What Is The Sweetest Coffee Drink: Here’s A List

Coffee will typically have quite a bitter taste to it, and it is usually this that can put people off having a cup. However, coffee can also be super sweet and tasty, you do not even need to load your coffee up with sugar, sweeteners, or creamers. 

So, what is the sweetest coffee overall? 

What Is The Sweetest Coffee Drink

Today, we will let you know exactly what is the sweetest coffee you could have. Some of us have a sweet tooth that needs satiating and sometimes a sweet coffee is just what we doctor orders. 

Our list comprises every version of coffee which is sweet, from the sweetest to coffees that have a sweet touch to them. 

If you want a sweet coffee you can find a wide range of coffees on Amazon, but always check the brew, as some beans can be more bitter than others!

The Sweetest Coffees: Listed (Yum!)

So, let’s get onto our list of sweet coffees, and make sure to try any on here you have not tried before. We promise you will not regret it. 


The top, number one sweetest coffee is a Mocha. This is the sweetest you could have without adding in any additional sugars. The chocolate syrup in this drink brings a natural sweetness to the beverage. 

A mocha is essentially just half coffee and half hot chocolate. It is an ideal coffee for chocolate lovers, and for those who have a sweet tooth. 

You could even replace the chocolate syrup in this drink with milk or dark chocolate squares if you wanted to, although that might make the whole mixture a bit overly thick! 

So, just be aware. 

Mochas are typically the first thing that will come to mind when you think of a coffee that is sweet. You can add chocolate syrup, steamed milk, and an espresso shot to make one of these. 

You do not really need to add any sugars or sweeteners to make this the sweetest coffee there is. 

Note that some coffees will be sweet depending on what beans are used, but mochas are sweet no matter which beans you use. 

You can also get white chocolate mochas, skinny mochas, and iced mochas too! 


This is a beverage that is ideal to pick up on your next Spanish vacation. It is a really tasty treat. It is a mixture of exactly half espresso and half-sweetened condensed milk. You will often see these served in a clear glass that shows off the separate layers that make up this beverage. 

While it is sweet, it is not quite as sweet as a mocha, but it is still sweet enough to be noted as one of the sweetest coffees while still having enough caffeine to serve as quite the wake-up call in the mornings! 

Frappe’s (Subject To Type)

Frappes are known as being one of the sweetest coffee drinks around. The idea behind them came from Greece as a simplistic iced coffee, but it has now been made into what we can only refer to as a liquid dessert. It is kind of like a drinkable caffeinated ice cream sundae. 

Modern frappes are made with espresso with different flavors of syrups, crushed ice, cold milk, and chantilly cream. 

Some skilled coffee brewers will make these with a bit more oomph, you see some chains that combine their frappes with crushed-up cookies or chocolate bars for even more sweetness and tastiness. 

Irish Coffee

This is less of a coffee and more of a cocktail. It is based on a shot of strong espresso, then it is mixed with Irish whisky, thick cream, and some sugar. The cream is poured over the back of a spoon above the top of the coffee so it floats on top. 

While the whisky adds a bite, this is actually quite sweet, especially if you are a coffee lover. You can also have versions of this that use other liquors. Our favorite is the Tia Maria floater coffee, done exactly the same but with Tia Maria instead of Irish Whisky. 

Don’t whack it ‘til you try it! 


What Is The Sweetest Coffee Drink

Okay, this is not really a coffee, it is more like dessert, but then again so are frappes, so… your move. 

If you want to make an affogato, you need some ice cream scoops, vanilla is common, but you could use coffee-flavored ice cream too. Then add some espresso shots, and it’s ready. 

This beverage is confusing when we talk about sweetness because the level of sweetness really depends on what ice cream is used. If you use vanilla or chocolate it can be very sweet. However, if you have a very sweet coffee-flavored ice cream this can work very well. 

It’s worth trying! 


Cappuccinos do not need much of an introduction, as pretty much anyone who has ever stepped foot in a cafe ever will have knowledge of them. 

It is the most iconic milk-focused coffee worldwide. 

This drink is made with a shot of espresso that is mixed in with a layer of milk steamed, and then a finishing layer of milk foam to top it off. While the milk does have some sweetness and adds something gentle to it, you should also check whatever cafe tops it with some chocolate powder to really make it sweet. 

A cappuccino goes best with a gentle sprinkling of cocoa powder on top to make it sweeter, and some places will even offer you to have a chocolate syrup base, making it like a cross between a milky coffee and a mocha in a way! 


What Is The Sweetest Coffee Drink

Lattes may not be quite as sweet as the drinks listed above, but lattes do help to take the bitterness out of coffee and add in the sweetness of milk instead. Also, lattes are not difficult to make. They are pretty much a 50/50 makeup of coffee and milk. 

Lattes are like the not-so-frothy cousin of a cappuccino, They only have a thin layer of froth on the very top. 

They are delicious and sweet, although not as sweet as our previous mentions. 


What Is The Sweetest Coffee Drink

Macchiatos could easily be confused with mochas since the name is fairly similar, however, they are very different. Macchiatos are not very sweet, but they do have a slight sweetness to them thanks to the steamed milk topping. 

You have these with a couple of espresso shots and some steamed milk. These essentially look like espresso with froth, which is basically what it is, so it is not very sweet, however, the steamed milk does take the bite away from the coffee. 

Flat White

You won’t be able to make one of these at home unless you have a high-end coffee maker. It is similar to a macchiato in how it tastes with a similar level of sweetness. 

While it is not very sweet, it is the perfect wake-up drink in the morning before work! 

Piccolo Latte

This is made with a ristretto shot and some warm milk. Ristretto is stronger than espresso, but the milk makes it less bitter, and it is still sweeter than black coffee. 

Con Panna

This is traditionally Italian. We will never forget having one of these in Venice, oh goodness! If you love coffee, this is one for you. 

The drink is both bitter and sweet. It is ideal. It is an espresso shot topped with whipped cream. The espresso is strong but the cream is sweet and they naturally balance. 

We highly recommend this one if you are a fan of coffee., but make sure you have it made properly the Italian way! 

How Do You Make Naturally Sweet Coffee?

If you really want to enjoy a sweet cup of coffee you need to get a coffee that is naturally sweet and for this, you need 100% arabica coffee beans which are a light to medium roast. 

These will be light or even tan-brown in color, this is how you tell the coffee is naturally sweet.

coffee beans


What Is The Sweetest Starbucks Drink?

The sweetest drink at Starbucks has to be the Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino, if your Starbucks does not sell this, then the White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino is the sweetest.

Which Type Of Coffee Is Tastiest?

Arabica coffee is the most popular and the tastiest thanks to its sweet and complex flavors you can enjoy drinking straight.

Which Coffee Is Sweet And Not Bitter?

Arabica coffee is less bitter and sweeter than other beans like robusta.

Best Sweet Coffee Grounds

Starbucks’ own ground coffee is very popular, but another good pick is ‘Death Wish coffee.

Is Coffee Sweet Or Bitter?

Coffee can be sweet or bitter depending on the flavor of the beans used. 

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