What Are The Sweetest Tomatoes: Varieties Listed

Need the sweetest tomato to spruce up a salad, a sauce, or maybe even put in a smoothie? We feel you there, some tomatoes are super sweet and delicious and some are okay, but not exactly sweet enough for every dish. 

The tomatoes which have more sugar in them and less acid are considered to be sweeter, cherry tomatoes are one of these, however, there are many different species of cherry tomato, so, how do you know which you should be using? 

We have you covered, we did the hard work, and now all you need to do is check out our list! 

Sweetest Tomatoes

How Do You Measure The Sweetness Of A Tomato?

How is a tomato’s sweetness measured? Well, it is measured by Brix ratings! Do you know how chilis have the Scoville scale for heat? Well, tomatoes have the Brix scale for sugar! 

The higher the rating a tomato gets on the Brix scale, the more sugar it has, and the less acid you will find in it. 

Tomatoes have such variety, with endless flavors, colors, sizes, and even shapes! If you need a sweet tomato to tingle your taste buds, you are going to want a tomato with a Brix rating of 6 or higher! 

What Are The Sweetest Tomatoes?

So, we know you are searching for the sweetest tomatoes, but which are the sweetest? We will give you some options to choose from before we tell you which tomato is the sweetest overall. 

Rosada Tomatoes

Our first sweet tomato is a Rosada tomato. These are the sweetest you will be able to grow in your garden. It has an incredible Brix rating of 10.5. 

These tomatoes are juicy and succulent, they pack in an immense amount of flavor into their tiny form. They thrive when you grow them in the sun, but they do need to slay soil or chalk to be able to grow well. 

Rosada tomatoes also help bees as they produce nectar-heavy pollen too! So, if you want a sweet tomato that you can grow, Rosada is it! 

Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes

 Sweetest Tomatoes

Sun Gold is another sweet one, it harvests well. These tomatoes are flavorful sweet cherry tomatoes, they are good for snacking as they are sweet and satiate that sweet tooth. 

These are a 9.3 on the Brix scale, so they are actually as sweet as candy, and make for a great snack, or a tasty treat in a salad! 

Black Cherry Tomatoes

Black Cherry Tomatoes-min

Black cherry tomatoes are very rich in flavor and have a smoky hint to their taste. They are ideal for vegetable platters and salads, as they are sweet but mix well with sharper-tasting vegetables. Try them in a smoothie for something really different.

Of course, these are purple-brown tomatoes in color, they are not actually black. 

Sun Sugar Cherry Tomatoes

The clue is in the name here. These small sun-sugar cherry tomatoes are pure bites of sweet deliciousness. If you want a tomato to grow for your own smoothies, these do well for growing, as they tend to yield even when it is insanely hot outside! 

These are orange in color and while they do have an acidic taste, their sweetness overrides it. They do go well in salads, but it is worthwhile trying them in a smoothie for something different.

Sakura Cherry Tomatoes

These cherry tomatoes are a beautiful vibrant red and are a staple among commercial growers, so are quite common in stores. They are an 8 on the Brix scale which makes them medium sweet, but still sweet enough for a tasty snack.  

These tomatoes actually work extremely well for spaghetti sauces, and sandwiches, so you can have that delicate sweetness in many forms.

Big Rainbow Tomatoes

This tomato is big and delicious, its plant will produce loads of tomatoes all of them with beautiful golden flesh to them. Their flavor is rich and sweet, so they work well in smoothies, but can be a great addition to a salad. 

However, they are often used for canning as they are so firm and with less juice, it is simply easier to jar these tomatoes than other varieties. 

Pineapple Tomatoes

Pineapple Tomatoes-min

These tomatoes are heirloom tomatoes, and their shape is uniquely like a pineapple, hence the name, it has nothing to do with taste do not worry. 

These tomatoes grow big and are harvested when they reach the massive size of a grapefruit. 

They are fresh from the vines’ flavor, but sweet. They grow well for gardeners, and can be very useful in the kitchen, as one tomato goes a long way! 

Prudens Purple Tomatoes

These tomatoes are rich in flavor and in their sweetness. They are very popular among tomato fans as they have a very deep golden fruit that is firm but not so juicy it would be messy to eat. This also makes them a good choice for canning. 

They are sweet with a flavor that is actually fairly robust so can be a good choice for many dishes. 

Mortgage Lifter Tomatoes 

Mortgage Lifter Tomatoes -min

These tomatoes are huge beefsteak tomatoes that have won endless taste tests. They have a meaty flesh and a firm texture which works brilliantly in a variety of dishes. These produce a pish-red beefsteak-shaped fruit that weighs a hefty 1-2 lbs each! 

They have a meaty texture, so they work very well in sandwiches.

Which One Is The Sweetest?

Overall, Rosada cherry tomatoes are the sweetest of all, however, they are not an easy tomato to get your hands on.

Your best bet is to grow them yourself, but they are not easy to grow either.

The most available and sweetest tomato would be the sun gold cherry tomato, or if you wanted a sweet tomato that is not of the cherry variety then you could choose either the pineapple tomato or big rainbow. 

While we can rate these tomatoes, the decision is mainly up to you and your tastebuds! 

Which Tastes The Best?

If you want to taste more than just sweetness, the best taste is the sun gold cherry and the black cherry tomatoes. These two have a combination of sweetness and acidity that balances perfectly. 

If you want a large slicing tomato then the Brandywine or the Cherokee Purple are good choices as their flavor is mouthwatering with a balance of tomato acid and sweetness.

Which Cherry Tomato Is Sweetest?

Of all the cherry tomatoes, which are all very sweet, the sweetest of all is the sun gold variety. They rate at 9.3 on the Brix scale, so they are the highest in recorded sweetness. However, these also have a distinct and beautiful tomato flavor that reminds you it’s a tomato while bringing you a unique taste.

Tomato, Tomato, What’s It To You?

Overall, cherry tomatoes are the sweetest of all tomatoes, and sun gold cherry tomatoes are the sweetest of cherry tomatoes. While there are plenty of others that are sweeter, the Brix scale rates them according to sugar content. 

However, try them yourself. Do your own taste tests and let us know which you think is the sweetest.


Sweetest Tomatoes For Salad

Rosada tomatoes are the sweetest on the Brix scale. If you want something very sweet, then these are ideal for a salad. However, if you prefer cherry tomatoes, then Sungold is the best choice.

Best Tasting Tomatoes To Eat Raw

Black cherry tomatoes are the best for eating raw for taste. They have the perfect balance between acidity and sweetness, which gives them an exquisite taste.

Sweetest Tomatoes For Sauce

For an ideal sauce tomato, San Marzano is a perfect choice, especially if you want a sweet tomato sauce. These are sweet, low in acid, low in seeds and dense in pulp for the ideal sauce.

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