What Does Passion Fruit Taste Like

Ever wondered what does passion fruit taste like?
Passionfruit looks weird, we all know it, but what does passionfruit taste like? Is it sweet, or is it sour? Keep reading, and we will get the answers to all your questions shortly.

Passion fruit is actually a pepo which is a type of berry with a hard rind either yellow or dark purple color depending on maturity.
It’s soft, squishy flesh on the inside that has many seeds. Also known as
Passiflora edulis it is a vine species of the passion flower commonly found in southern Brazil, commercially cultivated in tropical and subtropical areas.

What Does Passion Fruit Taste Like

What Does Passion Fruit Taste Like?

Passion fruit is a sweet, slightly bitter/sour-tasting fruit. It smells incredibly sweet and citrusy.

The taste comes in layers starting sweet then the sweetness is taken over by a dry bitter, almost lemon sourness but after the initial sourness, the subtle sweetness kicks back in leaving a sweet/ sour aftertaste.

This is what gives it its unique taste. However, passion fruit can taste different when prepared in different ways and compliments other ingredients well in recipes. 

What Does Unripe Passion Fruit Taste Like?

Unripe passion fruit is very much the same as ripe passion fruit but the sweetness is lessened significantly so you endure more of the bitter/sour taste that battles with the sweetness but ultimately overpowers it.

If you prefer a more sour passionfruit, definitely get yourself less ripe passion fruit.

How Can You Tell If a Passion Fruit Is Ripe?

When you first buy a passion fruit from a vendor they are usually not yet ripe. The skin is smooth but you are best to leave them for a day or two for the skin to get a little wrinkly, that is when the passion fruit is ripe.

Also, a richer dark color on the passion fruit is also an indicator that it’s ripe.

Is Passion Fruit Juice Sweet Or Sour?

Is Passion Fruit Juice Sweet Or Sour?

What does passion fruit juice taste like? The passion fruit juice is both sweet and sour at the same time.

Its sweetness is immediate; it comes through with its smell alone but is quickly followed by the sour, this balance shifts depending on the ripeness of the passion fruit and the type of juice you bought. 

What Is The Closest Flavor To Passion Fruit?


The closest flavor to passion fruit is most likely the kiwi fruit, however, unlike the kiwi as mentioned before the passion fruit has a distinct bitter/sourness with that part, it more resembles a lemon.
Passionfruit has a unique taste, so it’s difficult to compare it to other fruit.

How To Use Passion Fruit:

Passion fruit can be used in many ways. Some include:

  • In Smoothies
  • Juices
  • Desserts
  • Cocktails
  • Eaten By Itself

And the list goes on.

What Does Passion Fruit Taste Like

What Does a Passion Fruit Smoothie Taste Like?

Passion fruit smoothies are often a mix of other fruits so the full flavor of the passion fruit tends to just complement the other ingredients.

However, with most smoothies also containing yogurt,  the bitterness of the fruit gets diluted almost to a point of non-existence.
The sourness of the yogurt still persists.

If you want to make sure you can taste the passionfruit in your smoothies, make sure you use subtle-tasting ingredients that will not overpower the taste of passionfruit.

Where To Buy Passion Fruit

Passion fruit can be bought in most supermarkets or fruit stalls. 
It’s relatively easy to find, most big grocery stores will have passionfruit available to buy. 

Target, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s all have passionfruit. 


How Do You Eat Passion Fruit?

Eating passion fruit on its own is easy simply cut the fruit in half and scoop out the insides. It’s totally up to you if you choose to empty the fruit into a container or eat straight from the skin.

Does Passion Fruit Taste Like Mango?

Passion fruit does not taste like Mango but the two work very well together in many different drinks and dishes. Mango has a very soft and sweet texture and taste, whilst passion fruit has a bit of sour taste, combined with crunch from the seeds inside.

What Does Passion Fruit Boba Taste Like?

Passion fruit boba or bubble tea is a very different taste from what you would expect if you knew the taste of passion fruit. With these combined ingredients it presents a pungent, pure tangerine-like taste which is contrasted by the creamy tea and tapioca pearls.

How Do You Eat Passion Fruit Seeds, Swallow Or Chew Them?

You can chew or simply swallow the seed after sucking the fruit from them, chewing them will do nothing to the taste but they are a hard crunch which most would find dissatisfying.

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