What Brand of Supplements Does Tropical Smoothie Use?

If you’re into smoothies, there is a high possibility that you’ll have heard of Tropical Smoothie Café.

With over 1150 locations across the USA, they are one of the most well-known businesses serving great smoothies every day.

But have you ever wondered what types and brands of supplements are used in Tropical Smoothie Café’s Smoothies?

What Brand of Supplements Does Tropical Smoothie Use

What Supplements Does Tropical Smoothie Use

Tropical Smoothie are known for their smoothies, which taste great and are packed full of health benefits – but what supplements are used in their range?

#1. Protein Supplements:

collagen powder

Tropical Smoothie Café includes protein powders in most of their smoothies.

Protein is important as part of a balanced diet – especially for those who take fitness seriously.

A protein-rich smoothie is great for refuelling after a workout or an energy boost before you head into the gym.

Tropical Smoothie uses brands like Vital Proteins Collagen for a protein and collagen boost in their smoothies, as well as pea protein for vegan protein.

#2. Mineral Supplements:

Mineral Supplements:

When it comes to smoothies, the more nutrients, the better – and Tropical Smoothie Café uses a variety of vitamin and mineral supplements in their drinks.

They use a range of different supplements that provide  vital minerals in their drinks.

#3. Fat Burner Supplement

a scoop of pink powder

Tropical Smoothie adds the famous Fat Burner supplement to some of their smoothies, to help promote your digestive health and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Tropical Smoothie’s fat burner is often preferred by individuals who are trying to lose weight. 

There is a speculation to whether or not the Fat burner actually works when it comes to weight loss, and yet, many people still choose to order it and have it in their Tropical Cafe smoothies.

#4. Antioxidant Supplements:


Antioxidants are great for promoting your overall health.

Tropical Smoothie uses antioxidant supplements in a variety of their smoothies – the powder they use in store is Vitamin C and Vitamin B12. 

#5. Omega-3 Supplements:

Omega-3 Supplements

Omega-3 fatty acids are known for keeping your heart healthy and promoting your overall health, especially as we age. Tropical Smoothie uses Energizer in its Omega-3-rich smoothies.

#6. Probiotic Supplements:

Probiotic smoothie bowl

Gut health should be a priority for everyone, as it can have an effect on your overall health in other areas, too.

One great way to look after your gut health is to use probiotic supplements like Gut Restore Mix, which Tropical Smoothie Café uses.

Where to Buy Tropical Smoothie Supplements

woman adding supplement powder to a shake bottle

If you’re looking to make Tropical Smoothie Café style smoothies at home, you can find all of their most popular supplements online or in your local health store.

Supplements can be purchased in bulk and last a long time in your pantry or kitchen – even if you’re adding them to multiple smoothies a day.

You can make one investment in the initial ingredients and then save money moving forward on your daily smoothie.

Take inspiration from Tropical Smoothie Café to recreate your favorite smoothies or come up with your own creations – all from the comfort of your own kitchen. 

Are Tropical Smoothie Supplements Worth Buying

takeaway berry smoothie with a straw

Whether or not Tropical Smoothie supplements are worth it comes down to your own individual needs. Whether you’re at prime fitness or not feeling your healthiest self, supplements can be a great way to boost your current diet to compensate for where you might be lacking.

If you’re active, trying to build muscle, training for an event – or just looking to improve your overall health, there is no reason not to include them.

Supplements can also be particularly helpful when it comes to a deficiency in your diet or when you’re overcoming an illness.

Once you have the supplements that work for you and your individual needs, you can begin recreating the Tropical Smoothie specials at home.

It’s important to remember to consult a healthcare professional before you begin incorporating various supplements into your diet – especially if you have any underlying health issues or have suffered from digestive problems in the past.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe FAQs:

Is Tropical Smoothie actually healthy?

Tropical Smoothie Café offers a wide range of smoothies – each offering different nutritional values. Some of their smoothies can be much healthier than others, but thanks to the nutritional information listed with each product, it is easy to find the smoothie and ingredients that work best for your individual needs and health goals.

Does Tropical Smoothie put supplements in all their smoothies?

Tropical Smoothie offers a wide range of different smoothies – both with and without supplements. If you want to avoid supplements, there are plenty of smoothies to choose from. As Tropical Smoothies make their drinks to order, you can also request for supplements to be left out, added, or changed – depending on your own personal needs.

Are Tropical Smoothie supplements healthy?

Tropical Smoothie supplements are mostly designed to enhance specific areas of your health – for example, building muscle, improving digestive health, or increasing your vitamin and mineral intake. Tropical Smoothie supplements are considered very healthy – but whether they’re healthy for you depends on you, your health, and your goals. Always speak to your doctor before taking any supplements – they can help you choose the best supplements for your individual needs.

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