices are regained.

Getting To Know Sweet Oranges

Winter is typically the high season for oranges. That being said, there are plenty of varieties of oranges that are available during other times of the year as well. 

If you are worried about the availability of certain oranges, and when you can eat them, there will always be a type of orange available for you to enjoy at each time of the year! 

However, if you simply want to know which orange is the sweetest and when it is available, check out our list because we have a list of every single delicious sweet orange right here! 

Navel Orange

First up, Navel Oranges. These are considered to be one of the sweetest varieties of oranges available in winter. These oranges have no seeds and have a typical ‘navel’ form around the stem end, this typically happens due to a rudimentary second fruit having grown inside of the main fruit. 

Furthermore, they are ideal to snack on or munch on as their skin makes for easy peeling, and since they are seedless they make your life easier too. These oranges are also awesomely sweet. Their season starts in November and they are usually around until June! 

So, you have plenty of time to get some! 

Cara Cara Oranges

The Sweetest Oranges

Cara Cara oranges are a hybrid form of red navel oranges which are sweet to the taste and very rich in flavor. They have the richness and sweetness of a Navel orange but they also have a hunt of taste similar to red fruits such as blackberries and cranberries. 

Seedless Cara Cara oranges will also have a lot more vitamin A than Navels. 

You can buy Cara Cara oranges from December until May.

Valencia Orange

Valencia oranges are often in season during the summer, they are one of the most perfectly balanced and sweet oranges for orange juice. They are probably one of the best oranges for juicing as the juice will not turn bitter if you leave it for some time, similar to Navel juice would. 

You can make juice from Valencia oranges and store it in your fridge for weeks without it going bitter or losing any flavor. These oranges tend to be available from March to September, So easily fill in the gap when cara cara and Navels are not available.

Temple Orange 

Temple oranges are a hybrid of sweet oranges and mandarin oranges, and they should always be included when you are buying orange gifts. These oranges have a super easy-to-peel, thin, glossy, bright red-orange rind that is fragrant and a bit rough. 

This is a variety that has around 20 seeds that are cream in a color that will be divided into 10 to 11 segments. 

You can also get Texas Temple oranges, these have tender flesh with a complex flavor. They are bright and tangy and are complemented by sugary spices and a tinge of warmth. 

You will find these oranges available in season from the later part of winter into the early spring. 

Honeybell Oranges

Honeybell oranges are technically a grapefruit and orange hybrid, considered to be a premium orange that is best available in the winter. It is a Christmas orange fruit with a very distinctive bell shape that provides a super sweet flavor. 

This super sweet flavor is thanks to its sweet mandarin parent, but it is evenly balanced out by a slight tartness from its grapefruit ancestry. 

These oranges are premium mail-order Florida oranges and are incredibly juicy and as sweet as honey. 

You can eat them fresh as they are, toss them into a salad, or juice them for a delicious juice. Bear in mind it can be tricky to find Honeybells at grocery stores as they do have limited availability, however, if you know where to look you can get them online. 

Citrus farms will also harvest these from December until the early part of February, however, you want to order fast as they are rarely in stock for long due to them being in such high demand. 

If you want to get some of these, it is actually best to place an order before their harvesting season. 

Blood Oranges

The Sweetest Oranges

Blood oranges are delicious orange, they pair beautifully with cheese boards and dessert spreads over the holidays. Their name comes from their super deep red flesh color. 

Speaking of their flesh, it is also incredibly juicy, tart, and very sweet. They have a unique flavor, a lot like a tart orange mixed together with full and ripe raspberries. 

There is a trio of main types of this orange, Sanguinello, Moror, and Tarocco, these all range from being tart to being respectively sweet. 

They also make a great addition to sauces, desserts, or even a marmalade base. 

Blood oranges can also be eaten raw or juiced and are usually available from November until March. 

Seville Orange

Seville oranges are a Mediterranean fruit that is also nicknamed as being ‘sour oranges’. These are not very sweet and are highly tart and bitter. For this reason, they are great for marmalades, since they can bear well against the additional sugar content. 

Since they’re so acidic they are also rarely enjoyed raw. These are available from December into February. 

Lima Oranges

Lima oranges are a Brazilian gem often found in South America. They are known to be acid-free as they have minimal acidity, they also come with thick peels and seeds but are brilliant for a snack as they are tender and soft. 

They do have a short lifespan, however, due to their shorter shelf life. You can find these from late winter into early spring.

Mandarin Oranges

Mandarins are not technically an orange. They have loose skin, are small, and are flatter. Oranges are hybrids of pomelos and mandarins. 

However, mandarins are easy for peeling, sweet and small, making them ideal for salads, snacks, and baking! They are often available from January to May but are also often canned. 


Tangerines are also not technically orange, in fact, they are technically mandarins and a relative of clementines. 

Oranges are tartier and bigger than tangerines, so they are small, easy to peel, and sweet so they are awesome for baking, juicing, snacks, drinks, and salads. They are available from November into May so you have much time to grab some while they are at their very yummiest! 


Clementines are tiny, sweet, seedless, and just plain cute! They are like tangerines in how easy they are to eat and peel with their tiny segments. 

These are actually tangors which is a cross between sweet oranges and mandarins, which is why they are low in acid but sweet as honey. They also make for easy peeling thanks to their loose skin and tiny pith. Find them available from November until January. 

A List Of The Types Of Oranges:

Type Of Orange Sweetness Availability
Navel Orange Sweet but slightly bitter November – June
Seville Orange Best for marinades and marmalades December – February
Valencia Orange Best for juicing March – September
Mandarin Great for snacks January – May
Temple Sweet, good for juice Winter – Spring
Tangerine Great for sweet juices November – May
Clementine Seedless & Great for snacks November – January 
Blood Orange Tart & juicy November – March
Cara Cara Super sweet December – May
Lima Acidless orange, and very sweet. Water – Spring


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