The Microwave Guide – What Can You Put In The Microwave?

The Microwave Guide - What Can You Put In The Microwave?

The Microwave Guide – what can you put in the microwave? From food to non-food items, this guide will break everything down for you.

We often wonder what we actually can stick in the microwave, so many things are microwave safe, but these mini machines can be pretty hardcore and powerful when they want, and some things should just not be put in the microwave.

So, here is our handy little guide on what you should avoid sticking in the microwave.

Non-Food Items Vs Your Microwave

We all know a lot of foods can go in the microwave, but what about items that are not foods? 

Are Yetis Microwave Safe?

We do not recommend microwaving a yeti. Any yeti drinkware is made from high-quality 18/8 grade stainless steel. Like any conductive metal, it does not pair well with the radiation that microwaves emit.

Is Tupperware Microwave Safe?

On the other hand, a majority of Tupperware containers are safe. Tupperware is made from plastic and thus is microwave safe, however, note that not all are. Check for the symbol on the product that states it is microwave safe.

Can You Microwave Mason Jars?

Glass is reactive to heat and so if you do put a mason jar in the microwave the absolute maximum should be 5 minutes only, or it may shatter. 

It is best to note that your jar is microwave safe, however, if it does not state this, do not microwave it. 

Can You Microwave Pyrex?

You should avoid microwaving cold Pyrex. If you want to know if Pyrex is microwave safe, do remember that Pyrex is a type of glassware, and it can be prone to thermal shock, which would mean that any sudden change in temperature can cause it to shatter. 

For this reason, we would avoid it. 

Can You Microwave Styrofoam?

The most basic answer we can give you is no. Some foam types may be noted as microwave safe, these are not ideal to use in a microwave. 

Some types can melt in the microwave, in fact, traditional styrofoam contains toxic chemicals which can pose a huge threat to your health, and in the microwave, these can leech their way into your food. Styrofoam in the microwave is just a bad idea

Can You Put Aluminum Foil In The Microwave/ Can You Microwave Tinfoil? 

The Microwave Guide - What Can You Put In The Microwave?

Any food covered in aluminum foil should not be put in the microwave. It is a form of metal and electrical fields can flow through this, it can cause them to heat up so fast they catch fire! So, aluminum foil or tinfoil, do not go putting it in the microwave.

Can You Put Paper Plates In The Microwave?

Disposable paper plates are totally microwavable, as long as they are plain, some may be coated in plastic. If it is, this is not safe. 

So, before you chuck a paper plate in the microwave, ensure that it is actually marked as being microwave safe.  

Can You Microwave Cardboard?

Generally, cardboard is fine to put in the microwave to reheat food. If it is pure fiber or material of cellulose, it should be fine. However, if it has a wax or plastic lining we recommend avoiding it as this can get into the food and pose health risks for you. 

Can You Microwave Ziploc Bags?

Ziploc bags are typically pretty safe for microwaving use. They are made with a low-density polyethylene plastic or linear low-density poly-ethyl, both of which are safe for cooking, 

Although you won’t often have to put these in the microwave, you can and these are safe to be put in your microwave. 

Can You Microwave a Towel?

Towels are actually totally microwavable. If your towel is wet, and you need a quick way to dry it, this could be the trick to use. However, you should wring out the towel before you pop it in to make sure any excess moisture is not a problem. 

Oh, and give your microwave a clean after! 

Is Ceramic Microwave Safe?

As long as your ceramic dishes have no metal on their rim or any decorative details, you can microwave ceramic. However, we still recommend double-checking on the labeling that says it is safe to be used in the microwave, as this is an automatic tell.

Is It Ok To Put A Metal Bowl In Microwave? 

Metal bowls are traditionally okay, although they will be hot. Just do not add in any foil, forks, or sharp objects which could make any electrical arcing take place. Bowls are actually safe, even though they are metal. 

Can You Microwave Parchment Paper?

Paper towels, wax paper, parchment paper, and the aforementioned paper plates should all be just fine in the microwave. 

Parchment paper is used for cooking anyway and will be made for heating up, so yes, you can use this in the microwave just fine! 

Food Items Vs Your Microwave

Okay, we have been through the items in your kitchen you might have been unsure about, now for the things you think you might be able to do but aren’t certain of. Foods.

Can You Microwave Milk For Hot Chocolate?

If you want to microwave the milk for hot chocolate, then we say DO IT. It is super easy to do, and you can heat it up before or after adding the hot chocolate into it. How long to microwave milk for hot chocolate? That depends on the power of your microwave, but we recommend 1-2 minutes.

Can You Microwave Frozen Pizza?

Your frozen pizza should have instructions on the packaging telling you how long to microwave frozen pizza. So, this is a resounding yes, pop your pizza in the microwave! 

Can You Microwave Sour cream?

You can microwave sour cream, how long you do it for is up to you and your recipes though, but it’ll be just fine in the microwave.

Can You Microwave Almond Milk?

You can microwave any milk in the microwave, if you want to warm it up to a cozy temperature, reduce the heat and do it in 30-second sections.

Can You Defrost Chicken In The Microwave?

The Microwave Guide - What Can You Put In The Microwave?

It’s not great, but you can do this. Although, don’t try it with a WHOLE chicken. With pieces, though, this is doable. Defrost 1-minute at a time and continue to check it.

Microwave Care

Can I Put Things On Top Of Microwave?

You’re more than welcome to store things on top of your microwave when it is not in use, however, be mindful of objects that are too heavy or block the microwave ventilation. 

Remove objects that obstruct it before you use the machine.

Do Microwaves Need To Be Vented

Microwaves need ventilation and each has its own in order to operate properly, blocking this can have dangerous repercussions. You can even get a microwave with a vent outside! 

Microwave Rust

If you have microwave rust do not use it, you need to clean this. Rust on your microwave or its door can cause microwave radiation leaks, which can be very dangerous. On the inside, it can be a threat to health.

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