What Blender Does Starbucks Use? We Found Out

If you’re a frequent Starbucks attendee then you likely know just how many different drinks they concoct in their magical kitchens. Uniquely, they use a blender to make a vast majority of them, aside from the coffee. 

However, if you’re hooked on Starbucks smoothies or refreshers, you will know just how awesome they can be, and if you enjoy making your own, you might be interested to learn about their blender! 

I have recently become obsessed with Starbucks’ detox drinks and their smoothies, which is why I wanted to find out what kind of blender they use, so I can start making my own versions of their best drinks.

A blender at Starbucks has to be efficient, robust, and reliable. They only use the best of the best! 

So, now we ask, what blender does Starbucks use exactly? Time to find out! 

What Blender Does Starbucks Use

What Blender Does Starbucks Use?

The typical blender used at Starbucks is the Vitamix Quiet One blender. Starbucks uses this blender in particular for a variety of reasons. Let’s take a look at why they prefer to use this.

A Quiet Blender

Starbucks needs its blender to be able to maintain a quiet enough noise level to preserve the coffee shop ambiance. They want to ensure that customers can still enjoy their coffee and chat without having to shout over the deafening noise. 

This blender is designed to be very quiet, especially so when you realize just how powerful it is. In comparison, most other blenders are much noisier. 

However, this blender has special, noise-reducing features, including a sound shield that will help to silence some of the vibrations and sound that the motor produces.

A Powerful One

This blender can chop through anything that has a 3-peak output HP motor. Starbucks uses a lot of frozen and ice-based ingredients in a lot of their blended drinks. Therefore, they need to have a versatile blender that can easily shred through ice and other ingredients without any issues and can produce consistent results.

Efficiency Is Key

Having so many avid customers who want their delicious drinks asap, their baristas move very quickly and therefore, their machinery needs to keep up too. Therefore, having a blender that is a blend-it-once machine is ideal. 

This blender has a no-drip, smooth-pouring spout, but is also made for dynamic and fast use.

Durability Is Imperative

Considering how much these blenders are used, Starbucks also needs a blender that won’t need replacing too often, replacing, or much care. This is a great aspect of the blender and it is ideal because it is made to put up with years of commercial use every day.

It Has To Be Programmable

This blender also has 6 program buttons as well as 34 optimized settings. All of this lets Starbucks produce consistent drink results, greater ease of use, and greater efficiency due to features such as the auto shut-off setting.

It Is Easy To Clean

The entire sound enclosure is removable, however, some people tend to report that it is harder to remove, but all surfaces are all easily accessible to make cleaning easier.

The Quiet One Vitamix Specification

What Blender Does Starbucks Use

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Are you curious about what the specifications of this blender are? No problem, we have these for you right here. 

  • 48-oz jug.
  • 6 power levels.
  • 6 program buttons with 34 optimized settings.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Removable plastic sound shield.
  • 3 horsepower motor.

Should You Get This Blender?

So, if you love Starbucks and want to set up a blender like the one they have in your own home so that you can make delicious beverages! The Vitamix Quiet One Blender is the best blender for Starbucks, however, please note that this is not the best blender for you, do not be afraid to seek out other options that may work better for you.

This blender was designed specifically for Starbucks. This means that it is specially made for all possible challenges and situations that may be encountered in a commercial bar, shop, restaurant, and more. 

The features which make Starbucks so great for smoothies and refreshers will not always be needed for the average homeowner just wanting to blend some tasty treats up in the comfort of their own home. 

However, let’s consider who loves it and who does not. 

Based on the reviews of this blender, the people who tend to love it are usually business owners who bought this blender for retail and found that it met the needs of their business. 

However, there have also been reviews from those who were let down by the blender, realizing it did not meet their needs. These people were often homeowners rather than business owners, suggesting it is likely much more suited to a commercial environment.


– Expensive

The most important consideration for homeowners would be the expense of this blender, it can cost up to $2,000! This is simply unlikely to fit into the budget of the typical homeowner who wants a blender to make smoothies. While it is reliable and durable with 3 years of warranty, this is still costly. 

Easy Use

This is a powerful blender, however, for some, it could be a bit overwhelming. It is made to make drinks consistently with pre-programmed blends. Baristas just throw in the correct portions of ingredients and press a button. For you, at home, it will be different, you may want more control.


How Much Does A Starbucks Blender Cost?

The Starbucks Vitamix Quiet One can cost up to $2,000, which is very expensive for a homeowner, but probably the ideal price for a coffee shop or bar that seeks consistency.

Where To Buy Starbucks Blender

If you want to buy the Starbucks Quiet One Vitamix blender you can buy it directly from the Vitamix site, The KaTom Restaurant Supply, or even Amazon may be the best option for homeowners who want a commercial blender, however, is probably best for businesses. Buying direct is always best for businesses as you get direct contact with the manufacturer.

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