10 Ways To Make Your Smoothie More Filling

Smoothies are a totally amazing way to add an extra punch to your diet nutritionally. However, a good smoothie will still leave you hungry later on, so you want it to be a bit filling. 

There are many simple tweaks that you can make based on your own tastes, and what your diet needs a boost from. You can easily make your smoothie a bit more filling and meal worthy. 

So, check out these 10 ways you can make your smoothie extra filling.

Ways To Make Your Smoothie More Filling

#1. Replace Fruit Juice With Coconut Water

Fruit juice is not all that healthy, it is packed with so much sugar. Fruit juice should also not be used to replace whole fruits in smoothies either, as it is stripped of its fiber as well as being very sugar-heavy. 

Furthermore, fruit juice is a liquid base often used in smoothies to make blending easier, however, you really should use a different beverage with less sugar. 

Coconut water is one of these, it’s sweet, but has plenty of electrolytes, which assist in hydrating the body. This can help you to distinguish hunger from dehydration. It will also prevent sugar spikes and add hydration and a tropical flavor to your smoothies. 

For coconut water smoothie recipes click here – 10 Coconut Water Smoothie Recipes.

#2. Increase The Protein


If your stomach is still rumbling after you have had a smoothie in the morning then you may just need to up your protein. You can go and get a pricy protein powder, but there are probably better protein sources hiding in your fridge. 

Nut butter is a good choice, as it is not only full of protein but also healthy fats that will keep you more satiated. Cottage cheese is also a great choice and it makes your smoothies thick and creamy. 

Some leafy greens will also add an extra dose of protein and nutrition to your smoothies!

#3. Add Some Oats


Oats on their own are plain, bland, and boring, so instead of rolling your eyes and grumbling when you have to force yourself through a dull morning breakfast of plain oats, add them to your smoothie to reap their benefits and thicken up your smoothie

Two birds, one stone! 

They are high in fiber and protein which keeps you full and gives you energy. Adding a single half cup of rolled oats into your breakfast smoothie can add 4 g of fiber and 6 g of protein, they thicken it up and give your smoothie extra body.

#4. Add In Seeds

Ways To Make Your Smoothie More Filling

Chia seeds, hemp seeds, and flax seeds are all powerhouses, they are packed with fiber, protein, healthy fats, minerals, and vitamins. 

Superfoods are expensive, so instead, buy a big bag of seeds to keep costs down and get all the nutrition you need. They will be game changers for smoothies, filling your nutritional needs, and smoothie texture needs!

#5. Greek Yogurt

Ways To Make Your Smoothie More Filling

Swapping out a flavored yogurt for a plain greek yogurt is one of the best-known ways to add some thickness to your smoothies. It will also make you feel more satiated, as these yogurts pack 14-20 grams of protein in a single 6 oz container. 

Keep an eye on the fat content and you will soon have a smoothie that tastes like a rich and creamy milkshake, without all the unhealthy factors.

If you also ditch high-sugar yogurts, your blood sugar will stay more stable and your tummy will be happier until lunchtime.

#6. Add Dates


Dates are an ideal option for adding some sweetness and fiber to your smoothies. They help your body to better digest sugars, as your body can digest these sugars slower than maple syrup, honey, and other added sugars. 

If you need some extra potassium, dates are also jam-packed with this goodness. 

However, if you do not have a blender, dates might be tricky, so just soak them in a bowl of water for around 30 minutes before you blend.

#7. Don’t Be Afraid Of Fat

Ways To Make Your Smoothie More Filling

The long-fat diet is long gone, and rightly so, it’s unrealistic and more damaging than most of us realized. However, it is still ingrained in many of us. Fat is actually important for us, and it helps to keep us feeling full. #

The human body actually needs fat to absorb nutrition well, produce proper and important hormones, and aid in brain health. 

We often focus on healthy, plant-based fats in smoothies, so, consider adding avocado, tahini, nut butter, and so on. If you add in some healthy fats, you can save on calories in the long term, and you won’t need to snack between your meals so much!

#8. Use Beans

Legumes are actually an awesome addition to smoothies, and they help you stay full. They are some of the most nutrient-dense foods available on the planet, and they pack fiber and protein to help you feel really full. 

Lentils are also an awesome addition to any meal, and they cook FAST. If you add a quarter cup of cooked and cooled lentils to your smoothies, you will get an additional 4.5 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber, as well as minerals and vitamins too! 

#9. Try Out Some Soy

Some of us aren’t super hot on soy, and there are a lot of split opinions about it, however, it is very nutritious as long as you process it in a less-processed form. Try soy milk or organic tofu! 

Only a half cup of silken tofu will add 8 grams of protein and give your smoothie a creamy and rich texture that we all just adore! It is the perfect addition to a smoothie in taste and how it fulfills you! 

#10. Turn It Into A Smoothie Bowl

Not many people are aware of smoothie bowls, but smoothie bowls are thick, delicious, and still, technically a smoothie. Those who love smoothies and have them on a regular basis enjoy an extra bit of crunch sometimes.

Making a smoothie bowl is often a great way to give your recipe an extra body! Add in high-protein granola, nuts, seeds, nut butter, and fruit toppings, and you will feel so much more full! 

New to smoothie bowl recipes, check this recipe out!

Why Is My Smoothie Not Filling Me Up?

Most of the time, those who drink foods, like smoothies, won’t get the same feeling of being satiated as those who eat solid foods. Smoothies just go down faster and so the brain does not get the signal that you are full and need to stop eating. 

If you are not adding optimal food types into a smoothie, you will also have more issues as well. You need protein, fiber, and healthy fats to satiate your body. 

Many people who make fruit-only smoothies will not be satiated as well, and will often feel hungry after eating a smoothie. 

Changing what you put into your smoothies and making better nutritional choices will help. Also, try drinking your smoothie slower. Fast eating does not give your body a chance to tell your brain that it is full.


Why Am I So Hungry After Drinking A Smoothie?

If you are not used to drinking smoothies, you are unlikely to get the same feeling of being satiated as you would with drinking solid foods. Smoothies will go down much faster than solid foods. Your brain will not be signaled as quickly that you are full and need to stop eating.

How Long Do Smoothies Keep You Full?

Snacking smoothies are not designed to keep you full for hours. They are just there to keep you going for a couple of hours at best. If you want to feel full for longer, you will need to try a meal smoothie. The primary difference is that snack smoothies are lighter on extras and meal smoothies are heavy and nutritious.

Can You Get Full From Drinking A Smoothie?

If you choose ingredients that are high in protein and fiber then your smoothies may keep you full until you have your next meal. Whole fruits, veg, nut butters, and no-added-sugar yogurts are all good ingredients for this.

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