What Does Juicing Do To Your Body: 11 Benefits

Whenever we eat a meal, our bodies try to break down the food we eat. We do this to get all of those all-important nutrients out of the food. These nutrients get sent to the trillions of cells that make up our body, which use them to regenerate. 

You are what you eat after all! 

So, nutrition is important, and when you juice, all the nutrients get out of the fruit and veg and enter our bodies in a more direct way, so it is easier and faster, impacting our overall health, and helping our bodies repair faster. 

If your body seems a little nutritionally deprived then… Maybe it is time to get a juicer! 

But, before you leap to buy one, let’s check out the 11 benefits of juicing! 

What Does Juicing Do To Your Body

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#1. Juicing Is The Fastest Way To Get The Nutrients You Need

Juicers extract the juice from the vegetables and fruit as they separate the juice and nutrition from the fibers. So, you end up with juice and a tasteless pulp as a result, because all the nutrition in the juice is taken out. 

The juice is full of phytonutrients, minerals, and vitamins, and all of this is much easier for your body to soak in and absorb, meaning that it will get into your cells much faster to repair and nourish them. 

#2. Juicing Is A Great Way To Eat Your 5-A-Day

Everyone says we need to get our 5 fruit and veg a day, which is true, we need the nutrition from them, but it is not so easy, most of us get bored stupid munching our way through the same dreaded salad as always. 

So, to stop ourselves from lacking in nutrition through boredom, juicing gets the nutrients into our bodies faster and in a much tastier and more enjoyable way! 

#3. Juicing Doesn’t Damage Heat-Sensitive Nutrients

When we cook or process foods, it destroys the micronutrients in the vegetables by changing their whole chemical composition. 

Juicing your raw vegetables will harness their highest possible nutritional values. 

#4. Juicing Is The Answer To Our Typical High Acid Diets

When you feed your cells the foods that form acids like white flour, coffee, meat, alcohol, and sugar, our blood turns acidic and the body struggles more for it. 

We have to increase our alkaline-high foods to counter acidic diets with vegetable juices. 

#5. Juicing Boosts Your Mood

What Does Juicing Do To Your Body

A single cup of fresh juice when you have an empty belly each day can give you much more energy and will improve your mood overall. 

The variation of minerals, phytonutrients, vitamins, and enzymes will help you to better protect your cells from aging prematurely or getting the disease. 

#6. Juicing Gets Nutrients To You Faster

A majority of us will have very busy lives and our diets are often suboptimal, for most of us, this will mean that our ability to digest foods properly has become impaired, and our bodies find it much harder for us to get nutrition from the food that we eat. 

Since juicers do all the hard work needed to separate the fiber and juice, it is so much easier for our bodies to take the nutrition in.

#7. Juicing Will Get You Complimented

Each person is created by around 100 trillion cells, so when you are drinking fresh juices, and your cells will become healthier and clearer, you will end up looking a bit different as well. 

When our cells are healthy and clear, our skin benefits from it. We glow, get healthier skin, and hair, lose weight, have a better mood, and gain more energy. 

#8. Juicing Helps When You Feel Sick

When we feel sick, our diets tend to not help us much, we are fueled by stress, and our lifestyle and environments just add to it. Juicing can help our immune systems to be healthy and stop any illness. 

Juicing can do a whole U-turn on chronic conditions and illnesses, even helping to stave off allergies. 

#9. Juicing Nourishes You. Period

Juicing helps us get that extra spring in our step, even if we are already super duper healthy. Negative environments and endless stress is unavoidable, and juicing can help our cells and blood get everything that they need to stay nourished, clean, and properly hydrated. 

#10. Even Kids Love Juices!

We all need good nutrition to be healthy, even kids too. Children are even more in need of all those nutrients as they need them to have all that energy to grow. 

Having a juicer can help you to introduce your kids to loads of raw fruit and veg, and if they make it, kids will usually want to drink it.

#11. There Are Benefits Of Juicing In The Morning 

Juicing in the morning also has other benefits as doing so can help to pick you up and make you feel more positive about everything, you start your day packed with nutrients and energy. This gives you an overall great start to the day. 


Is Juicing Good For You Everyday?

If you drink juice every day, it can be very good for you. However, drinking juice every day is not good for your health. Juice can be high in nutrients, micronutrients, and carbohydrates, however, it usually contains little to no protein or fiber.

How Long Does It Take For Juicing To Work?

If you do a juice cleanse, 3-4 days is ideal. However, it depends on what your reasoning for doing it is. If you want to juice for health reasons, assess your goals first.

Do Juice Cleanses Make You Poop?

Juice cleanses can actually have a laxative effect, because whatever your body does not absorb from the juice will become fecal matter. And since there are not a lot of solids, it’s usually fairly liquid.

What Vegetables Should Not Be Juiced?

There are few vegetables off-limits to juicing, however, we recommend against large quantities of kale, cabbage, and broccoli. Avoid too much pineapple also.


Whether you decide to juice or have smoothies, it’s a step forwards towards a healthier life.

Juicing has many benefits, so maybe it’s time for you to finally buy that juicer, and get those veggies and fruit!

If however, you don’t have the time to juice, there are brands out there, like Naked Juice that offer juices as well!

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